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It took a few more seconds for Hazel to gain her composure, but she had already done a big folly by showing her fear to the blood sucker. She could not accept defeat after coming so far.

What if the man realized that she was a weak person and started to torment her No! She had to be strong and tell him that she did not fear him and would be vocal to the council if she suffered any grievances.

With that thought she decided to go back but her heart beat was still racing, what if he was still sucking the blood of the girl in his arms. And they were looking very intimate! She wondered if they only stopped at drinking blood or would they..!

Heat rose on her skin and her whole face turned red as she started imagining wild scenes of theirs.

She walked in the dark hall alone as the maid had left after escorting her there. Her footsteps echoing in the narrow corridor as her high heels touched the marble floor..

The servants that were standing on both sides of the door passed a glance to her but then did not react as if they did not see her.

Taking a deep breath and clenching her hands into a fist that was hiding in her dress. She walked back into the room.

Just when she reached the room, the girl was adjusting her clothes and the man was dabbing his lips with a handkerchief making sure that there was no blood left on his lips.

The girl looked at hazel with challenging eyes before giving one seductive look to Rafael and then bowing her head,

“Then I will see you next week, my lord!” her eyes were staring at the seductive face of the man who was so close yet so distant to her.

“Mmmm” contradicting the sweet face of the girl, he was rather nonchalant as he did not even pass a second glance to her but looked at the girl in front of his eyes but frowned when he noticed that she was not looking at him but the girl.

Gnashing her teeth, the girl stood up as her face turned ugly when she noticed that the lord had not taken her eyes away even for a second since the girl had returned to the room. When he had not reacted, the first time his new wife entered the room, she had thought that he was not at all interested in her.

And like others, she would meet her end soon. But by the way lords eyes were fixed with her, she was not sure anymore.

She stood up with her friend only to see that the new empress was still staring at her. Her face immediately formed a triumphant look, showing that even when she was the wife, his husband only have eyes for her!

“So you are a human!” Hazel was only looking at the girl to know if she was a human or a lower level of vampire as her governess had told her that the pure blooded empires could drink the blood of any. And unfortunately, her husband was the purest, the strongest vampire so far.

“I am, my lady. Why” asked the girl with an arrogant tone as if she was superior to hazel since she was in the arms of her husband and as expected hazel fumed. but instead of feeling jealous, she was angry at the man who had enjoyed the feast just a while ago.

“Tell me if he is forcing you, I will help you in getting justice.” Hazel moved and held the hands of the girl, afraid that she would not speak against Rafael in his presence. “You do not need to be scared of anyone. I will help you.” If that would be enough to break the truce, then even she could return back to her solitary life without being in the danger of being killed!

The girl was taken aback by the sudden exclamation and did not know how to reply. Even Rafael, who was looking at the girl with twinkling eyes to see what she felt, was surprised at her sudden empathy towards the girl who was in his arms.

But soon a chuckle escaped his lips when he realized her plan. She was more amusing than he had thought!

“What.. What are you talking about No one had forced me!! I am here out of my free will and I do not need anyones help.” the girl yanked Hazels hands away and glared at her with ferocity.

Was she trying to ruin her image in front of the lord Panicked with the thought, sh turned hastily to look at Rafael,

“My lord. I swear that I had not said anything to the lady. She had assumed everything by herself. It is my honor to serve you since the start, and if possible I would have been the only one serving you!” her eyes were filled with adoration and lust when she looked at the man seductively.

But once again she was disappointed that the man was not even looking at her.

“Do you want to get rid of her, my dear wife” he asked the girl who was looking confused as her brows were furrowed and her cheeks were puffed up. Hazel tilted he head and looked at the amusing smile of the man as if he was watching a good show.

She felt irked by the way he was looking at them as if they were not human but only his means of entertainment. But still nodded her head, as she did not want a young and beautiful girl to die because he sucked all her blood.

Her reply only widened the smile on the face of the man, as if he had won a great reward.

“Sure, I will free her from today. But in exchange, you have to serve me at her place whenever I am thirsty again. Is it okay, my dear wife”


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