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Perhaps it is the cultivation of the Qingfeng swordsmanship into the realm of Dacheng, and the reason for many kendo sentiments. Li Fuchen practiced Shaoshangjian with half the effort and took only nine days to reach Dacheng.

Dachengs Shaoshangjian method is really a stone-shattering, and a sword is thrown out. Even the two people holding the thick trees can be cut off with a sword, and the power is at least twice that of the Qingfeng sword.

As for the whirlwind method and the breeze sword method, the latter requires the sword to fit the wind of the natural world. The former requires the leg method to conform to the wind of the natural world. Therefore, in just three days, the whirlwind method was also cultivated by Li Fuchen. Dacheng.

At the same time, the repair of Li Fuchen finally stepped into the five realm of practicing the atmosphere, not inferior to Li Yunhe.

"Its time to hone your combat capabilities."

The cultivation, the practice and the martial arts are the basic strengths. When the basic strength is similar, who has the actual combat ability and who has the comprehensive strength, from small to large, Li Fuchen has not experienced the real battle, he thinks there is It is necessary to practice it.

Wearing a steel sword, Li Fuchen resolutely left the Li family and walked toward the Yunwu Mountain Range.

The Yunwu Mountain Range is a large mountain range. Its name has nothing to do with the Cloud City. Instead, the Cloud City is named after the Cloud City because it is adjacent to the Cloudy Mountains.

The cloud mountains are very dangerous, the clouds are lingering, the monsters are horizontal and vertical, and there are even terrible demons.

If it is okay at the periphery, there are only one level of monsters and one level of monsters on the periphery, and the strength is equivalent to practicing the martial arts.

A little bit inside, there will be a second-level monster and a second-level monster, which is equivalent to the existence of the Yuanyuan martial art, a bit of a second-level monster, can completely kill the Yuanyuan martial arts, as for the second-level demons, that It is the invincible existence of the second level, even if it is the return of the Yuanwujing Jiuwu Warrior, it is a life of nine deaths.

Li Fuchen will not go to death naturally. He intends to hone his actual combat ability on the edge of the Yunwu Mountain Range. The first-class monsters there will not be too powerful.

On the deserted trail, Li Fu was so fast.

With the help of the road, he can temper the practicality of the whirlwind method and kill both.

An hour passed and Li Fuchen came to the edge of the Cloud Mountain.

"Its a cloud of mountains, this barbaric atmosphere is really awesome."

Walking in a dangerous and unfamiliar area, Li Fuchen only felt that every pore in the whole body was erected.


When passing under a big tree, a slender green shadow shot toward Li Fuchen.

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen made a fuss and grabbed the slender green shadow.

This is a green snake, which was pinched seven inches by Li Fuchen and twitched.

"The first-level low-order monster green snake, the strength of even the training of a heavy weapon can not match, but the venom can poison the atmosphere of the six-seven heavy weapons."

"The Cloudy Mountains are more dangerous than I thought."

Li Fuchen believes that if there is no strong soul, it is not always possible to catch the green snake in advance, and if the green snake is not caught, it will be poisoned by the poison of the green snake.

Continue to walk, Li Fuchen has to be more careful than at the beginning, the five senses with the support of infuriating, to the limit, as long as there is a trace of wind and grass, can not escape his induction.

"Hey, its a herb!"

Li floated his eyes and saw a small flower on the hill not far from the line of sight. This is a yellow-grade low-grade herb, Joan Luhua, worth two gold coins.

Two gold coins are not a small amount, one gold coin can be exchanged for ten silver coins, and one thousand copper coins can be exchanged. The annual expenditure of an ordinary person in Yunwucheng is about ten gold coins. Although Li Fuchen is the son of the patriarch, but one month The example money is also ten gold coins.

Picking the Joan dew, Li Fuchen put it in a big jade box. This jade box is worth ten gold coins and can preserve the strength of the herb for a long time.

As time went by, Li Fu dust walked along the edge of the cloud mountains.


The soles of the feet pressed **** the ground, and Li Fu dusted the trees and flew. Several times, the eye-catching effort came to a big tree branch, and looked at the ground in front.

Just as Li Fuchen climbed the tree, there was a sly monster in the grass ahead.

The whole body of the beast is brownish yellow, and the tail is almost two meters long. The pair of erects are chilling and ruthless, making people shudder.

This is a first-class mid-level monster beast. The strength is equivalent to the five-armed warrior. The bones are extremely hard. If you can hit the key, even if you are practicing the six-seven heavy weapons, it is very difficult to kill it.

"Its actually an iron skeleton!"

Li Fuchen frowned, and the iron skeleton was quite difficult. If it was not necessary, he would not choose to fight with the iron bones. It is not worth it.

However, it is clear that the iron skeleton also found Li Fuchen, the fierce gaze was projected, and the leaves could not be blocked.

Sending a crying voice to the child, the iron skeleton arrow usually shoots out and rushes to the big tree where Li Fuchen is located.


The big tree trembled and the leaves fluttered in the sky. Li Fu was directly shocked.

"not good."

Li Fuchen didn think that the iron skeleton was so fierce, and he couldn help it. The whole person fell from the tree. When the millennium came, Li Fuchen reached out and took a branch, as if swinging from one end to the other.

The sound of the wind rang, and the iron skeleton leaped into the air and flew into the air.

"Go down!"

Holding the branches in one hand and pulling out the steel sword in one hand, Li Fu and a sword smashed on the face of the iron skeleton.

As the sound of the defeated leather sounded, this sword left a blood mark on the iron-bone face door, and did not hit the iron bones. Fortunately, the iron bones were smashed by this sword, failing to pounce on the dust. .

With the swaying power of the branches, Li Fuchen returned to the branches, and this time he held the backbone of the side, so as not to be shaken again.



The iron skeleton hit the big tree again and again. Li Fuchen has heard the sound of the break inside the trunk. I am afraid that the trunk will be completely broken.

"Spell, my sword is not a vegetarian."

Li Fuchen gnawed his teeth and leaped from the big tree. The volley slashed into the iron skeleton.

The iron skeleton is very sensitive, and the claws are shot, and the steel sword is swayed, and then the dust floats again.

"There is nothing in the area."

Li Fuchen entered the state, and every movement of the iron skeleton was clear in his eyes. He could not evade the attack of the iron skeleton, and the sword stabbed the position of the other rib.

With a bang, the steel sword did not enter it, and the blood spattered.

Its just that Li Fuchen underestimated the fierceness of the iron skeleton. The iron skeleton that was hit hard was not afraid of death, and he twisted his body to kill Li Fu.


A sword was wiped from the neck of the iron skeleton, and the iron skeleton was like a deflated ball. It suddenly softened and disappeared.

After killing the iron skeleton, Li Fuchen stood still and thought about what defects he had.

First, I am a bit jealous of the iron skeleton, and I do not recognize my strength.

Second, the actual combat capability is insufficient.

The first flaw, Li Fuchen thinks it is not a defect. After all, this is the first time he met such a fierce monster with iron skeletons. After this experience, he will not be able to get involved.

The second defect cannot be solved temporarily, and it is necessary to go through multiple battles in order to slowly have actual combat capability.


Squeezing out a suffocating gas, Li Fu dust eyes burst into the air, a powerful warfare spread out.

If the golden little character changes his destiny, this battle will give him the domineering of whoever I am, no matter who the enemy is, as long as he dares to fight, he can defeat each other.

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