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“Timing What timing”

The three of them were confused.

They were about to be beaten to death, so there was no time!

No matter the timing, if were not strong enough, we wont be able to defeat the other party!

The difference was too great.

Chu Feng could not be bothered with the guys beside him.

His eyes narrowed and his fingers trembled imperceptibly, as if he was controlling something.

On the other side, the sixteen divine-grade spiritual bodies had already surrounded Chu Feng and the other three.

However, they did not approach.

They seemed to be still afraid of the mysterious black-armored knight in Chu Fengs hand.

However, they did not know that the mysterious existence that could instantly imprison a divine-grade expert was actually only a quasi-god!

As long as they were focused, the moment the Terror Knight used his talent, they would not be affected from escaping!

Due to his strength, the Terror Knights spatial confinement talent could only restrain a small area of space.

As long as a warrior escaped from this world before this, he would not be imprisoned.

With the divine-grade movement speed, it was actually very difficult for the Terror Knight to keep up.

This was also a flaw.

However, Hardy Gray and the others did not know!

They thought that Chu Feng, this troublesome fellow, had another trump card.

They gritted their teeth in hatred.

However, they did not dare to go forward.

Everyone gathered together, afraid that Chu Feng and the others would suddenly launch another surprise attack!

This was exactly what Chu Feng wanted!

Good lord, youre too considerate.

If you guys split up, Ill really be in trouble…

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows and shot a glance at the Second Commander.

That was to stall for time!

The Second Commander understood.

Although he did not know what Chu Feng was going to do, the Second Commander had completely let go.

Since there was no other way except trusting Chu Feng, he would just be a tool.

Damn it!

As his imagination ran wild, he took a step forward and began his fancy “performance”.

A powerful fluctuation swept in all directions.

The enemy really believed him and did not dare to act rashly.

Chu Feng grinned in satisfaction.

Then, he continued operating.

In a corner where no one was paying attention, an inconspicuous transparent line quickly shuttled through the divine-grade spiritual bodies.

It was the Great Emperors will that Chu Feng had secretly attached to the divine-grade spiritual body!

However, at this moment, the Great Emperors will was completely restrained.

Even its form had changed.

This was also a magical use that Chu Feng had discovered after controlling the Great Emperors Will.

In reality, this thing was actually a special energy that had been given the supreme will of the Great Emperor.

Therefore, it could completely transform!

Silently, Chu Feng controlled the Great Emperors will to float around, as if he was searching for something.

Finally, at the back of this group of divine-grade spiritual bodies, he discovered his target!

Bentham and the other two!

The eyes of these three divine-grade spiritual bodies rolled around as if they had their own independent thoughts.

They were completely unlike other divine-grade spiritual bodies who listened to their masters orders.

In fact, because they were worried about becoming cannon fodder, they tried their best to hide in the back of every battle!

Their lively eyes rolled around, as if they wanted to profit from the battle!

All of this proved that Bentham and the other two divine-grade spiritual bodies might have escaped the control of the Spirit King!

Through the Great Emperors will, Chu Feng felt all of this.

A smile suddenly appeared on his face.

“As expected, my guess was right.”

“I didnt expect the seeds I casually planted to come in handy today!”

Back then, when Chu Feng and the others escaped from the spherical creation, Bentham and the other two were coincidentally in charge of guarding it.

Chu Feng could have killed them.

However, in the end, he chose to give up.

It was not a conscience attack, but a whim.

Why couldnt he try to “turn” these divine-grade spiritual bodies

As long as he could dispel the power of the Spirit Kings will in their seas of consciousness, he should be able to remove the Spirit Kings control of these guys, right

One day, when he could control the will of the Great Emperor, he could imitate the Spirit King and implant the will of the Great Emperor into their seas of consciousness!

Those were three divine-grade slaves!

Thus, Chu Feng used his willpower that was tainted by the aura of the Great Emperor to forcefully expel most of the willpower of the Spirit King in their seas of consciousness!

As a result, from that moment on, there was a flaw in the Spirit Kings control of the three of them!

That was why todays scene happened.

For Chu Feng, it was indeed very troublesome to forcefully enslave a divine-grade spiritual body.

It would take a long time.

It was mainly because he had to dispel the willpower of the Spirit King first.

This was not a small project.

Then, he would inject the will of the Great Emperor and enslave it.

But now, wasnt the preparatory work already completed for Bentham and the other two!

Chu Feng could completely control them!

This way, there was no problem of not having enough time!

And it would not attract any attention!

It was equivalent to Chu Feng silently planting three nails as solid as rocks inside the enemy!

In that case, there was too much room for maneuver…

He looked at the ignorant Hardy Gray.

The smile on Chu Fengs face became even more brilliant.

Do you think youre the only one who can plant a spy in your opponents house

I, Chu Feng, can also do it!

Furthermore, Im even more ruthless than you!

Those are divine-grade slaves!

As he pondered over this, Chu Feng instantly split the Great Emperors will into three small dragons and quietly sent them onto Bentham and the other two.

To prevent them from alerting the enemy, Chu Feng planned to start enslaving Bentham and the other two at the same time!

This was the wonder of the Heart of Three Orifices.

Right now, Chu Feng could already multitask.

Furthermore, there would not be the slightest distraction!

Everything was ready.

The next moment, Chu Fengs eyes suddenly narrowed.

Three silent and colorless slender little dragons entered the seas of consciousness of Bentham and the other two.

Instantly bentham and the other two felt that something was wrong at the same time.

But before they could react, Chu Feng controlled the Great Emperors will and took root in their seas of consciousness!

Instantly, dense and complicated patterns covered the entire seas of consciousness!

The will of the Great Emperor seemed to be the nemesis of these spiritual bodies!

The suppression was on the level of essence!

Bentham and the other two could not fight back at all!

It was even ten or a hundred times easier than when the Spirit King infiltrated and enslaved them!

A three-front battle!

But they succeeded almost at the same time!

In the outside world, bentham and the other two swayed imperceptibly at the same time.

As they had deliberately hidden at the back of the team, no one noticed this scene.

In the distance, Chu Feng, who had his eyes closed, could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

He slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes were filled with calm confidence.

Looking ahead at the Second Commander, who was still crazily “showing off”, he shouted softly, “Old Xue.”

The Second Commander turned around and exchanged glances with Chu Feng.

He instantly understood!

Chu Feng had probably finished his work!

He subconsciously looked around.

However, no matter how the Second Commander investigated, he could not find anything suspicious!

How did he do it!

Seeing this, Chu Feng merely grinned.

“All of you, just wait and see…”

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