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Forsaken Immortals Chapter 30 - Jealousy

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Chapter 30 - Jealousy

"Jingyu" Bai Rouyun was shocked to hear his name being mentioned by Li Moyun, but then she realized that he was the leader of the Eternal Shadow Palace. It was to be expected that he knew of Xue Jingyu.

"Best friend," Bai Rouyun smiled sweetly. She had nothing to hide. "He was the only person who I could call a friend before."

Li Moyun felt an uncomfortable feeling within his heart, making him grow restless. Bai Rouyun was his wife, why had this best friend suddenly appeared. How much about Bai Rouyun did he know that he, Li Moyun, was unaware of

Was their relationship merely that of friends, or were they lovers The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he became. Bai Rouyun was his wife. He was already used to considering her as his wife, and a sense of loss and fear spread in his heart when he thought that she might divorce him later on for the sake of this Xue Jingyu.

His expression turned grim, and the surrounding air turned chilly. Frost crystals started appearing all over the study, and Bai Rouyun could feel the cold seep into her body.

"Li Moyun!" she called out, slightly startled. Even she, at her peak, could not influence the surroundings like this with her mood alone. This required an elemental affinity that was at the highest levels!

Hearing her strained voice, Li Moyun finally returned to his senses. He saw that Bai Rouyun was standing on the frozen floor in a pair of silk shoes, and her entire body was trembling in the cold.

Although she had started cultivating, she was not in a position to withstand his horrible frost. He was many times stronger than her.

Li Moyun instantly left the chair, and before Bai Rouyun noticed what was happening, she was suddenly swept off her feet and into Li Moyuns embrace.

"Sorry," he said gently as he carried her back to the chair, sat down, and placed her on his lap.

His arm hooked around her waist, holding her in position. She could not move even if she wanted to.

Bai Rouyun had never been so close to another man before, but she did not detest the feeling. Li Moyun was also the most attractive man she had ever seen, his handsome features unparalleled.

As such, she decided to take advantage of his beauty, and she leaned against his body. Snuggling closely to his chest and swung her legs. She seemed like a spoiled wife.

"Jingyu and I are close friends," Bai Rouyun did not know why, but she wanted to explain her relationship to Li Moyun. She did not want him to misunderstand.

"We have been exploring quite a few tombs and graves together. Initially, he was curious about me because I was an independant cultivator. I was all alone, but I still managed to rank on the Heavenly Genius Chart.

"He came to visit me and said that my appearance was just what he fancied, so I beat him up.”

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"I beat him so much that even his mother could not recognize him, and since then, he realized that my personality was so unlike the kind he liked.

"He used to call me Sister Fox because he said I was as sly as a fox. We found out that although our feelings for each other were not that of lovers, we still considered each other good friends."

Hearing Bai Rouyun talk about Xue Jingyu, Li Moyun had been tense at first, but the more he heard, the happier he became, and the arm around her waist tightened slightly.

At the same time, he could also feel how the small head nestled against his chest; he was feeling so complete and happy that he raised the other hand and caressed her hair.

"Dear, does your rebirth have something to do with the treasure you had found before" Li Moyun was originally not willing to ask about this, but he felt that it was necessary to know. If something would happen to her in the future, he needed to prepare for it.

Bai Rouyun was quiet. She was not willing to lie to Li Moyun, but it was hard for her to tell the truth.

"Darling, I already told you my real identity, and I brought you into my headquarters. My life is in your hands, can you not tell me about it"

Bai Rouyun felt immensely guilty and sad. She had not considered his emotions.

"Xiao Bao, can I bring another person into the Primal Chaos Dimension" She asked tentatively, and then she heard Xiao Baos answer.

"You can, but I am afraid that you need to be careful of who you invite."

Bai Rouyun was also aware of this, but she finally agreed to tell Li Moyun.

Grasping his hand, Bai Rouyun was nervous, but she still dragged him into the dimension.

As soon as they entered, Li Moyun was shocked. Having an independant dimension was very rare, and only some Violet Realm cultivators were able to do this.

"Are you going to tell me this is a part of the treasure" Li Moyun asked, puzzled.

"The treasure was called the Primal Chaos Pagoda. It has several layers, and the first layer is for growing herbs. The herbs growing here will bloom much faster; one day of growing in this world is as fast as one year on the outside."

"Xiao Bao has said that he will help me learn how to concoct medicine, and I want to become an alchemist."

"Who is Xiao Bao" Li Moyun asked, feeling the jealousy moving about again.

"The artifact spirit." Bai Rouyun noticed nothing abnormal as she answered with a smile.



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