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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 28 Shall we?

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“So, where is the wife chosen by the council! I wonder how many days she will be able to survive!” This was the question on the lips of everyone as they looked at each other.

“I think it is too much that we all are waiting for the presence of a human when they are nothing but food!” muttered Scarlet and many ladies bowed their heads. They all felt that the new girl is getting much more attention than needed.

“She is right there!” Diana pointed at the stairs and though her voice was low, since everyone was waiting to see Hazel, they all turned at once to see this girl who had been so blatant in her demands and had forced the council to throw a party for her.

“……….” the use of dark brown that is almost like black as the lipstick and so dark and thick make up, hazel was looking nothing less than the character of a dark theater that was used to scare human kids.

“Is she the one” Scarlet nodded with a smirk as she looked at the shock of every person present there..

“Wow! Had she taken a bath in makeup or the pool of paint!” asked another lady who brought a wave of chuckle in the whole area.

Even Rafael turned to look at her when he felt that the girl was gaining too much attention and felt at a loss of words for a few seconds but then a devilish smile formed on his lips.

“My dear wife, you always exceed my expectations.” he held her hands in his and kissed it gently when he looked at her with crinkling eyes.

“It is because you always underestimate me!” she raised a brow as he looked at him. Clad in black suit with a red shirt, he was looking too handsome. Even she was not able to take her eyes away from his face.

He was a devil of lust. She was sure looking at his devilish charms and how the woman was swooning over him.

“You are right! Then at the party, I will expect a lot from you!” she blinked when she noticed that his lips were moving and he was talking to her.

She cursed herself for getting lost in his face when she knew that he was nothing but a trouble for her. But when the words sunk in her mind the frown on her face only increased as she did not understand what he meant by that!

“Now if we continued to stand here and talk to each other the guest would think that you are so much in love with me that you did not want to let go of me and meet them.

We do not want that. Do we” he asked and she finally noticed that he was still holding her hands closer to his lips and she was staring at him more than necessary.

She took her hands away and looked at the other side of the room when she heard him chuckle but she did not turn to look at him. The man was a hoodwink and she would not even realize when she would fall into his trap.

“Continue to hold my hands, my dear wife. We are a newly married couple that are so much in love. You do not want to prove the council otherwise, do you” he moved behind her and gently wrapped his hands on her waist and pulled her towards his chest.

His smooth and velvety voice echoed in her ears as he whispered closer to her ears. The sweet smell of alcohol and something else touched her neck and she shuddered.

She felt like her heart would jump out of her chest and her knees would give away.

“Then.. let go of me!” She held his hands that were holding her waist securely and tried to move them away but even his gentle touch had so much strength that she was not able to break free.

She turned and glared at the man who was trying to show the world that they were too intimate with each other but the man had that innocent expression as if he did not know what she was talking about!

“You are too desperate to leave me, my dear wife, that you are not noticing that all the doors of the exit are already closed!” he looked into her eyes and whispered softly for only her to hear his words that trembled her once again.

She was thankful that he was still holding her waist to keep her standing but what did he mean! Was he talking about the current situation or her will to run away from this marriage.

“Are you both going to talk by yourself The whole empire is waiting for your presence, my lord!” Scarlet could not bear their lovey dovey act anymore.

All she wanted was to hold the neck of the girl and snap it into two. Her nails dug deep into her wrist and in the end she could not stop herself from walking towards them and interfering in their sweet conversation.

Rafael finally took away his gaze from the shocked face of the girl and Hazel took a breath of relief. For once she was happy that Scarlet interfered or she was worried that the man would read her thoughts and knew what she was trying to do.

“Hmm, you are impatient like always! What do you want, aunt scarlet It is not the first time that I am meeting them!” She pursed her lips as she looked at his nonchalant behavior and did not know how to continue the matter.

“I have told you so many times, do not call me aunt since I am hardly older than you. And though you have met them so many times, it is the first time that they would meet your wife.

Since she had paid so much attention to the decoration and took personal interest in the meal, she had gotten herself a name already!”


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