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"Floating Master, how come you?"

On this day, Li Fuchen came to Wuxue Pavilion, and two guards and guards and Li Fuchen greeted each other.

Wu Xue Ge is a Li family place, which contains a large number of martial arts cheats. The ordinary children enter the Wuxue Pavilion and must apply. Li Fu dust naturally does not need it.

Li Fuchen smiled. "Why, can I come?"

"Of course!"

The guards of the squadron quickly lost their smiles.

When Li Fuchen entered the Wuxue Pavilion, a guardian guard said: "Its strange that the young master of the dust is not unable to cultivate. What about the Wuxue Pavilion? And the young master of the dust seems to be different from usual, and he is very cheerful."

"Maybe it hasn come for a long time, come in and experience it!"

Another guard, the guard, sympathizes.

The Wuxue Pavilion has three floors. The first layer is the yellow-level low-order martial arts cheats, the second layer is the yellow-level middle-level, and the third-level yellow-level high-order.

Straight to the second floor, Li Fushi began to choose the swordsmanship cheats.

He has practiced two kinds of low-level swords in the yellow level. In addition to the tigers cross, there are half a month of swordsmanship. As early as a year ago, his half-month swordsmanship reached a great level, and the tigers cross was much more difficult until Now that he is a big man, this time he wants to see if he can quickly understand the yellow-level middle-level swordsmanship with his current understanding.

"The breeze sword method, the breeze smashed the face, the sword is tempting, only the breeze does not see the sword."

"Flying eagle sword, the eagle hits the sky, and the sword is arrogant."

"The Shaoshang sword method, the sword is strong, and the stone is shocked."

"Little Zhou Tianjian,..."

"The flow of swords, ..."

"Hidden fish swordsmanship,..."

"The Eight-Party Sword,..."


Most of the martial arts martial arts are swordsmanship cheats. Looking at a sword and cheats in front of you, Li Fuchen seems to have seen a swordsman rise or sink.

In the end, Li Fuchen chose the Qingfeng sword method and the Shaoshang sword method.

The breeze sword method gave him the highest level of artistic conception, and the lesser sword rule was enough to dominate.

At the end, Li Fuchen chose another whirlwind leg method.

This is a leg method that is known for its speed. Once the cultivation is successful, not only the leg method is fierce, but also the speed of the road will increase. It is a very practical leg method.

"Select three martial arts cheats at one time?"

The elder of the sergeant is Li Ding, the grandfather of Li Fuchen, who frowned his hair and said: "Floating dust, although I don know if you can meditate now, even if you can cultivate, you can choose too many martial arts cheats at one time. What good things, martial arts are not in the essence, every kind of learning, will only flow in mediocrity, we must know that greed is not bad."

Li Fuchen nodded respectfully: "Elder, this I know, I just take it back and see."

"If you just look at it, then I won say you."

Li Dexing felt pity that Li Fuxing could not practice quietly. A year ago, on the talent, Li Fuchen was not inferior to Lis current first day, Li Yunhai, but unfortunately it was a pity.

Early the next morning, Li Fuchen took the steel sword and went to the top of Houshan again.

"The breeze sword method, the sword method is fine and continuous, cultivation to the realm of Xiaocheng, one eye can throw more than three swords, cultivation to the realm of Dacheng, one eye can throw more than six swords."

Before practicing the breeze sword, Li Fuchen tested his speed of swords and found that one eye can only reach two swords at most. The two swords and the three swords seem to differ only one sword, but in fact, the difference is different, maybe this sword, It is the key to defeating a strong enemy.

Facing the wind, Li Fufeng closed his eyes and realized the artistic conception of the breeze sword.

For a long time, Li Fu, who opened his eyes, moved, and his body shape swept, and the sword in his hand swayed out at a very fast speed.

The wind is blowing indefinitely, and Lis swordsmanship is getting faster and faster, and its faint, as if it is integrated with the wind, where is the wind, where is the sword, when Lis dust stops, the bodys infuriating is almost exhausted. The whole person panted and sweated.

"Its not a breeze sword, it consumes infuriating."

The more advanced the sword method, the faster the consumption of the true gas, the current repair of Li Fuchen, the use of the yellow-level middle-level swordsmanship has been a little difficult, if the yellow-level high-level swordsmanship is applied, perhaps a dozen times of breathing will be exhausted Infuriating.

When the infuriating recovery of seven seven eight eight, Li Fuchen continued to practice the sword, and began to reunite.

Five days passed.


Facing the wind, Li Fuchen swept a hundred swords in one breath. Because the speed of the sword was too fast, the sword seemed to be integrated into the wind. Under the sunlight, the void in front of Li float was swaying.

"One blink of an eye."

When the sword was set up, Li Fuchen slowly spit out a suffocating gas.

The mystery of the breeze sword method, he has gradually become familiar with it, it is quite simple to say, in fact, it is to let the sword method fit the wind of the natural world, with the sword as the wind, the gas as the wind, and the sword as the wind.

Of course, it is simple to say, it is not easy to do it. If it is not Li Fuchen, it has a light green soul and a wonderful understanding. I am afraid that I will not think about Xiaocheng for a month or two.

Going out in the morning and going back at night, the time passed by inadvertently.

The afternoon of the tenth day.


One palm was shot on the big tree, and the leaves were falling like rain.

The sword is sheathed and sheathed back.

Oh la la la...

The leaves of the sky were all smashed. Just a blink of an eye, Li Fuchen waved six swords.

"Its finally big."

In the eyes of Li Fu, there was a glimmer of clear light of truth.

The breeze sword method, to win quickly, and to the extreme, you can find something that was previously undetectable, such as the angle of the sword at the fastest, the fastest way to get the sword, and the fastest way to get the sword.

Fast, its a truth, your speed is fast enough, others are in your eyes, and its fast, its an iron, your speed is fast enough, your sword trick has been broken.

It can be said that Li Fuchen not only got a Dacheng Qingfeng sword, but also got the kendo sentiment that many swordsmen dreamed of.

The kendo sentiment is related to savvy and has nothing to do with savvy. People with mediocrity and qualifications may be able to get precious martial arts sentiments for years, and become a top swordsman. Those who have high savvy are more likely to gain sacred sentiments, but It is also possible that nothing is realized.

Feelings, feelings, feelings and understanding, light is savvy is not acceptable.

When I returned to the Li family, when I was practicing the military field, Li Fuchen saw many Lijia children learning from the practice field. I don know if it was his illusion. He felt that these Li familys swordsmanship was so full of loopholes. Li Fuchen has a hundred ways to defeat them.

Easily defeated a Li family, Li Yunhes eyes fell on Li Fuchen. "Li Fuchen, this time you should not refuse me!"

Li Yunhe looked at Li Fus dust like a smile, his eyes scorned.

"You are not my opponent."

Li floats his head.

"What did he say, I didn get it wrong!"

"There was a good show. Before Li Yunhe was promoted to the five-pronged atmosphere, Li Fuchen was not his opponent. Now he is not an opponent. I don know how Li Yunhe will deal with Li Fuchen.

Suddenly, the martial arts field rioted.

"This is the most funny joke I have ever heard. Li Fuchen, do you think that you can mix it with crazy stuff?" Li Yunhe sneered at Li Fuchen and looked disdainful.

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