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Ep.7  Popular Board – 1

Time flew by and it was already lunch time.

I looked out of the window, insisting on my usual space food.

I sighed with confusion at the appearance of the Earth, which looked small in the distance.


Thanks to a helping hand as I encountered in the gallery, I somehow ate two meals, but at the same time, the additional grace period given is less than a day.

No, technically, the water remains the same, so is it the time that I can endure also the same anyway


“Is there any point in continuing to live This.”


It’s true that I got pleasure and comfort by looking at the gallery, but that and the grim reality were separate matters.

Lack of food, lack of  water.

However, oxygen could continue to be replenished with one oxygen generator if there was enough electricity, and all the unnecessary functions inside the spaceship were turned off, so there was nothing short of electricity unless the small generator broken.


But that was all.

There was nothing more I could do in the middle of Mars.

In a movie that was equally devastated by Mars, the main character worked hard to get water and plant potatoes, but that brat was a botanist and mechanical engineer.

I’m a rover pilot, not a researcher.

The researchers are now two people buried on the floor.


“The pilot of a spaceship who can’t take off or land… Oh, gosh.”


Isn’t it just like a silent knight I laughed bitterly and scratched my head.

I couldn’t even wash myself for a long time, so I felt an unpleasant itch in my hair.

I feel like ** though, but what can I do There was not enough water to drink, so there was no room for water to wash.


I was lost in thought, staring into the air with empty eyes.

It’s just a guess, but perhaps the problem of food and water could be solved somehow through the gallery.

I thought of Sweet Furry Guy, who sent me fried chicken at once through an inter-dimensional delivery service. 


“I can get anything… at an appropriate price”


The problem is there’s nothing I can pay for right now.

Actually, it wasn’t a problem to worry about now.

If I try to find out a solution, I’ll find a way to make a living.

It might look unpleasant and pathetic, but isn’t it okay to beg There might be someone who will have sympathy and step out to help me on that gallery where no one has to worry about living.

Or not.

Then I have to die.

What can I do


Anyway, there was another serious problem.

Yeah, I decide to take care of the eating and drinking situation through the glallery.


So how long am I going to live like that 


“There is no future if I stay on Mars.

But it’s not like Earth has the answer…”


By now, the Earth will not be a place for people to live due to mutated viruses and radiation, so what’s the point of going back to Earth Is it worth trying to get back to the earth where there’s no one in the first place


“I’m stuck, ** it.”


I didn’t want to die.

If I were going to die because the situation was a little stuffy, I would have died holding hands with the two outside.

However, it was also true that there was no sign of an easy solution to the accumulated problems in front of me.

I frowned in frustration and made a painful sound, and soon shouted, loosening my expression.


“I don’t know anymore!”


There is no answer if I wrap my head around the problem which cannot be estimated even if I think hard about it.

However, there was a little hope because of the unknown area of the gallery.

I’ll get a clue while spending time on the gallery.

So I turned on the gallery again.



[‘Gallery for Loners After Demise’]



I accessed the gallery as I did yesterday and earlier, but what I wanted to see this time was not just a post.

As usual, I passed through users chatting and entered a separate bulletin board from the entire bulletin board.


Even in the gallery, the posts are so popular that they can be kept separately.

Categories that are categorized by collecting only such posts.



It’s to look at the ‘Popular Board’.



What is ‘Popular Board’]

[A saying that refers to a board that is filled with more than a certain number of recommendations and comments from the gallery.

It originated from the meaning of ‘Popular Board’ and is also called ‘Hot Board’.]

[It is not particularly beneficial to upload your writing as a conceptual post, but it will make you feel like you are recognized by many people, so the users, who are sensitive to fame, often aim for an opportunity to become a popular post.]

[In rare cases, sometimes they are sent to popular post to humiliate the nonsense speaking people.

In other words, public execution and getting stuffed at the same time]


I’d like to go through all the posts in this gallery from beginning to end, but it was physically impossible.

Presumably, if I read ten pages carefully, there will be at least five pages of poor writing.

It would have taken an unimaginable amount of time to withstand the weight of the text deposited in real time.


And at least it was obvious that time wasn’t on my side.

It was obvious that even 10% of the gallery was hard to experience within three weeks.

Therefore, shouldn’t it be necessary to filter out unnecessary amounts as much as possible and take in only the extract


Popular board is the same as the rough map of crazy hot issue in the gallery…! Although there must be some information that I don’t need, such as funny post or troll post, if it’s this much…


With that though in mind, I began to go through the popular board from top to bottom.



[Writer: Hard As Rock*]

[Title: Whip.


You **er.





[(Picture attached)]



However, despite the initial judgment, something was already quite contrary to my expectations from the monumental first popular post.

