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Ep.2  The Fresh Newbie – 2

When I suddenly heard a voice on Mars, where I was certain that there was no one, I doubted myself that I was finally crazy.


And seeing the stars that delivered by the voiceㅡ

I was convinced that I was finally crazy.



[‘Gallery for Loners After Demise’]

[Why am I the only one who can’t do hoi bing-hwan* Why am I the only one who can’t do hoi bing-hwan Why am I the only one who can’t do hoi bing-hwan] [10] *TN: “Hoi Bing-hwan” is short for “Hoigwi, Bingeui, Hwansaeng” which means “Regression, Possession, Reincarnation”.

This is a theme which is mainly used in romance and fantasy novels.


Whip. Y-You pricks. Whip.

Whip. You.

Prick.] [2]

[A day of smiley Cthulhu] [13]

[This is not martial art!!]][8]

[Those Frost mage bastards, I seriously want to kill them] [37]

[I’ll do this succubus for free!][182]

There’s no way I’m hallucinating like this unless I’m crazy.


“W-What is this”


The translucent window that suddenly appeared in the air in front of me resembled the interface of the Internet community that I knew when I was on Earth.

Did I finally get to the point of creating my own content in my brain after whining out of boredom

Having been in a situation that transcends common sense for a long time, I managed to hold onto my mental string and lowered my gaze, and carefully opened the ‘Gallery’.

Gallery introduction… Let’s see. A community for those last people who were left alone in the world.

We’re ‘Gallery for Loners After Demise’

“… Wait, it can’t be.

It can’t be, right”


I immediately denied the idea that occurred in my head.

Nevertheless, there was nothing I could do about the faint anxiety and vague expectations floating in one side of my mind.

“How do I click… Oh.”

While I was at a loss for how to operate the interface that appeared alone without a mouse or keyboard, the page passed by itself as if it had read my thoughts.

It was the article at the top of the gallery about taking on a trial

[Writer: ㅇㅇ* (001.124)] *TN: ㅇㅇis used when a user on website doesn’t create a nickname.

[Title: Why am I the only one who can’t do hoi bing-hwan Why am I the only one who can’t do hoi bing-hwan Why am I the only one who can’t do hoi bing-hwan]

[Why do those **ing mages keep changing the timeline as they like and move on to another world]

[People who don’t have an MP like us can’t live because we’re sad, you bastards.]


Teacher of Wisdom*: It’s not that you don’t have an MP, it’s just that you cannot feel the MP, you muggle!]

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ(001.124): How do you know if there’s MP here or not Shit, if you can point it out, come and measure it]

[Jealous*: Let’s sign a contract~ Let’s sign a contract~ Let’s sign a contract~]

ㄴ[001.124: Get lost, punk! I’m not going to write a slave contract!]

[天上天下唯我獨存*: So you’re a weakling trying to rely on magic.

If you breathe with your energy and experience limitlessness, you can cut the boundaries of the dimension as much as you want.

Tsk tsk] *TN: 天上天下唯我獨存: The only one in the world.

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ(001.124): Fuck, at least tell me how to do it, old man.]

ㄴ[天上天下唯我獨存*: Didn’t I tell you the rules last time]

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ(001.124): How do you know what’s what]

ㄴ[天上天下唯我獨存*: You can understand by reading them, right]

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ(001.124): Shit, you martial art fuddy-duddy.]

The contents of the article that I looked at for a moment were simply abyss.

“…What is this”

The sight of the gallery’s residents talking about what only they knew seemed to make me dizzy.

I thought I would have to use a different method to know exactly what this place is.


“Announcement… Let’s look at the announcement.”


Fortunately, thanks to the large notice hanging at the top of the community, there was no need to wander in this sea of information.

[‘Gallery for Loners After Demise’ Notice Board ver.




Only the intellectual creatures left in the world can enter.

Except in the case where they existed alone from the beginning and still exist by themselves.


However, even if it falls under Article 2, such as the Creator God, it is eligible if they become a loner again after the birth and extinction of civilization.


Admission becomes impossible if you are not alone in any way, such as self-segregation or the creation of life.


Deceitants crawling into the VPN without being alone will be somehow found and sanctioned when caught.

Die, you insiders.]



After seeing five simple lines on the notice board, my guess was certain.

There’s no one else in the world but me now.

They must have all died in the aftermath of the plague and the war.

