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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 18 Part of the family

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“That.. I am going to execute all the teachers who have given you the training to be a good empress and my wife!” the words were ringing in her mind as the bell of the siren! She couldnt help but stand frozen there for a long time.

When she came back to her senses the vampire was already gone.

“Was it a threat for me or had he really gone to kill all of them!!” no matter how she thought, she did not find any sense of logic behind his sudden decision. He was more eccentric than she had thought.

She slumped on the bed with a thud and stared at the ceiling. The intricate design of flowers was looking beautiful yet she felt that it was a web she had been struck on.

She tried her best to stay awake and alert but soon her eyes started to turn heavy and she gave up.

Rafael had only walked out of the room when Alfred was already standing out of the door.

“Your majesty!” he bowed his head with respect, “i have confirmed that lady was taught by the governess sent by lady Scarlet only.”.

“Hmm,” he continued to walk and Alfred followed as they both stopped only when they entered another room. The room was slightly dim with only a single candle lit in the centre of the room.

The man sat on the office seat and then looked at him.

“Would you handle the matter or shall I go” Although the voice was nonchalant, Alfred could see a trace of bloodlust filling his eyes and he knew better than anyone he was infuriated.

“I will handle the matter and send her head to lady Scarlet as a gift!” he asked carefully and the man finally nodded and hummed.

“Hmmm, you are still wise! Is there anything else” he looked at Alfred who was still standing there even when they were done! It only happened when there was something in his mind but he was hesitating to start it.

“That, my lord..!! Shall I investigate the girl again. She did not seem like she was described!” he asked carefully as he observed the actions of his master.

“There would be no need. I will observe her personally.” there was a subtle smile on his lips that confused Alfred.

He had known this man for a long time but never had he let his guards down in front of even his family. Then what was so special about that girl

Though he had many questions in his mind, he did not dare to ask them.

“Then, I shall leave. The news will reach in your ears before sunrise!” with that he bowed his head and left the room.

Picking up the glass of water from the table, she took one cold swig of it.

“Even after having more than my fill, I am feeling thirsty again, Hazel! I wonder how you might react if you found me having a sip of yours!” he chuckled as he looked at the ceiling but did not go out of the room.


“My lady, your majesty is calling you!”

“Anne, I am feeling tired. Can I sleep an hour more today!” Hazel mumbled as she tossed on the bed and turned to sleep again leaving the maid on the pins and needles.

Last night she woke up with a start listening to the sound of falling glass. She looked around but there was no one in the room. After that, she was so scared that she did not sleep even for a second. Afraid that someone was hidden there waiting for her to fall asleep again.

“My lady, Lady Scarlet would be furious if you do not reach on time for breakfast!” she urged in a pleading voice but the sleeping beauty did not pay any heed to it.

“If you will not wake up, your majesty will come personally to take you with him.” she added thinking that it might wake up the girl finally.

But Hazel turned again and continued to sleep. She would not wake up even if the whole palace burnt to ashes. She would not wake up even if god would come to take her personally. With that thought, she covered her head with the blanket and continued to sleep.

“Bam!” The door of her room was opened with a strong force and the clinking of high heels filled the room.

Scarlet entered into the room with a red face and hair darker red eyes were blazing fire!

“How dare you keep me waiting even after creating such an uproar! Do you not love your life anymore” that was not an empty threat!

The maid who knew the reason for her anger, trembled and tried to make her invisible by getting one with the wall.

When Hazel still did not respond, Scarlet felt agitated. She was about to throw the bed in the midair but she remembered what Rafael had told her.

The girl could not be injured as there were close eyes of the council over the matter. She gnashed her teeth as she knew that the girl was taking advantage of this matter. But could she let a human sit over their heads and do what she wanted.

Not in this life! Her hands clenched into a fist and she looked around when her eyes fell on the table.

She walked towards the table and picked the jug of water from there and smirked.

Walking back towards the bed where hazel was sleeping without a care in the world. She poured water on the bed with a smirk on her face. She was sure that in this cold, if she stayed wet for a long time, she would catch cold as humans were frail with weak immunity and hazel could not even blame her for getting cold!

“Tsk! I did not know that the aunt of his majesty is the one responsible for washing used sheets!

Tch tch! Shall I ask Rafael to consider you and give you better work After all, you are still part of the family!”


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