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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 20 Who Will Save Me!

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“What do you think, Aunt Is Rafael madly in love with me and following everything I say

Shall I ask him that you are too irritating too. And see what he would do then” she raised a brow as she looked at the lady with challenging eyes though there was a sweet smile on her face.

Scarlet gritted her teeth. She was not sure why Rafael had suddenly killed the governess. Even when he had come to know that she was the one who had chosen and sent the governess, the governess was still a human according to his instructions.

And she had hidden the subtle fact that the governess had done nothing except increasing the fear for night creatures in the heart of the woman but also teach her ways to irk the vampires instead of winning their heart.

She wanted to make sure that the new empress met the same end as the other ones in spite of her enchanting beauty. Could it be that her eyes sapphire eyes had won his heart!.

No! Rafael was not among the men who love! He uses it! He had used everyone around him and she would not be surprised if he had used her from time to time without even her knowledge, then how could he be interested in a mere human!

Her eyes continued to scan Hazel with doubt filled eyes when the girl finally laughed, breaking her thought process.

Scarlet narrowed her eyes at her laughed and asked in a cold voice,

“Have you finally realized that you are a crazy girl and are laughing to prove it. Huh” her tone was full of hatred as she did not like the cheekiness of the girl even a bit. Her neck was so slim that it would take less than a second to snap it with her one hand.

But she was afraid that Rafael would not like it and he would not even hesitate to punish her since the girl was needed for a few more weeks to make sure the matter of massacre dies before any other human is killed in their lands.

“No! I am amazed that how you are still standing here without feeling embarrassed when i am talking about killing you Or do you have that bizarre thought that you are immortal because you are a vampire” When she heard the cold words of Hazel, only then did she come back to her senses and remembered that the girl had asked if she would get killed too, if He asked Rafael to do so.

She was so busy in thinking about the governess that she did not pay any heed to the mindless blabbering of this little girl. But looking at her arrogant face, Scarlet felt that it was better to crush her haughtiness in the nip of the bud before it would bloom and reach the sky.

“Ha! To think that you have such confidence, why dont you try asking that over breakfast. Even i want to know what his reply would be” replied Scarlet with full confidence that left Hazel tongue tied.

She was only trying to irk the lady so that she would either leave the room or she would say something snarky in response even slapping her would be fine.

Then she would use the slap as a reason to show that they are trying to kill her by her exaggerated acting! But who would have thought that irked woman would reply so calmly.

“I would only be able to go there if you leave my room so that i could change my dress. But I could see that you are enjoying standing here, no matter how many times I asked you to go out!

Instead of killing you, shall I ask you to announce you as my lady in waiting, since I did not have one yet” asked Hazel again as the woman still did not leave and her heart was coming to its limit.

She was afraid that if the woman would not leave, she would not be able to drag the act anymore and her truth would come out.

“Ha! Such a delusion. I would see all of them crushing under the feet of Rafel during breakfast!“ Scarlet turned and left.

She was there to know about the death of the governess, but she was not sure if the bitching of a dumb girl was the reason behind it But if that was the case, then it was necessary to get rid of this vixen as soon as possible.

“All of you leave too! And close the door behind you!” she commanded in a chilly voice.

The maids who had seen standing there frozen, trying their best to be one with the walls to avoid being the punching bag in the middle of the war had their faces ashen. When they heard the order of their new empress who was no less than a sharp dagger that even had the capacity to wound the night creatures, they felt they had finally received the amnesty of the emperor.

They bowed their heads and rushed out of the room as if someone was chasing them with an intent to kill.

“I have never thought that we would be able to escape alive from the war zone!” muttered one of them and they all nodded their heads with a bit of relief on their faces.

Just when the sound of footsteps faded and the door was left shut! Hazel whose face was shining with confidence turned ashen as if she had seen ghosts. Her whole body trembled like a dried leaf in the stormy night.

Hazel had been sitting there with arrogance and nonchalance, and fell on the floor with a thud. She looked high at the ceiling and made a cross with her trembling hands as she whispered in a fearful voice,

“Oh lord, he actually killed the governess.. How would I survive that crazy tyrant vampire who kills without reason!!”


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