I frowned at the attached picture without a single text.


“… Stone statue Why is he holding a knife”


The picture of the stone statue clutching two swords with a furious expression was all in the post.

I quickly scanned the comment section because I wondered what this was about, since that strange pose seemed to confront something.


[Dragon Ascent*: Hahahahahaha Golem shake, look at him getting poop on his head.]

[Cold Sleep*: He must be mad hahahahahaha.

Look at his face that didn’t move at all]

[ㅇㅇ(023.708): The strongest guardian of historical sites (Cannot avoid bird pooping on his head) Hahahahahahaha]


It’s confusing, but the main character of the picture seems to be a living stone Golem, not just a stone statue.

He was also obviously a member of this gallery and a survivor.

He said that only the top of his head was white compared to his gray body, but it was not originally that color, he seemed to have been pooped on by birds.


[ㅇㅇ(001.068): I thought he was losing hair again hahahahahahaha]


What the hell is funny about this.

I moved on to the next post, gently pressing down on the corner of my mouth, which was about to rise.



[Writer : 天上天下唯我獨存*]

[Title: This is not martial art!]

[Hwasan’s Guide of Dog Beating Magyo’s 108 Movements Namgung Clan’s Asura Flying Martial Art Damn it!! You must’ve lost your mind! How dare you give this kindling to me!]



This post puzzled me in a different sense than the previous one.

What is she talking about, you otaku For me, who has never read martial arts novels, it was difficult to even tell what those words meant.

Unlike me, the comment section was almost like a festival.


[Teacher of Wisdom*: Oh-ho, are you holding it in Then…]

[ㅇㅇ(001.124) : Sign it, you martial art addict!]

[ㅇㅇ(023.708): Cheonma Death Beam* is… your signature move then.] *TN: A famous funny quote from a character in the novel 이세계 검은 머리 외국인 (The black-haired foreigner from this world()) between fans of martial art novels.

[Teacher of Wisdom: “500 times more internal injuries”]



I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems that the situation was in the midst of a group of users bullying an elder in the gallery.

I passed through the mess and quietly moved on to the next post.


[Writer: Dragon Ascent*]

[Title: Those frost mages, I really want to kill them all]

[I’m so angry even thinking about it now.

Shit, if it wasn’t because of those mother **ers.


[(Picture attached)]



This was a long post written by one of the gonics who wrote down ‘Warning: Burning’ next to his ID earlier.

The picture attached in the middle was all white without any contents, so I didn’t even know there was a picture at first.



[Can you see this This is our front yard.

You can’t see anything I guess so.

Rare entrance is completely buried in the snow

After the game, I slept for a while, and during that time at the white tower, those sick bastards created a proper mess.

The whole world froze after they used ice magic from a white dragon heart to experiment with magic at the tower. 

I don’t know how powerful it is but it’s been more than 500 years since, and the ice age is not over…

Even those dragons are frozen except for me damn it hahahaha.

If this is not a comedy then what.


It’s all thanks to him that I got to join the gallery haha.

I’m so thankful that I don’t know what to do.

What’s the point of knowing how to use a bit of magic Maybe because their brains are frozen, their intelligence is no more than a hatchling.

But seeing them show off themselves as magicians, I just want to breathe fire. 

Be careful when you see those frost mages around you.

You don’t know when you’ll get trolled.]



I almost got goosebumps because of the fierce long writing.

I looked down at the comment section while shivering, and people were even taking it further.


[Cold Sleep*: Look at him writing a novel with an empty picture hahaha.

He just likes fabricating like he’s afraid no one knows that he’s a fire mage!]

ㄴ[Dragon Ascent*: That’s what it looks like to the frost mages who’s going to get hit by a frozen beam hahahaha.

You mad]

ㄴ[Cold Sleep*: Did I beat someone’s world Or else, why would I be mad, you **head Hahahaha.

And I’m not a magician, I’m a sorcerer, you fool.]

ㄴ[Dragon Ascent*: Sorcerer somehow is also magic hahaha.

Everything you said is wrong]

ㄴ[Cold Sleep*: You used to pick an uncivilized prayer meta-like pseudo magic Fuck hahaha.

Do you want to taste some icicles]

ㄴ[Dragon Ascent*: Well saying, you troll! Let’s pick a date and grill some barbecue inside.]


I felt my head dizzy at the feast of the keyboard battle, which was about tens of lines over.

But at first glance, in this unproductive keyboard battle, I realized one thing.


“What is it The ending of the argument seems to imply ‘Meeting in reality’.

How are you going to meet and fight with residents from different dimensions”


Perhaps, they mean to fight bloodshed beyond the barrier of dimension.


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