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Concern only caused mess.

Lin Yuan did not know if he should continue administering strange flames to Chimey.

As for now, Chimey was still not showing any signs of being annihilated.

Chimeys usually bright voice became extremely hoarse.

“Yuan, strange flames!”

When he heard Chimeys request and thought about how it was working so hard to evolve its bloodline, Lin Yuan steeled himself and injected another hundred units of mid-grade strange flames into the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree.

Although Lin Yuan was worried, there was no question that Chimey was doing much better than during its previous bloodline evolution.

This was because Rememberling padded him with power.

Even if something truly happened to Chimey during its bloodline transformation, Lin Yuan could use Rememberlings Soul Knot to gather up Chimeys soul and use the Mother of Bloodbaths Ten Thousand Medicine Hot Spring to revive it.

However, at that point, Chimey would have to start all over.

But at least it would be alive.

The biggest hope of parents was not that their children would become accomplished but that they could live peacefully.

This was exactly what was running through Lin Yuans mind.

The 100 units of strange flames that Lin Yuan injected were still not enough.

Lin Yuan gnashed his teeth and injected even more strange flames.

He even put in five units of high-grade strange flames.

When Lin Yuan thought that the energy in the strange flames was about to be used up and that he needed to put more in, a phoenix cry sounded out from within Chimey.

After this phoenix cry, the aura unique to phoenix-species feys appeared.

This circumstance had appeared to Chimey before.

However, that aura had been of the luan-species fey.

But this time, the aura was clearly of the main-phoenix-species fey.

Lin Yuan stared at Chimey in shock when he sensed the main-phoenix-species fey aura.

Could it be that Chimeys bloodline was evolving in the direction of the main-phoenix-species fey because it had spent so much time evolving its power in the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree

Chimey was still a Fantasy Breed fey that had yet to evolve to Myth Breed.

It would be a subversion of common knowledge if a Fantasy Breed fey awakened the main-phoenix-species bloodline.

As long as Chimey accepted the main-phoenix-species bloodline, it would become a main-phoenix-species fey with the lowest grade in history.

This meant that the purity of Chimeys main-phoenix-species bloodline would be higher than that of other main-phoenix-species feys.

However, Lin Yuan was not happy about this at all.

Lin Yuans heart panged as he knew that something was wrong.

Given his understanding of Chimey, there was no fey that was more stubborn than it.

When it first started learning how to sing, Chimey could spend all night just learning how to sing one line correctly.

There were many times when Lin Yuan woke up to find Chimey collapsed on the floor with exhaustion because it had been training to sing.

When it unlocked its luan-species bloodline, Chimey consumed it with its Sound Bird bloodline.

Now, Chimey would once again choose to use its Sound Bird bloodline to consume the main-phoenix-species bloodline.

But how could it be easy to consume such a pure main-phoenix-species bloodline

At that moment, the Sound Bird bloodline and main-phoenix-species bloodline had already tangled together.

Gold blood seeped out of Chimeys feathers.

Lin Yuan felt like he was on a rollercoaster.

After one wave was over, another one rose.

After consuming the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis, Genius cried out pain.

Lin Yuan watched as Genius eight long tails started to break down and dissipate as blood.

The spiritual energy stored in the eight tails flowed out.

Just as this spiritual energy was about to enter the other feys in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Genius meowed.

Genius forcefully took control of the spiritual energy that had exploded.

However, Genius lost control almost immediately as its spiritual energy erupted.

Lin Yuan had never been able to fully understand the extent of the sea of Genius spiritual energy.

But now that Genius spiritual energy had blown apart, Lin Yuan was suddenly frightened of Genius spiritual energy.

This explosive spiritual energy was like a demon that was roaring ferociously.

Once such strong spiritual energy dispersed and entered the brains of other feys, it would ruin their minds.

This would turn the entire Spirit Lock spatial zone into a cemetery.

In an instant, the eight tails were reduced to stumps.

Chimeys body became a bloody mass again.

The phoenix cry inside Chimeys body had not stopped, and Lin Yuan could hear arrogance from this phoenix cry.

Lin Yuan took a deep breath and summoned the Jasmine Lily.

The Diamond X/Fantasy V Jasmine Lily was completely different from what it used to be.

The Bud of Mountain Jade let out two beams of healing light, one that fell on Chimey and the other that landed on Genius.

These two beams of healing light were used in conjunction with Severed Limbs Growth, so the decimation of Genius tails and the grinding up of Chimeys bone marrow were stopped.

There was also a weak Sound Bird cry from within Chimeys body.

The vitality inside the Jasmine Lily continuously flowed into Chimey and Genius.

Slowly, this support started crumbling.

Lin Yuan did not need to supply any of the pure spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, and it was naturally the best environment for evolution.

Di Wanmi listened to what Lin Yuan said and started to concoct a spirit fluid for Chimey that would suppress the main-phoenix-species bloodline and a spirit fluid for Genius that would keep the spiritual energy under control.

When Di Wanmi made use of Class 5 Creation Master methods, it helped significantly.

A long time had passed since Lin Yuan opened the Vitality Imprint.

When the Jasmine Lily evolved to the limit of Fantasy Breed, the vitality inside the Vitality Imprint became more potent.

He never had more vitality in the Vitality Imprint than he did at this moment.

Previously, Lin Yuan planned on saving the Vitality Imprint to use it during the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection and counter the Freedom Federations scheme.

But at this moment, his two closest friends were in danger and nothing else mattered.

Lin Yuan opened the Vitality Imprint, and green lotus patterns moved down from his forehead and onto his face.

There were also faint lotus patterns on his neck.

The phantom image of a lotus flower appeared under his feet, and burgeoning vitality flowed out from his body.

Thanks to the Jasmine Lily, two phantom images of lotuses wrapped around Chimey and Genius.

The large amount of vitality within the Vitality Imprint was like water flowing toward a barren mountain.

All the plants on the barren mountain were about to prosper immediately.

The energy shot into Genius and Chimeys bodies, and Genius broken tails started to regrow slowly.

All of Chimeys broken bones were also put back together until it returned to its original shape.

However, this was far from over.

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