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Chapter 30: No lesser than a Curse

Jingfei touched her face while looking at her face in the mirror. The pimples had reduced along with the redness. Royal Physician Peng Yuxian asked the First Princess to keep applying the lotion made of herbs, mainly flowers, on the face.

“Physician Peng, my face will be back to its original self, right” Zhu Liling looked anxious.

“Of course, First Young Mistress,” Peng Yuxian assured the Queen.

“If Her Majesty says then may I take my leave” Peng Yuxian humbly asked.

“Sure,” Zhu Liling said, and the Royal Physician left the chamber.

Jingfei put the mirror down and looked at her mother with teary eyes. “Royal Mother, today I was supposed to meet the son of the First General. The Sixth Brother ruined my face and then almost killed me,” Jingfei complained to Zhu Liling, whose heart was wrenched to hear her daughters words.

“His Majesty punished the Sixth Prince-No less than one hundred floggings,” Zhu Liling again told her daughter.


“Royal Mother, Father should have sent the Sixth Brother back to the cold palace. What if my face would have been ruined permanently No one would have even glanced at me.” Tears streamed down Jingfeis cheeks which worried Zhu Liling. She stood up and walked to her.

She embraced Jingfei and caressed her head. “Nothing will happen. Princess Jingfeis skin will again be glowing.” Zhu Liling consoled her daughter and promised her that she would reprimand Lóng Wei.

After a while, Zhu Liling pulled away from the hug and asked Lin Jie to take care of the First Princess. The Queen left the chamber and decided to call Lóng Wei. She still had to punish him. First, for destroying her daughters face; second, for strangling her and third, for not respecting his elders.

Eunuch Wu Lianying found that the Queen was in extreme anger after seeing her daughters state.

“Eunuch Lianying, call Prince Lóng Wei right away,” Zhu Liling ordered, who immediately left to bring the Sixth Prince. She soon reached her manor and rested on the seat. The maidservants were terrified because the Queen was furious.

Zhu Liling rubbed her fingers as the face of her daughter kept coming in front of her eyes. Just because he was the youngest prince, she neglected his other mistakes all the time.

Eunuch Lianying reached the chamber and bowed before the Queen. Gasping for air, Eunuch Lianying said, “Your Majesty, the Sixth Prince is unable to get up from the bed after getting the floggings.”

Zhu Liling stood up in anger and stepped forward. However, she stopped as her eyes fell on Qiu Zedong, who had promised the Queen that he would have had his lunch with her.

Eunuch Lianying stepped away, keeping his head low. Zhu Liling bowed Before the Qiu Zedong, who told her that she looked troubled.

“Your Majesty, I returned from the First Princess chamber. She has been crying since it was an important day for her. However, the Sixth Prince ruined it for her. I am tense about my daughter, Your Majesty. I have never asked anything from His Majesty, but today I request him to send Prince Lóng Wei to the Cold Palace,” Zhu Liling urged and downcasted her gaze.

Eunuch Lianying stood behind Zhu Liling and got on his knees. He also pleaded with the King on behalf of their Queen to send Lóng Wei away from the Imperial Palace. The maidservants in the Queens Manor got on their knees, seeing that, and lowered their respective heads.

“Your Majesty, please send the Sixth Prince away from the Imperial Palace!” All the servants made a formal request with Qiu Zedong, who was displeased to hear it.

“Everyone, be quiet!” Qiu Zedong roared. “Leave!” He commanded them. Upon getting the command of the King, they could not help but leave the chamber.

Once the servants left, Qiu Zedong said, “Eunuch Gao Bing, go to the door.” Gao Bing stepped back and soon left their sights.

“My Queen, I cannot agree with this request of yours. However, I have made my decision on Sixth Princes marriage. The Queen wanted me to make Lóng Wei marry Li Hua. I am ready for it.”

Zhu Liling was surprised to learn about it, but at the same time, she was happy too. What could be the biggest punishment for Lóng Wei than marrying a woman from the servant class He would be humiliated all his life which would no lesser than a curse for him.

With that, the prophecy of the old monk would become false.

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“No one is ready to marry the youngest prince. Moreover, I think that Li Hua is capable to change the youngest prince.” Qiu Zedong was sanguine about his decision.

After a thorough discussion with Monk Yuze, he had faith that Li Hua would make his son understand the world. For her, Lóng Wei was ready to bear any punishment, so for her, he would definitely be changed. He had this thought in his mind.

“I am with His Majestys decision. He is right that Prince Lóng Wei shall marry Li Hua. They both suit each other. I apologize for my wrong behavior.” Zhu Liling had turned calmer. She even decided not to punish Lóng Wei. She was extremely happy with the Kings decision.

“I am glad that My Queen supports my decision,” Qiu Zedong said and took a seat with her on the recliner.

“My Queen, I have another important matter related to the Crown Princes marriage. The stars of the Prime Ministers daughter are not favorable for our eldest son. Furthermore, the Crown Prince has asked me to give him one months time.”

Zhu Liling got tensed to hear that. In her eyes, the Prime Ministers daughter was perfect for Xiaoming. However, she was helpless.

“I wonder what the Crown Prince is up to. He has already delayed his marriage for three years,” Qiu Zedong said and shook his head. The Eldest Prince had to marry so that others would marry, but here opposite would happen soon. The Youngest Prince would marry first, which was necessary.


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