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Ep.14 Future Planning – 2

But it’s a precious thing to be able to see through the beads.

It doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to write, even if you get points.

I fluttered into the gallery with inflated expectations.



[Writer: 001.068)]

[Title: I got a point.

How do I use it]

[I’m in a hurry]



At this time, I was already in full operation of the happiness circuit for the rosy future.

Isn’t life right when the state window opens up and flows in an easy way

It doesn’t matter if we give 7 billion people to the last survivor!


As if to laugh at my blueprint, the friendly comments of the users tried to lick me.


[Suspiciously Rich*: Get it What]

[ㅇㅇ(023.708) : Calm down, newbie.

You’re not supposed to eat that.]

 [Cold Sleep*: He’s excited right now.

It’s no use.]


For a moment, I felt like I was covered with cold water on my face and came to my senses.


It’s no use for anything What the hell are you talking about


 [ㅇㅇ(001.068) : Then how about this He probably gave it to her because it’s for something]

ㄴ[Cold Sleep]: It’s just a show of combat power.

It’s a measure to brag about how much I cleaned up]

ㄴ[Suspiciously Rich*] By the way, my writing ability is 15000.]

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ(001.068) : What…]


This is ridiculous.

I was so happy with getting only one point, but was it just a decoration What the hell


[ㅇㅇ(023.708): Stop making fun with the  newbie.

Of course, they gave it to you so you can use it somewhere.]


Just then the kind old man gave me hope.

There was a new comment at the moment when my eyes were automatically energized by the expectations that were revived in an instant.


[ㅇㅇ(023.708): I’ll use it to bet on the arena corner.]

[Suspiciously Rich*: That’s right hahahahaha That exists too]

[Cold Sleep*: This time, I made a wish to myself.

But then all my property was stolen. 

Gosh, the concept is deleted]




I’ll correct it.

They gave me hope and put me back in the gutter.

Having been hit by a high-altitude lift and drop, I rolled on the bed and cried.


[ㅇㅇ(001.068): No, really Is that really it]


When I asked as if I was denying the reality, the answer came back as if I had waited.


[ㅇㅇ(023.708): There is actually one more use.

It’s the gallery’s store.]

[ㅇㅇ(001.068): I believed in you! So what can I buy there]


Yeah, I thought something was wrong.

Points are written to the limit.

Betting on the arena may change the owner of the point, but it does not consume at all.

Just keep increasing like Zimbabwean dollars…!

No wonder there are stores that can consume points! 


But what the hell are they selling Daily necessities like food and drinking water It’s too shabby.

I don’t think that’s it.

Are they selling legendary weapons or skills He’s got super-luxury supplies like elixir and dimensional scrolls


These shared IDs taught me the truth, as I was spreading all kinds of imagination again.


[ㅇㅇ(023.708)] You can buy quality disicon as much as you want.]

[ㅇㅇ (001.068) : …And]

[ㅇㅇ (023.708)] That’s all!]

[ㅇㅇ(001.068)] Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!]


The cruel truth that I never wanted to know got into my mind relentlessly.

In a sense of hopelessness and shame at the bottom, I kicked the covers and screamed.



What is a ‘dicicon’]


[Short for Dimensional Community Emoticon.

It is a word used to refer to an emoticon that is used instead of a comment image in the gallery.

At one time, names such as Demise Con or Lonely Con were used interchangeably, but they were eventually fixed to their current name because of their poor tone.]

[It was created when users who were dissatisfied with the desolation of comments that only supported text in their early days created and traded their own emoticons]

[In fact, after the end of the day, the loner gallery supports comment images after the ver.2 patch, so there is no reason to buy and sell disicon at the moment, but the culture created by users from the district, who have been active since the beginning, has been established and remains in shape.]


Yes, after all, this popular point is really useless.

It was for no reason that the old characters who experienced all kinds of hardships treated the popular points as combat power.

It’s either that I sent a lot of questions, whether I did it longer than others or that I made it dense with a real voltage scale…! In the end, it’s a decoration that has only that much meaning, a popular point!


After shouting like that for a long time, I soon accepted the reality with a stretch.


[ㅇㅇ(001.068): Please recommend an emoticon]

[ㅇㅇ(023.708)] If you’re going to buy it for the first time, it’s definitely this universe frog emoticon.

It’s called the essence of a disicon that can express the joys and sorrows of intelligent life with a cone.]


I made a dicicon following the recommendation of the old shared ID.

Since I bought it, I’ll take a test.

I’m going to use it.

I tried to leave a comment by putting only emoticons without any words.


