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Previously, Lin Yuan only had pure curiosity and no way of finding out the answers.

But now, he just needed to find the things that could fill the holes in the Morbius bracelet, and he would be able to see what the Jasmine Lily, Blackie, and Purple Afterglows other abilities were.

“Morbius, when the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection is over, I will take you to find the things that can fill the holes.

Even if you cant find what it is, well still sweep the main world and dimensional worlds.

I believe that well eventually find it.”

A smile appeared on Morbius stern face, and it said, “Partner, sorry to make you work so hard.”


Morbius was a fey.

Lin Yuan felt that Morbius had been his companion ever since he was born into this world, and a deep bond linked them.

Morbius felt the same way about Lin Yuan.

No one felt as deeply for Lin Yuan as Morbius in this world.

However, Morbius was still a lifeform, and every lifeform wanted to trace its roots.

“Partner, the day will definitely come that Ill complete you.

You will be able to learn all the secrets about yourself,” said Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan spoke with certainty, and it sounded like a promise.

Morbius heart warmed when it heard what Lin Yuan said.

Morbius said softly, “Partner, I will do everything to protect you for the rest of this life.”

At that moment, a thought seemed to strike Morbius, and it said, “Partner, I used my source power to fuse and produce the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen.

My Spirit Lock spatial zone can produce pure spirit qi because the spirit pool can distill and purify spirit qi from the energy ores.

“Frankly, I think my roots power suits sacred source lifeforms.

I think I can even change the energy within sacred source lifeforms at will.

I think the thing I need is more likely to come from the dimensional worlds.”

Lin Yuan nodded slightly when he heard what Morbius said.

Morbius words gave Lin Yuan a range, which made it much easier for Lin Yuan to proceed.

Lin Yuan decided that after the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection ended, he would immediately head to the Startling Lines Continent to get a hold of matters.

He needed to focus on developing the marsh world before the main world was thrown into chaos.

Lin Yuan would not have a chance to use abilities besides the Normal abilities of the feys he had spirit-locked during this Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

However, Lin Yuan hoped that his spirit-locked feys would be able to shine to their greatest extent during the Major Federation Meeting.

“Morbius, you should be able to sense that there are two souls in my brain.

They are currently separate but can be combined.

But the soul from my previous life and my current soul are my soul.

I think my soul can contract another sacred source lifeform.”

“Partner, you can indeed use your soul to contract another sacred source lifeform.

However, your first sacred source lifeform is formed from a combination of two sacred source lifeforms.

“The Grace Queen is the main lifeform, and it is rather special.

The aura of its roots is much higher than that of the Sword of Service.

I was the one who fused the two sacred source lifeforms.

It has more soul power than a regular sacred source lifeform.

“But, you have been allowing me to allocate your spiritual power, so I can allocate my soul power to you too.

Once your soul power increases and overlaps with my soul power, each of your two sacred source lifeforms will be able to contract a sacred source lifeform of its own.”

Lin Yuan remembered the Moon Empress telling him that people with extremely talented souls could contract two sacred source lifeforms.

Both of his souls would be able to contract two sacred source lifeforms.

This meant that he would be able to possess four sacred source lifeforms.

Moreover, these sacred source lifeforms could all be formed from two sacred source lifeforms like the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen was.

Lin Yuan happened to learn the secret behind sacred source lifeforms in the marsh world.

It seemed that it was now necessary for him to make the trip to the Palace of Everything so that he could choose two sacred source lifeforms that were suitable for him and fuse them.


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