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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 17 Forgot the promise you asked for?

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“Sure, I will free her from today. But in exchange, you have to serve me at her place whenever I am thirsty again. Is it okay, my dear wife”

“Boom!” the words fell in her ears no less than explosion! She finally realized what it meant by digging your own grave! She looked at the vampire with horror as her face turned pale instantly.

If the girl would have complained, she could have gotten rid of the ordeal, but who would have thought that she would fall in the well instead.

“My lord! I have been serving you for a long.. How can you..” even the girl could not believe that! She had been giving her blood since the time she had first met the lord in the party, since then her status had risen and she was treated preciously in every party and function.

She had received so many gifts and her status had risen with time. She was basking in the glory just by giving a few glasses of blood then she did not mind to do it..

But who would have thought that the lord, who did not give heed to what the councils would agree at the word of this girl so easily.

Her eyes filled with pure hatred as she gnashed her teeth and stared at the woman as if she would tear her down and kill her that instant.

Rafael, who was still enjoying the pale face of his wife, tilted his head and passed a gaze to the girl who had been giving her blood for a long time and always looked at him seductively. Trying to take off her clothes every time they had been alone in the room.

He knew too well that she wanted to raise her status and power by riding his coattails. And he never minded it since she was nice in bed and had sweet blood too.

As a vampire and that also at his prime age, he had his own physical requirement that had been filled by the girl very efficiently. But it did not mean that she was special to him.

“To think that you can ask me a question back, I have underestimated your guts. Take her away!” as the words left his mouth, the face of the girl turned ashen and she fell on her knees.

“No! I did not mean that, my lord. I have been serving you all my life. Please forgive this lowly persons mistake.” tears started to form in the corner of her eyes as she gulped.

She knew better than anyone what this man was capable of. And she did not want to be the one at the receiving hand.

“Hmm, then you better leave and never show me your face again!” she nodded at his nonchalant words, relieved that her life had been spared and dragged her staggering body from there.

Once she was gone, he smirked and looked at another scared bunny in front of her who was acting nonchalant again.

“Just by thinking that you will be serving me, I am thirsty again, my dear wife. Come here!” His seducing voice left a shiver in her body that she had to wrap her arms around her body to not tremble.

She raised a brow as she looked at him confidently, “I did not say yes to your condition. It was you who imagined! So, do not expect me to give you my blood.”Who knew how much you would drink and kill me right there! she replied with a glare to show that she was not at all afraid of him.

“But as my wife, you are going to share the room with me. Who knows, I might feel thirsty at night and could not control my hands and mouth!” Rafael chuckled seeing his wifes eyes widen before it narrowed on his face.

“Now that I think about it. I am already sleepy. So why dont you come and lay beside me!” he asked in the same soft and seductive tone.

Before her arrival, he had already asked his aide to prepare a different room for her as he had never shared his bed with anyone. Even when he spent the time with other ladies, he went to their room, had his fill and left.

Sleeping the whole night on the same bed was not something he wanted to try. But to look at the fidgeting girl and her expressions, he could not help but tease her further,

“That! I have a habit of tossing too much on my bed and I even sleep talk and snore sometimes, so I do not think that we should sleep together for now.“ She raked her brain hard to think of all the excuses she could make but nothing seemed to work much as the man continued to stare at her with amused eyes.

“And I am still adapting to the change of the palace. So, i need some rest and time to sleep together.” The last line was barely about the sound made by a mosquito but he was still enjoying her flustered face.

“Alright! You can rest. I have something to handle anyway.” he stood up abruptly as he nodded and was about to leave the room when she did not know why but felt an ominous feeling in her heart.

How did he suddenly give up the idea of sleeping with her when he was so adamant today.

“Oh, may I know what urgent work you have in the middle of the night” she asked trying her best to sound nonchalant and hide her curiosity when the man chuckled and turned to look at her,

“Are you getting interested in my life, my dear wife” there was something different when he called her his wife. She feels like her stomach churn every time he does so.

“That.. I am going to execute all the teachers who have given you the training to be a good empress and my wife!”


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