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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 8 The Crazy Woman!

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“Ha! To think that I will be thinking about you even when I am going to die anyway. You sure have the guts! Now I even want to see how the Stagenrib empire would survive!”

The girl gritted her teeth as she looked at the maids who did not care about her at all and then the bouquet of flowers she was holding in her hands. It felt more like a chain to me!

She knew that everyone one in the empire was only waiting to see how Hazel was going to die and how long she would be able to endure!

While she was still in her thoughts, the door of the carriage was knocked. She almost jumped from her seat but took a breath of relief when she saw that it was only servants and soldiers.

She scanned the faces and body of the maids to see the difference but she did not find any. Though she could notice the red eye of the knights standing in front of her.

‘At least, maids are human! She even noticed that not all of them had a dark shade of red, they were light and bright red..

“My lady, we are here to escort you!” replied the maids in a blank face. Not a single trace of warmth or happiness could be seen in their voices.

Her eyes even went behind her when she noticed that the line of mids were never ending and the whole ground was covered with flowers and red carpet in the middle of it.

She had not expected the place to look that beautiful. If only her husband would have been normal, then it would not have been any less than a fairytale.

Instead of being joyous, she felt only fear crawling in her heart.

“At least my death would be grand and full of extravagance!” she was ready to get sold but she had never thought that she would reach straight to heaven!

“Pardon, did you say anything, my lady!” asked the maids when they saw that she still had not opened the door and muttered something under her breath!

Hazel blinked and was about to shake her head when a strange thought built up in her mind and nodded her head with a smirk on her face.

‘If she was going to die, she would drown the whole ship with her. she would make sure that her whole empire would regret choosing her as sacrificial lamb.

“My lady!” the maid called the lost girl again as she had still not opened the door of the carriage.

When they say that she was smirking, eyes still not replying to them, they felt annoyed and their faces turned hard. Did the girl really take herself as the empress! She was nothing but a pawn, a clown that was sent for a peace alliance.

“Your majesty is waiting for you, my lady!” said the maid in a hard and sharp tone so that the girl would move.

Her eyes turned cold when she felt the disdain in the eyes of the maids and knights. Yet they all were waiting for her here, they were here to serve us!

“So” she asked as she raised a brow nonchalantly and leaned back on the seat of the carriage!

They looked at each other with bewilderment and then looked at her with a frown!

“My lady, you have to come with us to meet his majesty.”So that they could kill you for your presumptuous behaviour! they added in their hearts as they looked at the arrogant and ignorant girl.

“No!” she replied again as she blew her nails that had been painted red.

“No! I apologise but there is some confusion, my lady!”What the hell was the girl talking about Did she lose her mental balance with the shock of getting married to an eccentric night creature they all looked at her with scorn, confusion and annoyance. But none of them felt pity on her.

“There is no confusion. I am not coming with you.” replied Hazel with a deep sigh! They think that i was a retard but they failed to understand even a simple word like no. she shook her head at their foolish behavior and superior thoughts.

“Excuse me, my lady. Why would you not come with us” asked the head maid who was going to be the lady in waiting for this crazy empress.

“Because you are not the one I am married to” Hazel shrugged her shoulders and looked at all of them as if they were fools.

“Aah, your majesty is waiting for you to only meet you. But if you would not come then how are you going to meet the person you are married to” explained the maid as if she was dealing with a 5 year old kid and hazel chuckled. So they seriously think that I was a retarded person!

“If he is waiting for me then he should be the one to come and receive me. I will not come out, unless your majesty would come to take me personally.” she replied with an arrogant tone and then closed the curtains once she was done.

“………” they all were shocked when she called the emperor so casually. Had she not been informed about her future husband even a bit Did she not know that she was in the land of night creatures and an eccentric tyrant at that How did she even dare to ask him to serve her!

They all looked at the closed window and then each other with fear. If she would not come out of the carriage then they would die with her too. If she wanted to die, then she could! Why was she dragging all of them

The knights gritted their teeth and decided to take her out forcefully when the curtains were opened again. A smile bloomed on their lips as the girl finally realised her mistake,

“One more thing, ask him to be dressed up in a matching grooms dress!”



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