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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 12 Was She The Food?

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Hazel could not help but stare at the ring in her hands that looked completely out of the place. The ring was beautiful but that was not what she was expecting.

When she looked above, the man passed her a harmless smile that made him feel like he was an adorable person! Her cheeks turned red and she flushed when she felt his gaze on her.

“Now that the procedures are done. Shall we” Rafael forwarded his hand and she held it instinctively.

Since he had followed all her instructions, he had no way to deny now. But when she had thought that he would only hold her hand while going in, he pulled her closer and took her in his arms.

“What! What are you doing” she asked, flabbergasted when she felt his face was just an inch away and his cold hands were holding her thighs and her shoulders.

“…….” your majesty was carrying her princess style!! They would not believe it even if they were seeing it with their own eyes! How could a monster act so gently and sweetly

The man tilted his head as he looked at the scared girl in his arms. He could feel her fast heartbeat and fear in spite of all her efforts as she tried to act calm all this while..

Yet he felt a bit curious on how the girl would act when she reached in!

“Isnt it one of the norms of your empire too” he asked with a raised brow as his bloody eyes created hole in her skin.

She knew that it was a tradition that a newly wedded husband took his wife in his arms when they entered their home and only kept her down when she reached their room. She had never thought that a man who did not even find it necessary to come into his own marriage would do that!

What was he trying to do Why was he trying to fulfil her every wish She could not believe that a night creature could be this much considerate towards his food!!

Then why was he carrying her in his arms towards their room Wait!… it finally dawned on her that he was carrying her to a room!

The night creatures were known for their thirst for blood and sex! But was she ready to be part of any of them

“Noooooo!!!!!!!” all of the nights that were following halted listening to her sudden scream but the man that was holding her in his arms did not even blink.

Even Alfred tilted his head and looked at them with confusion.

“Is there some problem, my dear wife” The Wifes words came so naturally from his mouth that Hazel felt stunned for a second.

How easily was he talking to her and treating her as his wife, that if she did not know any better, she would have thought that it was a love marriage.

“I.. I am hungry.” if she would be given time to eat, she would get some time to make another plan to save herself.

Even if he was acting to be considerate for some reason, he would feed her when she would demand for food. Right

“So, am i.. My dear wife!!”

As if reading her thoughts, a smirk formed on his lips as he licked them seductively that her heartbeat increased once again, but then her eyes fell on the two fangs that she could see from this proximity.

They looked too sharper, what if.. She could imagine him digging those sharp fangs in her neck and sucking her till her body fell on the floor in a limp state.

Her face turned white just with the thought of it! What did he even mean by telling her that he was hungry

Was he taking her to the room so that he would fulfil his hunger.

“I..” she did not know how to refuse politely that she did not want to be his food when he saw her tilting his head to the back and laughing.

“I mean.. We both can have dinner together!” Once again his soft voice rang in her ears and her whole body shivered in his arms and he smirked.

“…” if that was what he meant then why did he even licked his lips and touch his tongue on his fangs while looking at her neck like that. She was not going to believe that he was so harmless!

The sound of opening the door finally brought her out of her thoughts and her gaze instinctively went towards the door.

Two people who were sitting in the room also turned to look at them and their eyes widened the moment they saw that the girl was in the arms of Rafael who was walking inside the room leisurely.

They both stood up on their seats as Rafel reached closer to them.

“You both look too surprised, I thought that you were already expecting her presence!”

“That! Yes, your majesty. I, Edward, the head of the council for the three empires welcome you to your new home. I hope you did not have any trouble in reaching here!” his tone started a bit awkwardly but it turned normal soon.

He was an experienced and old man who saw many whims of the man who was standing like a loving husband in front of his eyes.

“…….” a member of the council! The member who had chosen her to be his wife Were they here to see if she was safe here or not After all, this was a matter of war between all three empires

Is that why he was behaving so lovingly to her To show that she was safe here and he cared about her, so that he could maintain his image Did that mean that the man could help her in keeping alive

A bright smile formed on hre lips when the thought passed her mind, that looked enchanting,

“Now that you ask about it, I have a few complaints!”



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