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Eternal Reverence Chapter 14: Resolve

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Chapter 14: Resolve

“Fuchen, in just 3 days, the Tempering Pool will be opened. Father will fight for your sake.”

Finishing dinner, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan held a family discussion with their son.

Li Fuchen reciprocated in a positive tone, “Dad, if it belongs to me, ultimately I will get it. I will not force the impossible.”

Hearing such, Li Tianhan nodded. Seeing Li Fuchen displaying such matureness, he took pride in his son secretly. Everything about Li Fuchen was excellent, with the exception to his bone frame. Had it been a 1 star bone frame, he was certain he could get the spot in the Tempering Pool for him. But with a normal bone frame, it was nearly impossible.

The worried Shen Yuyan commented, “There is a total of 6 Tempering Pools among the 4 major clans, and there are only 5 disciple openings for the Cang Lan Ssect. It would still be better to try to strive for a spot at the Tempering Pool.”

Li Fuchen may very well be one of the top 5 now. But 2 months later, all was unpredictable. Besides, except the 4 major clans, many other smaller clans will be sending their descendants to join the genius contest too.


3 days later

Li Tianhan was in dispute with the elders.

“My son may only have a normal bone frame, but everyone knows how incredible his perception is. Even within Yunwu City, he is considered one of the best. If he can enter the Tempering Pool, it will increase the chance for him to get top 3 in the tournament.”

One of the elders nodded in agreement, “Li Fuchens perception is indeed undeniable and to defeat Yang Qi and Guan Peng proves so. I believe we should take this into account when making the decision.”

“I concur.”Agreed another elder.

These elders werent that impartial, as they were still humans and biases was a common practice. The two elders that took the side of Li Tianhan, naturally had close ties with him.

Taking in the comments, Li Yunhais father, Li Tieshan let out a laugh, “A normal bone frame will still only be a normal bone frame. Who cares if he shows potential now He will lose out when he reaches the later stages of cultivation, unlike my son Li Yunhai, his innate talents are exceptional and on top of that, he has a 2 star bone frame. Choosing him for the Tempering Pool will be much reliable. I believe the elders seated here wont bet their treasures on a normal bone frame will they!”

Li Tieshans choice of words spoke of the of thoughts of the majority of the elders. Betting ones odds on a normal bone frame is too much of a risk, if Li Fuchen couldnt produce any returns in the future, their efforts for these 2 years would be wasted.

But Li Yunhai was different. Even if he couldnt produce exception results in the future, with his 2 star bone frame, a certain result could be guaranteed.

“I disagree.” Objected Li Tianhan. He debated, “Always trying to besafe and not taking any risk is precisely the reason why our Li Clan has been on the decline. The bone frame does reflect ones innate physique, but in this world, does a normal bone frame have no potential at all I dont think so. 3000 miles away from Yunwu City is the Chaoyang Citys city lord who also has a normal bone frame. But what he has achieved now has surpassed our 3 star bone frame, our own city lord. From my point of view, whoever shows the most talents should be the one to enter the Tempering Pool, and not just based on the bone frame. If that had been the case, why would there be a contest for the Cang Lan Sect to pick their disciples, they might as well just pick people with good bone frames”

The conference hall was in absolute silence. Li Tianhans speech made all the elders ponder in deep thought.

Assessing the situation, Li Tieshan furrowed his brows and decided to speak up, “The decline of the Li Clan may have not been because we are seeking reliability. Luck, for the past decade, our clans luck hasnt been great. There werent many star bone frames appearances, but this time its different. My son Li Yunhai has a 2 star bone frame. Everyone, what the topic is now is about a 2 star bone frame. Our Li Clan hasnt had a 2 star bone frame individual in ten years, missing out on this opportunity, would result in our Li Clan never rising up ever again.”

Li Tieshan dealt his ace in the hole with this statement.

The conference hall fell into silence yet again. All the elders were reflecting deeply with their heads down.

“Dad and fellow elders, with regards to the slot for the Tempering Pool. Let Li Yunhai enter.”, Li Fuchens voice echoed.


Li Tianhan looked at Li Fuchen, shocked. Although he didnt have much confidence, but among the elders, there are a number who supported him. With this proclamation, he had cut off his support. For a moment, Li Tianhan was exasperated and outraged, and felt Li Fuchen stepped out of place.

Li Yunhai was in a daze and glanced at Li Fuchen as he had been made a fool.

In fact, until this point, he was getting nervous. He initially speculated that all the elders would be backing him, yet the result was far off. But now that Li Fuchen made this remark, all the elders would change their mind of Li Fuchen now.

“Has he gone mad He cant be acting out of goodwill right”Li Yunhe who was seated beside Li Yun Hai commented.

In his view, Li Fuchen neither had the confidence nor the guts to presume his future achievements due to his poor bone frame.

“Fuchen, give father an explanation.”, Li Tianhan looked at his son with a stern expression.

Li Fuchen began his explanation, “Firstly, Li Yunhais bone frames certainly is better than mine, I do not wish for the Li Clan to take a risk because of me. Secondly, I have the confidence that even without entering the Tempering Pool, I will grab top 5 in the contest and become a Cang Lan Sects disciple.”

What he did was all for the sake of his father Li Tianhan. He didnt wish to burden his father, as the potential of a prospect cant be noticed within a year or two. If he had entered the Tempering Pool, it would place a huge pressure on his father.

“Good, you are ambitious, worthy to be our Li Clans son.”Complimented one of the elders.

“Being so ambitious at this age, a great future awaits you. It is a pity that, there is only slot for the Tempering Pool. Had it not been the case, it would surely belong to you.”

The elders were initially in a dilemma. Now that Li Fuchen helped them solve a problem, they shed a different light upon Li Fuchen.

“Big brother Fuchen is too domineering.”

Among the attendees, Li Xiaodie had a look of admiration for Li Fuchen. She was related to Li Fuchen by her maternal blood lines, thus it didnt prevent her from admiring her cousin brother.

“Then its settled! The one to enter the Tempering Pool this year, will be Li Yunhai.”

Li Tianhan deeply gazed his son. He could see in his sons eyes, fearlessness, confidence, and wisdom.

At this moment, he understand the intention of Li Fuchen. Feeling touched and ludicrous at the same time. He racked his brains to get a spot for his son, but he didnt expect his son to be the one to ruin his plans.

And so, Li Yunhai entered the pool to temper his body physique. Li Fuchen as usual, visited the Misty Mountains every 2nd or 3rd day, and cultivated the Red Jade Technique at dusk.

As the day of the contest drew nearer, the atmosphere of Yunwu City began to rouse.

Normally when Li Fuchen went to Yunwu City, he would meet a few Li Clansmen strolling about. But now, it was by chance if he could see any. Even if they saw them, they would be in a hurry. It seems like even the disciples that did not show any promise were urged by the elders to cultivate.


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