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Eternal Reverence Chapter 18: Li Shanhe

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Chapter 18: Li Shanhe

Guan Clan.

These decade was glorious for the Guan Clan. Within these 10 years, the Guan Clan has been maintaining the lead for having the most disciples entering the Cang Lan Sect, which was at a staggering 9 individuals. The second was the Yang Slan with 7, followed by the Shen Tu Clans 6, leaving the Li Clan with nothing.

As the day for the genius contest closed in, two individuals returned to Guan Clan, they were Guan Hong and Guan Yan

Guan Hong was the first place in the two contest ago.

While Guan Yan took the first place one contest before Guan Hong.

Out of the 5 contest within the decade, the Guan Clan took first place in 3 contests.

Guan Hong is 20 this year; first level of the Origin Realm.

Guan Yan is 21 and at the second level of the Origin Realm.

The Guan Clans descendants had always been good looking, Guan Hong and Guan Yan were of no exception too.

“Who has the best potential for this years contest”Standing at 7 feet, the suave Guan Hong inquired Guan Peng and Guan Hao.

Guan Peng stated, “Its the Yang Clans Yang Kai. He is at the seventh level of the Qi Realm now and after soaking in the Tempering Pool, his physical strength has reached 1000 kg, and is now the uncontested number 1.”

“Uncontested That may not be true. The purpose for mine and Sister Guan Yans return is to help you achieve top 5, with first place in mind too.”Guan Hong declared.

“First Could that possibly happen”

A flash appeared in Guan Pengs eyes. How great is Yang Kai, others may not understand, but he is clear of it. He unintentionally overheard from a servant from the Yang Clan that Yang Kai set a record of using only 2 blades to kill a Class 1 mid-tier demonic beast.

It is known that a Class 1 mid-tier beasts defenses was terrifying, only by hitting its precise weak spot can you deal a fatal blow to it. If not, even after a few dozen strikes, you may not be able to kill it.

Guan Yan was as her name suggest, as beautiful as cherry blossoms, charming as she gave off a cool and matured air (Guan YansYan actually means alluring in Chinese).

Guan Yang pulled back her fringes and spoke with pride, “The sects battle techniques arent what you can imagine. With the same Qi Realm level, a sects disciple can easily handle 3 or 4 of you with a single move. Me and Guan Hong will impart what we learned at the sect, and if you guys are able to pick up a thing or two from those battle techniques, getting first place isnt anything worth stressing about.”

Hearing Guan Yans statement, their eyes shined with hope.

Guan Hong continued, “Except Yang Kai, is there anyone else”

Guan Hao replied, “Guan Peng lost pathetically to the Li Clans Li Fuchen.”

He initially thought after Guan Peng lost to Li Fuchen, he would have higher odds of entering the Tempering Pool. Who would have thought the elders would still choose Guan Peng, this made him dejected.

“Is this Li Fuchen that good”Guan Yan and Guan Hong looked at Guan Peng with surprise.

Guan Peng gave a cold stare at Guan Hao, “I only lost because I let my guard down. Besides, he only has a normal bone frame who is not even qualified to enter the Tempering Pool. Not worth mentioning.”

“Normal bone frame Forget it then.”Chuckled Guan Yan.

Guan Hong recalled, “This Li Fuchen, wasnt he Guan Xues ex-fiancé”

He only entered Cang Lan sect 4 years ago, thus there was some impression of Li Fuchen.

“Yes, but our Guan Clan have already broken off the vow with the Li Clan.”Guan Hao explained.

Guan Hong sneered, “A toad wants a taste of the swan, it amazes me how the Li Clan dares to think of it. Guan Xue is now an important figure in the Cang Lans outer sect and with her extreme innate talent, she is even listed among the ranking list out of all the geniuses. The Li Clan knowing Li Fuchen only has a normal bone frame should have been the one to initiate the dissolution of the engagement. They expected us to do it instead, making our Guan Clan take the role of the atrocious one and their Li Clan to be the innocent party.”

