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Ep.10  Popular Board – 4

They are two people who have already competed against each other several times in the arena.

Naturally, they already had a close grasp of each other’s tactics.

As soon as Huolong confirmed that his opponent had consumed the ice barrier, he raised his altitude again and flew into the sky.


A spleen trick of the ice troll, who uses the power of ice crystals to completely freeze the interior of the barrier, temporarily freezing even time and space, so he was able to survive the disaster just now.

Of course, there’s no way that such fraudulent technology can be used in a row.

Huolong already knew that it needed at least tens of hours of recharge.


Therefore, he didn’t intentionally inject all his magic into the previous blow.

The power he used up is only up to sevent.

He invested just that much, to the extent that his opponent couldn’t resist as he doesn’t use an ice barrier.

The remaining power is only three, but the power capacity of a dragon cannot be the same as that ordinary creature.

But power recovery is the same.


The power, which flows through the body and absorbs it from the atmosphere.

With this amount of resources, that troll could be cooked unilaterally. 


“This is the end, troll.

When you die, you should blame yourself for not being able to fly, you ground dog!”


To the troll looking up at the sky, perhaps he gave up on responding, the dragon fired up his magic with an arrogant smile.


“Why should I fly”


And the troll laughed at the dragon and raised the corners of his mouth.

From the clutches came a subtle chill.


“Without wings…”

At that moment, the dragon felt an unprecedented chill.

His instincts were warning him much more intensely than when the other poked his left eye with an unexpected surprise. 


“I can drag you down.”


Only after a huge shadow covered him, did the dragon realize the threat.

In the sky that he was looking up in a hurry


A huge chunk of ice, which could be compared to a mountain, was falling down toward him.




It’s too late to avoid.

The dragon, who was directly hit by an ice meteor, fell helplessly and felt suspicious.

That’s ridiculous.

He used this much cannabis No, it’s not impossible with his skills.

He knows that.

But starting from when It’s so secretive that he can’t feel the flow of magic… How


In the ears of the confused dragon, the troll’s voice was heard.


“I already knew it.

The fact that you would fly again into the air.”


The ice troll spoke in a calm tone.


“There is no way that you will have a battle on the ground with your left eye injured and your power is not full.

That’s why I set up a trap.”


Yes, it was a trap designed since the dragon’s nerves were focused on him, who deployed the ice barrier.

The red dragon flew up the trap and ‘exploded’ as soon as he prepared to attack.


The red dragon fell in intense pain and noticed how things turned out. 


“Well, evaporated, water vapor…”


The flame ball fired by the dragon with seven percent of its magic evaporated all the pure seawater around instead of the troll.

The steam that climbed up the ascending air stream in a moment was supposed to become a cloud and poured down a rain shower by now.


So far, on the battlefield, there wasn’t a drop of rain.

It was inevitable.

The clouds that formed in that high sky were frozen in whole by the sorcerer’s intervention…!


“You couldn’t have noticed.

Because a series of ‘materials’ are all due to your actions.

I only put a helping hand there.”


A mass of vapor evaporated by the commercialization of the dragon, the red dragon flew up again and naturally began to coagulate as he absorbed his power and heat in the atmosphere.

All the troll did was give some direction to the extremely natural phenomenon.


“Gather, acceleration of freezing.

And secretly.

To hide the signs of falling ice meteorites just right before the crash – to keep you from noticing even two spells – I poured all my extra power into the last spell.”


As a result, the huge iceberg frozen by the thick thundercloud hit the dragon directly and dropped him to the ground, exactly as the troll intended.


This is the last key to the “path to victory” that he has been planning since the moment he first entered the battlefield.


As soon as he noticed the battlefield becomes a watery seaside, he kept in mind a conditionally outrageous spell of power


He named it Iceberg Meteor.


Perhaps if Cheonma had seen this scene, his eyes would go sparkling and praise, ‘Use the power of the other person and the logic of mother nature at the same time.

This is better than I thought.’ Unfortunately, Cheonma had already left the stands even before the battle ended.




The giant dragon roared and collided with the ground as he fell on the iceberg.

No matter how much durability of his body transcends metal, fatal injuries could never be avoided if he had received such an ignorant mass, even fallen and laid down.


