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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 30 [Bonus chapter] Spouting nonsense

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“That is not true. Both parties have been equally prejudiced against each other. If humans had always hated vampires, vampires were also not kind towards them!” interjected a council man that was a human.

He was already feeling strange sitting between so many vampires but he could not accept that they were the only one to blame when the vampires were the one who had killed them and drank their blood as if it was water.

“Ha! Do you have a kind relationship with the chicken you are eating” asked a vampire that pointed at the human with a scoff who gritted his teeth.

“Both are not the same case!” he retorted and a few humans also nodded their heads.

“Yes! Because you are one of the parties involved. If you would ask the chicken, he would surely have different views!” scoffed Damien and many other vampires nodded..

Hazel looked at the fire that had started burning. Now she understood how food was the most sensitive topic amongst them.

They did not care much about her attire or the decorations she had changed. But when it came to food they were fighting with all their will.

She had never wanted to create the rift between human and night creature to deepen. All she wanted was to get rid of this unwanted tag of marriage.

“So you want to say that vampires have the right to take our lives for leisure” retorted another council man who had decided that he would not tangle with this matter but he could not handle their ** anymore.

“Look carefully, none of the miad had died while we were feeding on them since ages. But you have killed so many animals not only for food but for fun and to pass your time.

At least, we have not hunted humans for fun. Though I think it would be worth trying!” while hazel had thought that the man would try to control the fire, he only put oil in it while talking about hunting humans for fun.

She shuddered with thought of him running behind her with an arrow in his hands or she wondered would he even need that She had seen a portrait of a demonic vampire with long nails and fangs.

“Your words can wage another war, my lord! You should not speak without thinking much!” where Scarlet and Damien had a smirk on their voice Edward frowned and so as other humans that were listening to his words, he had a harnessed smile on his face as he took the sip of the wine nonchalantly.

“Why! Oh my! Where did your wild thoughts run I was only talking about devouring my new wife on the bed tonight!!!”

“…………” not only his words left everyone speechless, hazel felt like her whole face burnt. What in the name of god was the man talking about! They didnt have any kind of intimate relationship but she could not say so loudly as she was his wife now.

She saw a lot of them chuckling when the words sunk in their mind and a few still looking grim but did not have anything to retort to the lord who was above them all.

“I apologize, I was only trying to add humor since the topic was getting too serious. We are here to not only celebrate the alliance between humans and us but also my marriage.

I expect none of you would start a topic that would end up in me sleeping on the sofa while my wife would fume alone in the room!”

“……” once again everyone was left speechless. Who would have the audacity to keep the man who was sitting at the highest position on the food chain to be asked to sleep on the sofa.

Hazel also raised her head and looked at the man who had done phd in spouting nonsense. Who had even made him the lord of the vampires!

Just when she raised her head, Rafel turned his head to look at her too and their gazes met. Though he had a mischievous smile on his face, she could see how grim his eyes were.

She was sure that when he was talking about hunting, he was not talking about her in particular but humans. She could even feel the deep hatred that was coming from his bones towards them and she wondered why she had not noticed it before.

That only made her more insecure in the place full of the blood thirsty night creatures. What if they decided to feast on her because they could not eat the grass.

No! She could not bite more than she could chew. With that thought, she passed an enchanting smile to the man who was trying to intimidate her and parted her lips,

“Though I am assured that my loving husband would not mind even if I would ask the palace staff to serve mud in the plates of the guests.

I am not that rude to do so. And personally I have been brought up eating meat. So, why would I order grass that I could not digest myself

I wonder where this miscommunication came from that I asked to change the menu” As she finished the words, she turned her head to look at the staff that were shivering with fear now.

If the blame was forced on them, then it was confirmed that all of them would be slaughtered tonight in the name of the hunger of the night creatures.

“That.. we have been told by the lady of the house!”


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