And the people who are making a lot of textual noise here are people from other worlds who are in a similar situation to me.

Unless I’m just seeing things before I die.

“Let’s talk to someone first.”

I decided not to think too much about this abnormal phenomenon.

I was sick and tired of being alone anyway.

Since this happened, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to empty my head and burn the rest of my time.

[Writer: 001.068)]

[Title: I’m receiving questions since I’ll die in 3 weeks.]

[ㅁㄴㅇㄹ*] *TN: ㅁㄴㅇㄹ on keyboard is asdf, which Korean people use when they don’t have any context to put in their post.



It was a random piece of writing that came to my mind.

What kind of reaction will I get


The response as I refreshed the post with some anticipation was simply explosive.



[ㅇㅇ (001.124): What is this I’ve never seen this IP before]

[ㅇㅇ (023.708)] Are you a newbie Are you a newbie]

[Suspiciously Rich* : What kind are you]

[Sekmusae*: A man Is it a man] *TN: Sekmusae (섹무새) = Sex(섹스) Parrot(앵무새).

The term is used to describe people who frequently shouts out “Sex” for no reason.

[天上天下唯我獨存*: I want to ask you something.

Is it Murimdongdo*] *TN: The term is a content from Nine Dragons (구룡쟁패), an old online game from Korea.

[Teacher of Wisdom*: Are you a wizard]

[Please let me eat raw a newborn*: Wow, how long has it been since I smelled a newbie]

The comments section quickly broke down due to people () asking questions about my identity and a group of people who were excited about the appearance of a new face and chatted among themselves.

The number of comments exceeded 200 in an instant, so I couldn’t answer them one by one and dug up a new article.



[Writer: ㅇㅇ(001.068)]

[Title: I’m the one who said I would die in 3 weeks.]

[Sorry, there are so many questions that I can’t reply to everyone.

First of all, I’m male, a human being, and I’m a 32-year-old normal person…

Magic Martial art Aren’t those things only in fantasy novels]


[ㅇㅇ (001.124): That’s right.

Shit, this is a normal reaction, you non-earth punks]

[Sekmusae*: Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex!]

[天上天下唯我獨存* : Huh!! How dare you doubt the great Mo Dao]

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ(023.708): How can he understand if you say that You psycho who knows nothing but martial arts.]

[Teacher of Wisdom*: Damn it, another muggle.

When will we have a newbie mage]

[Suspiciously Rich*] Do your kind know anything about hybrid beasts]

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ: You furry bastard, there you go again]

Even with the new article, comments began to appear in an instant.

The problem is that most of the comments are talking among themselves.

Fortunately, there was also a really kind helping hand among countless requests for a handshake.

[ㅇㅇ(023.708): If you newbie don’t know what it is, read this first]

An anonymous gentleman slipped me a link in a comment.

When I pressed it, there were tips related to the gallery or points to be aware of, explanations of terms used, and brief introductions of long-term residents.

If what was written on the gate of the gallery is a simple notice, it is an extract that accumulates all kinds of know-how.

“Wow… Why is it so long”


The amount of text pressing the scroll made me frown.

I heard that this is seriously a summary, but how long is this gallery’s history

“I’ll watch this before I go to bed…”


It was not fun even if I tried to live my life according to the manual.

I decided to put the densely written gallery manual in a corner of the tab and first hit my body directly with a new stimulus that appeared in a year and 10 weeks.



[Writer: ㅇㅇ(001.068)]

[Title: How did you guys come here]

[I’m here because of the epidemic and nuclear war, mankind has evaporated.]



For a moment, I thought I made a mistake writing it.

Did I mention a sensitive issue Should I have just shut up and looked around silently



[ㅇㅇ (001.124): Because zombie apocalypse spread out.]

[Teacher of Wisdom*: A war between magicians and non-magicians.

Those muggles, are they going to get sick if they don’t create a war]

[Sekmusae*: Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex!]

[Please Let Me Eat New Thing Every Day*: Because it was about time to have perished…]

[天上天下唯我獨存*: Time has not kept up with me.]

ㄴ[Martial art addict’s translator*: Got out after locking himself for practice and there was no one]

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ: As expected, it’s a translator.

So efficient.]



Fortunately, however, people didn’t seem to feel very uncomfortable with these topics.

Each comment briefly listed their own stories, ending in various forms.

…Maybe the end has already become a natural routine for them.


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