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It was too fast!

After Ye Feng released his aura, his entire person seemed to have the momentum of a thousand!

The attack of this move contained a monstrous killing intent!

If it wasnt for Evil Spirits extremely sharp reaction and timely avoidance, perhaps he would have been beheaded by now!

“Hu hu hu hu–”

Evil Spirit panted heavily.

He looked at Ye Feng in fear.

And at this time, Ye Fengs attacks did not stop.

After the attack, Ye Feng twisted his wrist, the ocean-blue trident drew out a beautiful spear light that swept toward Evil Spirits neck.

“Get lost!”

Evil Spirit let out a low growl, lifted his right leg, and kicked out.


The two of them instantly collided.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

When the two separated, Ye Feng felt a sweet taste in his throat.

A stream of blood flowed out from his lips, while Evil Spirit was in an even worse state.

He felt the pain of a bone fracture.

His body staggered and almost fell to the ground!

Not daring to think too much, Evil Spirit immediately circulated all the dark energy in his body and poured it into the Ghost Sickle in his hand.


A sharp screech resounded.

Evil Spirit held the Ghost Sickle and pounced toward Ye Feng with a foul wind!

“Hmph!”Ye Feng snorted coldly.

He moved his feet lightly.

His body was extremely light.

He dodged the attack of the Ghost Sickle by a hairs breadth.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two of them fought fiercely in the air, and the more Evil Spirit fought, the more frightened he became!

This guy could actually contend with him for so long and was still able to do so with ease.

He was simply not like a human!

And he found that although Ye Feng was in a sorry state, his foundation was firm and he did not suffer any serious damage!

This made Evil Spirit feel a strong sense of danger!

“D*mmit! I dont care! Lets kill this guy first!”

A trace of madness flashed in Evil Spirits eyes.

He formed a seal with his hands and muttered, “Darkness Domain!”


In an instant, the surrounding temperature dropped rapidly.

A terrifying pressure swept over from all directions, causing Ye Fengs movements to slow down.

At the same time, Evil Spirits figure was like a ghost, and the Ghost Sickle in his hand bloomed with a demonic blood-red light!


The Ghost Sickle tore through the air, bringing with it a frosty aura as it pierced toward Ye Fengs throat!

This was a fatal strike!

However, Ye Fengs pupils shot out a terrifying sharp light!

He gritted his teeth and condensed all his remaining elemental power into the Sea Stone Trident.

He swung it down suddenly and met the Ghost Sickle!

Clang, clang, clang!

The crisp sound of metal clashing was deafening!

Ye Feng was sent flying by this sickle!

“Haha!” Evil Spirit laughed wildly.

He had used almost all of his strength in that sickle earlier.

Even if Ye Feng had cultivated the Dragon Race Battle Form, he would not be able to withstand it!

However, what he did not expect was that at that moment, Ye Fengs eyes suddenly turned cold.


Ye Fengs entire body burst out with boundless spiritual energy.

Following that, from the depths of his soul, a stream of white water element rushed out and destroyed all the elemental energy in the surroundings in an overbearing manner!

“Ah!” Evil Spirit screamed in pain.

His face was pale as he looked at Ye Feng in shock.

His Darkness Domain was actually destroyed by the other partys flames, and Ye Fengs strength was also rapidly increasing!

This guy was actually hiding his strength!

“No! We cant let him continue to grow!”

Evil Spirit panicked.

He didnt dare to stay where he was and immediately retreated!

However, he did not know that Ye Feng had already locked onto him!

“Die!”A loud roar came,”[Sea Gods Power]!”

Ye Feng suddenly raised his arm, and a purple aura appeared.


This time, the water element air current directly penetrated Evil Spirits body and exploded, causing him to let out a shrill cry!

“You d*mn b*stard!”

“Im going to kill you! Im going to skin you alive!”

His left shoulder exploded.

The place where his arm was cut off was burnt, and he was clearly hit by the [Sea Gods Power] that Ye Feng released!

The pain drove Evil Spirit mad, and his face was twisted!

He looked at Ye Feng with hatred.

His eyes were bloodshot.


His body disappeared again!


Ye Fengs eyebrows rose.

This was one of Evil Spirits secret skills.

His body would turn into a cloud of smoke, moving silently under the enemys eyes, making it impossible to guard against!

“Not good!”

Suddenly, Ye Feng felt a strong sense of danger.

He felt a sharp threat coming at him!


“D*mmit! Ill definitely kill you!” Evil Spirits voice was filled with hatred.

He had never thought that he would fall into Ye Fengs hands!


Evil Spirits body faded in an instant, and he hid again.

A powerful evil force burst out from his body.

Ye Fengs gaze focused.

This also meant that the other party was starting to use his true strength.

As expected, at the next moment, dark green rays of light extended out from the Darkness Domain and wrapped around Ye Fengs limbs!

‘What is this!

Ye Feng frowned slightly.

He realized that these green light beams were very strange.

They seemed to be able to penetrate through ones skin, corroding ones flesh and blood, even the spiritual energy in ones body could be corroded!

However, these things could only erode all life essence and could not cause him any harm!

“Eh How was that possible This kid can actually resist the corrosion of the Darkness Domain” Evil Spirit was shocked.

One had to know that this Darkness Domain was a forbidden skill he had stolen from the Evil Holy Land.

It was specifically targeted at A grade symbiotes.

Ordinary symbiotes would immediately enter a state of paralysis and be unable to move once they were touched by it!

Furthermore, this corrosive power could corrode all life!

However, Ye Feng was perfectly fine!

No wonder Ye Fengs strength was so tyrannical! It seemed like he had something to rely on!

“Brat, youre looking for death! Im going to tear your bones apart!”Evil Spirit roared in anger.

He controlled the darkness energy in the Darkness Domain to surge toward Ye Feng, attempting to drown him completely!

However, this level of sordid energy was like a drizzle to Ye Feng.

It had no effect at all.

“The Darkness Domain Hehe, itll be your turn soon!”

As he spoke, Ye Fengs right arm suddenly rose up, a vast and boundless power burst out!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The power in Ye Fengs body was like a torrent.

The entire sky was shaking!

“What” Feeling the explosive power from Ye Fengs body, Evil Spirit was so scared that his soul almost left his body!

“Whats going on”

Ye Fengs aura was getting stronger and stronger, and it had already surpassed the peak!

“No! Thats impossible! Youre just a lowly mortal, an ant-like existence! How could you have such power!”

Evil Spirits face was filled with shock and disbelief, but his attack had already arrived.

“[Netherworld Curse]!”

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