[ㅇㅇ(001.068): (Universe frog con with a sad expression)]

[ㅇㅇ(001.068): (WJ frog con is crying with sad expressions)]

[ㅇㅇ(001.068): (Con in the universe is shooting a pistol in the air)]

[ㅇㅇ(001.068): (WJ frog con hangs himself with a rope)]


Is it just me

I only made a disicon, but somehow my eyes seemed to be a little moist…






In the end, my grand plan to eat my future life day by day with popular post stats all went up in smoke.

If you’ve worked so hard so far, shouldn’t you slowly eat me for the rest of your life I thought so when I was eating dinner by passing over the tearful space food over my neck.


But it seemed that fate never wanted me to climb the uphill path of my life.


After enduring a long military life somehow, I thought that my life would bleed as a pilot for a spaceship, but I think the world will be destroyed, and I’m in danger of slowly drying up due to the depletion of food and water on Mars.


In the meantime, I was happy to access the gallery for a while, and in the end, all I got was two chickens over the past three days.

Come to think of it, I wonder where it is.



“In the end, back to square one… Is it”


It is often said that a bad brain causes physical pain, but I think a little differently.

If you don’t have luck, your head and body suffer.

It is truly the first place to not walk the path of hardship at all from the beginning…!


In that sense, I couldn’t be first class.

If so, the second-class has no choice but to work hard in its own way.

By utilizing the given resources somehow.


“The answer was set from the beginning.

I need the help from the users.”


If I could do something on my own, I would have done something earlier.

However, unlike my colleagues who have already left this world, I am not an intellectual who has a Ph.D.


Gunbari pilots, who are only good at flying and aerial warfare at best, and even the most important property, the spaceship, are surplus manpower.

The only thing I’m confident about right now is wetting the rice and water…!


If it doesn’t work on my own, it’s natural to borrow other people’s strength.

But how


“My mother used to say that everything in the world is give and take.”


It was an unchanging truth that I always kept in my heart.

If someone gave me something, I had to put something in his hand somehow.

If I give something to someone, I’ll expect to get something from him.


It didn’t have to be a ‘deal’ where the balance of the scale was sharp.

But I think it’s right to show at least the least sincerity, or respect, to each other.

If the other person does me a favor, it is the national rule to buy a drink at least one meal, no matter how trivial it may be, and the reverse is also established. 



If you don’t, you’ll end up feeling anxious inside.

‘Maybe he forgets that he owes me money’ and ‘Maybe he feels disgusted with me’.

The person who gave or received may only have the result of becoming uncomfortable.

It would have been a relationship that began with good intentions at best.


I don’t mean to deny the sublime of good faith that comes and goes without a price, but at least I believe it should shine ‘when it’s hard for the other person to reciprocate at least’.

Wouldn’t it be strange to give a helping hand to the elderly living alone who have difficulty even moving and hope for a price


I mean, I couldn’t ask for help and see it without a break.

It’s like begging for help without a price.

It was an act of relying on the other person’s sympathy and compassion.


I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but at least it was the last option to pick when I was in a tight spot to the point where I couldn’t get any more answers.

Relying entirely on the other person’s sympathy and compassion, in other words, the other person’s heart

This means that aid can be cut off at any time at this change.


That situation is not good in many ways.

For my self-reliance and survival, not to give the other person the burden and fatigue of ‘I hold this person’s line.’


“It’s 18 days until we run out of food and water…”


It was a short time if it was short, but there was still room.

There is still room for measures other than clinging to someone’s feet and shouting Mayday…


Even so, how do you pay the ‘cost’


After all, that was the biggest problem.

I said give and take, but I can’t give anything to the others in the gallery.


Money I don’t even have it.

What value does the currency of the earth have for them Well, if you’re an antique dealer who deals in other dimensions, you might be interested… You couldn’t have brought money to Mars.

The premise is meaningless from the start.


Labor How much does it cost to work for an ordinary person who can’t use magic and doesn’t know martial arts I wondered if I could even pay for the chicken delivery from the last time, even if I lived the rest of my life as a slave.


Should I turn this ship over No, just thinking about cancer doesn’t pay.

It’s not that I’m losing money, but does it never reach the cost of helping beyond the barrier of dimension It wasn’t even normal, and there was nothing with the broken spacecraft.


“What I can give you, what I can give you…” The other person will be satisfied and nod…”


Grasping his head, muttering like a madman, he suddenly stopped.

The answer that I didn’t realize even though I was just around the corner has passed through my mind.




A common value that unspecified people in the gallery can immediately understand.

What I can offer them without difficulty, even everyone wants to.


There was only one thing like that.


Neither civilization nor society has collapsed, so they do not dwell on material values, but wander around the gallery in search of only new stimuli.

The best gift for those cyber ghosts.




If the content was so interesting that users could see it, the scale would have been balanced enough.


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