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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 11 Adjust With It

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Though it looked like Hazel was sitting in the carriage leisurely while her maids were turned unconscious from the shock of their lives, only she knew how she could be one of them if the trepidation goes on forever.

Her eyes that seemed to be droopy were still on the stairs where that fine vampire had gone. She was sure that he had gone to call his master with the smirk formed on the face of that vampire who had talked to her rudely.

What an arrogant and rude person he was! He must be waiting for her downfall! Not that others were not, but he was showing it clearly on his face. Just the thought of it wanted her to beat him. But she knew that her strongest and fiercest slap would only be a tickle for him as the vampires were known for their immense strength.

She would not be surprised if he would even pull out the biggest tree and throw it on her but it would still have been worth trying. If not for the pain, he would have surely felt insulted.

Her thoughts were broken when she noticed a figure coming towards her from the stairs of the palace. Her whole body turned stiffened when she noticed the clothes of the person.

It was the matching grooms uniform she had asked for! Did he actually fulfil her wilful desires.. Soon when the person come closer, she could see his face clearly too,.

A man much taller and stronger than her with a wide chest and slim waist. His dark red eyes were like the darkest rubies she had ever seen. His fair face was so enchanting that she could not describe it in words. His pale and thin lips and his chiselled jawline. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen. Not that she had seen many but she had seen many portraits.

He was even more handsome than the man known for their beauty in the whole empire. Darn! Who the hell said that her husband was ugly! That person must have been blind.

He was a damn hot sexy god! Wait! Do not forget that he was a night creature Hazel! Look into his eyes. They were red!

She tried to remind herself and thank god for walking leisurely. She got enough time to compose herself back and looked at the other side as if she had not noticed his presence at all. But her hands had already tried sweaty again with the thought of him coming closer to her.

Since she turned her head away, she did not notice the smile that had crept up to his lips as he looked at her direction.

While they both were enjoying their own thoughts, the maids and the knights were flabbergasted! As if they had seen a ghost coming in their direction, they could not even breathe properly.

They all were sure that the master would come with an annoyed face and kill her for being so demanding and rude or else would have instructed them to do so.

But not even in their dreams had they thought that your majesty would actually fulfil her wishes and change his clothes into a grooms suit!

Was he not the one who was against going to his own marriage saying that it would be a waste of time to travel to humans land just for a human bride!

Was he not the one who had killed all his three brides for reasons like they asked for tea instead of blood or they did not wear the clothes he wanted them to wear.

Then how in the world was he behaving like a docile husband now.

They all were so shocked that they only came back to their senses and bowed their heads when Rafael was too close to them. One look from Alfred told them they all would be punished later for their insolent behaviour

Yet the fear of getting punished later was way lesser than the anxiety of seeing what was going to happen with Hazel, their new empress who had dared to challenge his majesty.

Every step that he took sounded “thud” “thud” strongly to Hazels heart that was about to burst any second.

She almost jumped out from her seat when Alfred knocked the door again, although she had noticed that they had already reached the carriage.

Sucking a deep breath, she turned to look out of the carriage, and opened the door this time.

“As you have asked, your all wishes are fulfilled, my lady! Would you come out of the carriage now” asked Alfred as he pointed at Rafael who was standing there while tilting his head and looking at his new wife who seemed like a lost kitten but demanded and glared like a lioness!

“I do not think so!” she added coldly as she looked at her new husband with a cold glance.

Alfred frowned as he looked at the man standing behind him in the flashy clothes that he would not have worn if not asked. But then his face lit up and he nodded.

“Your majesty, the ring and the pledge!” His whisper was heard by everyone in the garden due to their strong senses and they all scuk up a long breath.

Rafaels eyes flicked but he nodded and then took out a black box from his pocket. He opened it only to hear more gasps from the surroundings.

Even hazel was stuck dumb after seeing the dazzling ring in the hands of Rafael. Though the stone was not big, she had never seen such a stone! Or was it even one!

The pink diamond was so shimmering that even the bright rays of sun seemed dull in front of it.

Her eyes widened and her jaw hit the floor when she finally realised what he was holding.

“This.. this..”

“Oh! Since it was an emergency I did not get a chance to prepare a better ring. I hope you can manage with it for now, I will prepare a better ring for you later.”



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