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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 5 The Night Creatures

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“Wake up, miss! The governess is already here!” hazel frowned in her sleep as she turned and slept again but the bnaging on door only increased.,

Her lips pursued into a thin line but she did not try to open her eyes at all. She was feeling so exhausted that she had no desire to open her eyes and check who was on the door. She had decided to sleep until the end of the world!

“My lady, if you did not open the door then i have to break it and call your father!” Hazel had turned to the other side ignoring the empty threat of the man when she heard that her father was being called again!

She did not want to see the cold face of that man again who had sold her off to a night creature.

She stood up hastily and ran towards the door. She glared at the man who had instructed her but his blank face did not change.

“My lady, the governess is waiting for you.” Although he was calling her my lady, there was no respect in his eyes.

Hazel pursued her lips but she did not have any other choice, so she nodded and walked behind him. They crossed half of the palace and then reached the hall where an old woman was waiting for her..

Hearing the knock on the door, the lady turned and looked at Hazel. She eyed hazel from top to bottom and then snorted.

Her eyes were cold that made Hazels face hardened too.

“So, you are the one who was going to be the empress of the Ferendensine empire” Hazel had a frail body with a soft face. She was damn beautiful with her platinum blonde hair and mesmerising green eyes that looked like emeralds.

But she was too innocent with her face. She did not look like she could handle the night creatures.

Hazel just nodded as she entered.

“Hmm, what do you know about them” Though the voice was stern there was a hint of concern in the voice of the lady.

Hazel raised her head but shook it. Though she had a bit of an idea, she was not sure what her role was as the empress.

“The night creatures are not like the myth said. They can roam in the daytime too, but they prefer to stay in the cold places where the sun is not that prominent.

They can eat, play, dance, run, walk, do anything like us but they have blood with that too. Though most of the vampires keep blood in bottles, mixed with other supplements to keep it safe.

But most of noble suck blood directly from the host and the most delicious person for them is their wife.” Hazel shivered when the words sunk into her mind. It meant that she was nothing but his blood bank.

As if reading the mind, the governess nodded her head, “yes, that is what i was trying to say. Except that they love beauty and revealing dress and a bit of sensuality and most importantly, you have to be obedient to them.

Now we will start with the eating lessons…” the training continued with the governess but most of what hazel learnt was..

Though she was going to be the empress of the Ferendenshine empire. Her basic work was to look enticing and serve as food to her husband.

It only increased her fear to get married and leave for their empire right then.

Soon the day of her marriage arrived, the day she was going to be announced as an adult.

So, here Hazel was getting married to the emperor of the Ferendshine Empire, “Rafael Casanova de Carta”

This alliance would be like a peace treaty between both nations so that the fear that had crawled in the hearts of humans would decrease and threatening war for the past few years could be postponed.

“You are doing your best to serve the empire, the citizens will always be grateful to you.” said my father as he patted Hazels shoulder, when she walked towards the hall.

Hazel smiled and nodded as she assured him that she was fine with his decision. Not that she did not have any choice.

Though she did not love anyone else or have something noble to do here, She was just an extra after all, she was still scared about her future.

She had heard that the man did not even come out to meet the royal conveys that went to receive the orders of her marriage.

Vampires were famous for their beauty yet he was so mysterious that very few had seen him.

“Do not worry, he will not kill you. Since you are the symbol of peace between both nations!” her governess assured her as she sat beside the empress, Hazels stepmother who looked at her with pity.

There were all her sisters and brothers whom she had never seen. They were looking at her as if she was a scapegoat who was going to die any moment.

She had never thought that this would be the way she would meet with her so called family for their first time.

‘He will not kill me because of the peace treaty! Hazel repeated these words like a chant but still she was feeling anxious, her palms were turning sweaty and her stomach was churning.

“Do not worry too much or else you will look ugly in your own marriage.” teased Anne and Hazel sighed.

If only I could take her with me, she mused but she did not have the courage to ask Anne to risk her life by following her.

“You are looking too beautiful, my lady!”

Hazel nodded and looked at the mirror. The maids have spent all day in making her look beautiful and ready for this grand day! She was wearing a red dress as the norm of their nation instead of the white one like other princesses worn in their marriages. Her golden hair was prepared in a bun covered with flowers of real gold and adorned with pearls and rare gemstones.


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