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Damien looked at his suit and hair one last time in the mirror before walking towards the door.

But just when he touched the door, it opened from the other side. Diana looked at her brother with tired eyes.

“Where have you been” asked Damien with a frown on his face. Her prim and proper sister never looked this exhausted before.

“I went to arrange for the new decoration, her majesty had demanded for. Now do not ask many questions, I have a terrible time arranging for the flowers of the east and blood stain flowers!” she passed him a glare but then took a deep breath to control her anger.

“Sister, why are you even listening to that crazy girl We are superior here! Just let her be and mother will handle her!” Damien looked at her sister with confusion as she had always been the one in command. Then how could she bow her head and listen to nobody!

The girl passed her a glance but did not reply. Walking towards the table, she sat on the chair and rubbed her head. Her face was looking pale and exhausted, which was quite odd as a vampire..

“Would you please give me a minute of peace. It has taken me hours to find the decoration of her liking that also when i have used all my energy!

I am thirsty!” her voice came exhausting and she leaned more on her chair as if she had no energy left!

“That is all your mistake! You should have denied her and told her that the decoration was already done and it can not be changed at the end moment.

She will only be more arrogant and dance on our heads, with your pampering behavior.” though he scolded her in a cold voice. He still stood up from his seat and pressed the bell.

As soon as the bell pressed, the door was knocked and a girl and a man entered the room with their heads bowed low.

The man walked towards Diana and stood beside her while the girl took her place beside Damien.

Diana forwarded her hands in the air and the man held her hands. Taking it closer to her mouth hastily, she pierced her skin so rashly that the man closed his eyes but did not dare to move even an inch or flinch.

She took big gulps of blood and her eyes were closed in ecstasy!

“I am not thirsty for now, but I would love to have a round with you before attending their drama!” with that he dragged the girl closer to her who landed up in his arms.

The girl closed her eyes as she resigned to her fate. The man smirked and left the room without giving a second look to her sister.

After having her fill, she let go of his hands. The man nodded and left once she was done.

Taking a deep breath, she licked her lips moving her tongue on fangs. Her eyes filled with the ray of light passed by the chandelier.

“My lady,” the door knocked and a maid entered the room when Diana nodded her head.

“My lady, all the decorations have been changed as you asked for and the menu has been changed too. But what his majesty announced to all of us was death punishment when he saw the changes” though the maid was a half blooded vampire not a human, she was still much lower in the rank when it comes to them.

It would only take a snap of their fingers to fill the whole hall with a blood bath.

A cold smirk formed on the face of Diana when she heard that but it vanished as soon as it appeared on her face.

“I know, I am worried about it too. But her majesty had specified that it should be done that way or she would not attend the party.

If Rafael would ask anything, you just have to fall at his feet and tell him that the changes were asked by his wife only and we did not have a choice.” her face filled with exhaustion and worry as her tone turned grave.

“Or else, why would I go personally to the boundaries of the empire and the desert to ask for the flowers.

And I even have to stay hungry during the night with that kind of menu.

I am only lucky that i know about the changes in advance, so i have my fill with that new slave. You have found a good one this time, Lina.” The girl who was looking worried and frustrated all this time beamed when she heard the last line.

“You are just exaggerating my lady. When i told the slave establishment that the slave is for you, he personally selected a few best slaves!

Everyone admires you, my lady. You should have been the new empress. Why has the lord taken that crazy lady as the empress!” muttered the girl and Diana who was still leaning on the chair lazily stood up abruptly,

“Watch what you are saying Lina! Even the walls have ears. The council has personally chosen her majesty and even his majesty had taken a liking to her.

And I am nothing but a relative that could be thrown out any moment if I do not serve them well. So, do not say anything that even I will not be able to save you!” she scolded the girl in a grave voice that the maid shivered.

But the words only increased her jealousy and hatred towards Hazel who had come out of nowhere and even dared to treat their mistress as a slave.

“Yes, my lady. I apologize for my impudence. I will take care of it in the future!” her eyes glowed with hatred as the words came out through gritted teeth but Diana did not pay any heed to it.

“Hmm, then go and check the preparations once again. The guests will start arriving soon.”


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