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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 25 Decorate It My Way

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“Oh, I did not understand what you were talking about Who told you that I did not know about the nobles that are closer to the palace Do you want me to introduce to the Celestia family or Van Dawon who were famous for their lineage or could it be that you want me to tell you about the Sancilion, the one who should be announced as your better half“ Hazel tilted her head as she looked at the stiff Diana.

She was dancing in her heart and thanking Anne who had brought all the related books to Rafael for her to read. Though her motto was to convince Hazel that Rafael was not as bad as she thought, Hazel ended up reading about all the nobles.

One thing, that Hazel was sure about.. She could leave anyone behind when it comes to reading and memorizing information.

Now all she needed was a way to visit the library of the palace and read as much as she could.

Once again she felt cold sweat on her neck and turned to look at the girl, thinking she must be having the same fierce eyes as her mother, but once again Diana only had a pleasing smile on her face.

“I must say you surprised me there for a second, lady Starengib!”.

“It is your majesty for you. And you should not underestimate others, Lady Diana!” replied Hazel with a bored look on her face, “since i already know about everything. This session shall end here!” Hazel tried to stand up but Dianna shook her head.

“I think you forgot that I have been assigned as your lady in waiting. So, even if the session ends, I will still be with you all the time from today!” Hazel must say that getting rid of Diana was more difficult than getting rid of Scarlet who only needed to be infuriated and she would leave huffing and puffing!

“Yes! How could i forget that since you are my lady in waiting from today. I have a job for you!” her eyes sparkled as she looked at Diana who was looking rather curious than annoyed,

“And that is”

“Manners! You need to learn how to talk to your empress, Diana!” Since Diana was her maid, why would she need to add honorifics in front of her name.

Even Diana noticed the small change in the greetings but the smile on her face did not falter.

“I apologize, I thought that since we are family, a little informality would be fine. What do you need my help with, my lady” she asked even standing up properly holding her dress, giving a slight bow to show her respect for that stunned Hazel.

Pure blooded vampires that had been in the highest position in the food chain since the start had never bowed their heads in front of their food aka human, yet here the girl was keeping her pride away, ready to serve her.

That made Hazel think if she was being too biased for doubting her!

“Oh, I like the flower of the east and the blood drops! I miss their fragrance. So, as my lady is waiting , your first task is to fill my room with those flowers!” Since the girl smiled so harmlessly every time she looked at Hazel, Hazel did the same.

The flower of the east only grew in warm areas near deserts or in too hot conditions, that was why they were called flowers of the east. Everyone knew that the vampires could not bear the scorching sun for long. Not to forget the girl who was raised as the princess.

And the blood drops, they only grew on the boundaries of the empire to show the land of the vampires had started. It was a pure white flower that was stained with the drops of blood.

It was taken as abhor by humans and vampire both. So bringing it would not be easy either. She wanted to see how far the girl could be bent.

For a second the smile of the girl turned ugly, but she recovered it instantly.

“My lady, you are forgetting that the council and the nobles have decided to have a reception dinner for you tonight. If I go and collect the flowers for you now then I would not be able to return on time to help you in getting ready.

Moreover, there would be so many people attending the party tonight, what if anyone saw you with the blood drop flower” asked the girl with a pleading face.

She was sure that she would be able to change the mind of Hazel, if she would explain to her the circumstances and the result of her demand.

“Hmm, now that you put it this way. I realize that my demand was wrong!” Hazel sighed as if she had finally realized the folly she was going to commit and Dianas smile broadened.

She knew if she would use the right approach, she would be able to manipulate the decisions made by Hazel. And it was easier than she had thought. She had found the weak point of Hazel and now she was going to use it in the long run.

“I know that you will be wise enough to understand your mistakes if i will explain them to you!” Once again the girl was only praising herself while showing that she was praising her in such a blatant way!

Hazel rolled her eyes at the kindergarten acts of the girl that call herself pureblooded vampire and continued,

“Yes! You are right. I forgot that so many people are coming to meet only me tonight.

Since that is the case, I did not need that bunch of blood red flowers and flowers of the east. But I want the whole decoration to be only done by these two flowers only.

And if my orders were not followed, then i would not come to attend the party taking it as my insult!”


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