The situation almost certainly caught the chance to win, but the ice troll slowly approached the point where the iceberg fell without being careless.

Wait, there was rather more nervousness on his face than before.




Fine glass grains that soared due to the impact of the fall briefly blocked the view, and soon sank naturally, revealing the terrible scene.

The iceberg, which dragged the dragon down and landed on the ground, was shattered by the impact of the fall, and the debris was scattered nearby.


And the dragon… He was literally lying dead.

Behind the iceberg, the face and abdomen that collided with the ground were nowhere near prosperous.

His spine was completely broken, revealing all the false affected areas, and the remaining right eye burst due to excessive pressure.

The belly skin was tearing apart again, spilling guts and blood.


The ice troll seemed certain to win, but the ice troll stopped as if he was wary of something and never came within a certain distance.

How long has it been The dragon, who was finally lying on the ground and breathing hard, opened his mouth.


“……You didn’t fall for it.”

“I would know if you died immediately, but there’s no way it would end like this.

Let’s hurry up and do our final battle.”


After an obvious conversation, the dragon slowly got up.

He didn’t seem to care much about the blood and guts pouring out, and the broken wing muscles tearing.


“I admit… I didn’t get a ‘landslide victory’ this time either.”


If he stayed still, he had no choice but to play dead helplessly as the injury got worse.

So, the dragon could not use it for the attack, so he unintentionally used all of the remaining 30% of his magic.


“Your cleverness made me look disgusting.

I respect your remarkable idea.”


His ruptured whole body muscles regenerate, and the broken bones automatically find their place and regain their original shape.

The flowing blood and guts are sucked into the dragon’s body as time rewinds, and the belly skin is sealed without a trace of wound, and eventually even the lost eyes are recovered and the vertically torn pupils are broken.


The dragon’s body, which made all the injuries disappear with his magic, did not end with it, but was wrapped in a brilliant light.

A giant over 30 meters in height gradually reduced its size in the light stream. 


So it wasn’t until the size was finally smaller than the troll that the light stream slowly faded.


“But still, it’s this body that wins…!”


Although he was swayed by his opponent throughout the first half.


The second half is just beginning…!


Soon after, the users sitting in the stands cheered as they were exposed to the whole world.


“Here we go! Erblasico’s specialty!””

“Phase 2 ON hahahahaha.”

“Special Boss Episode) When you’re done sharpening the pencil case, you’ll change your phase and come back to life.”


It was a girl who appeared where the dragon was.

Red-hot redness and equally glowing red eyes There were small horns on the left and right sides of the head, and a pair of wings were neatly folded behind the back.

And crucially, the long tail tapping the ground in the tension and excitement of the battle.


Huolong, who changed his body in the form of a human dragon, smiled fiercely and stared at the troll.


“If the first round was a magic battle…”

“The second round is a hand-to-hand fight.

Damn, this is why the dragon people are.”


It’s the same that I used up all my magic.

So all that’s left is a pure physical competition.


However, the ice troll could not erase his tiredness even though his opponent was short enough to be only 160cm tall.

It was because he knew well that his figure was only outward.


Polymorph magic changes the object to what it wants, but that doesn’t mean the original mass goes nowhere.


I mean, that 160 meter-tall human dragon’s body right now is


It weighs tens of tons, and the muscles are constricted to the point of laughing at steel…!




The moment the girl took a step, the ground cracked with a thud.

With overwhelming destructive power and speed, the troll couldn’t bear to face it head on and stepped back and devoted himself to avoidance. 


The advantages of dragons and trolls are still the same today.


Trolls have an overwhelming advantage in endurance and resilience.

Dragons have an overwhelming advantage in short-term firepower.


So in order for the dragons to win, they have to make the troll into minced meat before they run out of stamina.


In order for the trolls to win, they have to somehow hold on to that crazy offensive and drag their opponents into a long-term swamp.




The troll knows that too.

He knows, but… Nevertheless, the dragon’s fist was not only strong but also too fast.

The troll, who was in a hurry to avoid it, couldn’t avoid the sudden kick of the flying dragon and gave up his shin.






A sound of bone breaking.

The troll, who was limping back his swollen shin, was frightened by the dragon’s hand flick and defended with a spear.