“The Li Clan being on the decline, probably wanted to leverage on Guan Xue to maintain their clans status. Such treacherous intent, who knows what will happen in the future.”

Guan Yan extremely despise the Li Clan.


On the same time period, a Cang Lan inner sect disciple return to the Li Clan.

Li Shanhe, entering the Cang Lan sect 12 years ago, reached the fourth level of the Origin Realm at the age of 28 this year. This level of cultivation is already considered a top notch expert in the Li Clan, and he is still young.

“Shanhe, welcome back!”Li Tianhan passionately received him.

“Patriarch, this is unnecessary.”Li Shanhe nodded with a hint of arrogance.

Li Tianhan didnt mind it, as all sects disciple had this arrogance with no exception. Seriously speaking of it, throughout Yunwu City, the only one with status higher than a Cang Lan Sects disciple belonged only to the city lord. Predicting that the Li Clan still needed to prepare for the impeding fight with the other clans, he needed all the help he can get.

Li Shanhe went straight to the main point, “Patriarch, the Li Clan requires me to provide guidance to which whom And what are their bone frames”

Li Tianhan replied, “One of them is your cousin nephew and the other is my son. Li Yunhai has a 2 star bone frame, Li Fuchen…. has a normal bone frame.”

Li Tianhan hesitated, but ended up still unveiling Li Fuchens normal bone frame.

Li Shanhe furrowed his brows, “Patriarch, forgive my bluntness but a normal bone frame has no nurturing value, even if he is your son.”

Li Tianhan explained with some discomfort, “Fuchen is a bit special, he is extremely perceptive. At this juncture, he is not inferior to Li Yunhai, he even defeated the genius Yang Qi of the Yang Clan and Guan Peng of the Guan Clan.”

“This cannot prove anything. What happen previously has past, what is important is the present state. But seeing on account that you are the Patriarch, I will help to instruct him.”

Li Shanhe eventually still agreed for the sake of giving respects to the Patriarch.


Li Fuchen wasnt happy of the arrogant display of Li Shanhe, but he was interested on how the Cang Lan Sect trained for live combat.

“Yunhai, your physical strength is at 750 kg, harnessing your sixth level Qi Realm power, the overall strength should be around 2000 kg. I only have 1500 kg of physical power. You try hitting me while I dont utilize my qi.”

On the training grounds, in front of Li Shanhe were 4 Li Clans clansmen. They were namely Li Fuchen, Li Yunhai, and two other outstanding disciples.

As for Li Yunhe, he decided to not join the contest this time. He probably felt his odds were bad and would rather try for the next one.

Even though only the top 5 of the citys genius contest could enter the Cang Lan Sect, there are actually fantastic rewards for the top 20 contestants. These prizes were provided by the major clans, as such no one wanted to take losses, thus the goal of the other 2 Li Clan contestants were to enter the top 20 and retrieve the prizes.

“Yes, cousin uncle.”

Li Yunhai nodded and took a step forward.


With a low grunt, Li Yunhai brandished his steel sword. With a force of 2000 kg in this swing, it caused Li Yunhais blade to be razor-sharp. The dust around Li Shanhe was stirred even before the sword reached its destination.


Li Shanhe gently wielded his sword and repelled Li Yunhais sword, sending it flying out of Li Yunhais hand.

“How is this possible”

Li Yunhais jaw dropped.

Li Shanhe explained with a smug, “Physical strength cant represent anything, understanding how to use it is the key. What I just did was use my sword to hit the weak area of your sword and sent it out of your hands. If this was real combat, my follow up attack would have dealt the killing blow.”

“I can understand the saying of using your strengths to strike at your foes weakness. But how do I achieve that”Queried Li Yunhai.

Li Shanhe replied, “This is precisely what I am going to impart to all of you. How much you can comprehend is up to you.”


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