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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 15 How you tasted?

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“Of course, but since this is my first meal. Should I not deserve a special menu than an ordinary one” she asked in a causal tone and then looked at the food in front of her with disdain.

“What do you mean” Scarlet glared at hazel with her fierce eyes.

She did not understand why the girl was not scared, though her heartbeat was faster, her face had an eerie calmness that was crawling on Scarlets skin.

“Since I am the empress, I should have the right to choose what I want to eat. Though the meal is nice, it is common.

I want to have cake to celebrate my marriage and chocolate and…” the girl continued as she ignored the red and purple face of Scarlet and concentrated on the maid standing in front of her.

But her maid did not dare to move even an inch. She was scared to her wits looking at the argument of both ladies..

“Did you not hear me” asked Hazel and the maid flinched.

“That. my lady..” hazel raised her hand before the maid continued further..

“I did not want to hear any excuses. Do not forget who you are serving here! If you want to continue you have to decide where your loyalty lies..” the voice and tone was so cold that it left shivers on the skin of the maid and she did not even dare to look at the red face of Scarlet.

“Yes, my lady. I apologize for my impudence.” with that she bowed her head and left leaving fuming Scarlet alone.

“Now that you are done with your meal. You do not need to worry about giving me company since you did not like tardiness!” she replied as she picked up the glass of water and sniffed it.

Once sure that it was normal, she took a swig of it rather nonchalantly. But when Scarlet did not move, hazel raised a brow and added,

“Do not forget that the council is personally taking care of the truce. The peace treaty of the two empires solely depends on my reply. You do not want me to get injured as proof that I got hurt the moment I arrived, right” Hazzel raised a brow and swirled the water of her glass just like Scarlet did.

But the moment words left her mouth, scarlet hissed. Her fangs peeked out from her lips that left hazel stunned.

‘She can not bite me! She can not bite me! Hazel started chanting, though not sure if it would work when Scralret glared at her for one more time, before standing up and leaving.

The pressure Scarelt had used pushed the chair backwards that it fell on the floor with a thug giving Hazel the fright of her life.

She patted her chest and took a few deep breaths once she was alone in the room. Her face had turned ashen and her head fell on the floor as if it did not have any life.

“My lady.. Are you okay” Hazel only opened her eyes when the maid called her in a worried tone and Hazel raised her head to look at the man.

“Yes, I am! I was just tired of waiting for my meal.” she replied, faking the cold tone again, and the scared maid bowed her head, afraid that she would be punished again.

“Clear the table and serve me a new meal!” she replied without caring what the maid thought of her. She could not trust any of them, not even the maids.

They could be the ears and eyes of the emperor or this cold beauty that called herself aunt of the emperor.

Soon the table was cleared but when she ate, she could hardly have more than a few bitesas the fear of her future started haunting her

She was too agitated when she entered the palace but now that the adrenal rush was gone, she realized what mess she was in!!

“I am tired, can you guide me where my room is” The maid nodded her head again as she started walking towards the exit of the office and Hazel started following the maid while her eyes were alert as she kept observing around every nook and corner of the palace.

The walls of the palace were adorned with big portraits that she had seen in her fathers palace too. The only difference was that they were all young and proud and each of them had dark red eyes that were intimidating.

“My lady, this is your room!” said the maid bowing her head and hazel nodded as she looked at the nearby statue with interest that she did not paid much attention to her room but

Just when she took a turn and entered the room, her eyes fell on the man who was sitting on the edge of the bed. A girl was sitting on his lap and his sharp fangs sunk deeper into her skin.

Her eyes were closed but there was no pain in her eyes. If any, there was a seductive look on her face that stunned Hazel.

She was looking so shocked that she did not even move. The man was holding the waist of the girl and his eyes were closed too.

Hazel only came back to her senses when the eyes of the man snapped open and met the eyes of the girl.

She blinked and then her face turned white and she ran out of the room as if ghosts were chasing her.

The man looked at her with an amused face but did not let go of the girl in her arms.

Being on the highest point on the food chain of even vampires, he had never thought of drinking blood from the containers, but straight from the warm skin of human that have fresh blood, his eyes glowed as he finally let go of the girl in his arms and like his lips that still have a drop of blood on it.

“Mmmm, I wonder how you tasted!”


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