Although the blade of the spear may be an ice crystal, the spear is only an ordinary piece of metal.

The spearhead, which was cut in half by the dragon’s power, rolled around the ground, and the dragon’s unilateral beating continued to the troll who lost even his weapon.




A series of attacks that went beyond the limits of the whole body of the troll.

Originally, the opponent was gradually pushed back due to the impact of hitting the other, so she had to walk forward and chase him, but such common sense was not used for the dragon.


When the opponent was pushed out by her hitting, she flew with her wings, pursued the opponent and beat it endlessly.

Two fists, two legs, and even a tail.

Since she doesn’t have to stand on the floor with his legs, she can use her legs to attack, and eventually, she can have some more hits consecutively in any posture.


Each of them is a force that can make a blood clot at a blow for a normal person, but it hits the opponent with tens, hundreds, or thousands of hits.

The body of the troll was being ragged and strengthened in real time, but the dragon, who was actually taking a one-sided attack, was not so relaxed.


“Haa, haa, haa…”


Her breathing was becoming slow and her heart rate increased.

The dragon’s body is usually not suitable for excessive exercise, so if she moves too hard for too long, her body gradually starts to heat up and die.

That’s how it is.

In the first place, dragons usually don’t spend so much time fighting.


At one kick, the army collapses, and at one breath, a city melts.

For the dragons who have only been killing unilaterally, they couldn’t have needed a function for a long battle…! The blood that didn’t think there was a need to waste strength on long-term warfare, except for long-term battle literacy from evolutionary systems…!


In return, she got a short-term firepower that no other creature on the ground could come close to, but she started to look more nervous.


“Come on, die…! How long is it going to take to beat you to death”


The troll’s body, which was immeasurably beaten by countless powers, was surprisingly still in its form.

Even though he had reached a critical condition, he was continuing his persistent life without stopping his vital activities! 


Trolls are unrivaled, especially the blood of ice trolls trained in the polar regions of the freezing cold, and he’s the last one left alone until the world was destroyed.


He was a warrior, a hunter, and a priest at the same time.

He continued saying in a weak consciousness.


“Oh, spirits…”


Although it may take time, the defeat is slowly confirmed as his brain is crushed by the dragon’s power.

That was absolutely unacceptable.


“The soul of my great forefathers, goes beyond the times to my body now…!”


His distinct will, the will of nature contained in the ice crystal.

The spirits of the ancestors who had passed on from generation responded.



You don’t even have power…”


This was the basic point where magic and spell were differentiated.

If magic is the realm of thorough calculation and rationality, spell is the realm of spirit and faith.

Even if one’s own strength has been exhausted, it’s the power of solidarity that can be borrowed from other powers.


Therefore, the fear of those ancient stuff, which had been ignored by both the magical creatures and religious groups, supported the body of the troll, whose original power was crumbling away.




The troll’s body, which was pushed back endlessly, suddenly got its balance and set on its foot at the same times.


The wild troll’s fist stuck deep in the dragon’s cheek.




Huolong, who borrowed the body of a human, sharpened her teeth to prepare herself.

If that’s how it comes out from that side, this side had an idea, too.




The pain that came out from the process of breaking down the heart on purpose shook her body.

If the opponents risk their life because they don’t want to lose so much, you’ll only go out the same way.

The kinetic energy and the heat energy embraced her whole body, as her dragon’s heart was burning.




Soon, her explosive streak began beating the troll again.


“Oh, hey hey hey hey hey!!!”


Eventually, the troll, who borrowed the power of spirits and souls, also threw his fists in without caring, even though his body was already torn..


Punch, punch, punch, punchㅡ


Ignoring each other’s attacks, they used their last remaining strength for an ignorant fist fight..


Blood splatters.

The same red blood, which no one knew from whom, colored the vitrified ground, over and over again.


It’s not about which side will stand on two feet, but a fierce and simple bloody battle about which side pours out what they have first and dies.


The winner of the bloody battle is-






Surprisingly, it was literally the burning red dragon.


“Hehe… I won, you frosty **er…”


Looking down at the ice troll who collapsed on the floor and stopped moving after the last struggle.


The red dragon, who was laughing contentedly, soon collapsed and died the same way.


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