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"I heard that there is no, Guan Jiaguan Xue and Li Fuchen have been dismissed."

"Its a pity, the talent is gone, not even the fiancee, and the biggest blow in the world is nothing."

"Hey, he is shameful and shameful, and he is still stunned by Li."

"Don say it, he is coming."

Next to the path, the arguments came to an abrupt end.

Li Fus face was blank and passed by these people.

Guan Xue and his dismissal of the marriage contract, he was not surprised at all, since the other party showed amazing talent, it has slowly changed, although the surface is still gentle and polite, but the pride in the bones can not be concealed anyway, this is a The pride of genius, mediocrity may be no different from ordinary people in her eyes, so now he only has a touch of sorrow and grief.

What really made Li Fuchen unable to accept was the bridge that was closed by the river.

When he first came to the city of Yunwu, he was suppressed by other families. Without Lis strength, Guanjia could not stand in Yunwu City. For this reason, Li also offended the Yang family, one of the four major families in Yunwu.

"Is this the warmth of the people?"

Li floated muttered.

As usual, Li Fuchen came to the top of Lijiahoushan.

He likes to stand on a high place, probably because he wants to be a strong person in his bones, overlooking all beings.

Todays weather is a bit strange, the sky is changing, the tide-like clouds are revealing a touch of gold.

"If one day, I can punch this cloud with a fist, it is dead and no regrets."

Li Fuchen has a kind of punch and bang into the sky, fantasizing his fists through the golden clouds and reaching the depths of the stars.

Grinning and laughing, Li Fuchen is planning to go down the mountain.

Suddenly, he stopped.

In the line of sight, the golden clouds broke through a large hole, and a golden stream of light shone out and rushed toward his position. The speed was so fast that the time seemed to be stagnant, and the world was silent.

Li Fuchen wants to escape, but the body can move at all.

Jin Guang dazzled, Li Fuchen couldn help but close his eyes. The next moment, his eyebrows were hot, and his whole person passed out.

Li Fuchen made a dream. In his dreams, he galloped across the world, and he was invincible. A sword swung away. The sword shined through the nine heavens, punched out, and punched through the abyss.

"A good dream!"

The frowning brow stretched out, and Li Fus face was domineering.

When Li floated up, the sky was still dark.

"what happened?"

Li Fuchen was puzzled. He touched his forehead and his mind subconsciously rose to his mind.


The brain is violently turbulent, and an unprecedented picture appears in his consciousness. Here is a chaotic, chaotic center with a gray mist. In the fog, I don know when a golden little character appears, the existence of the golden little character. To make his spirit better than ever, the gray fog seems to condense some, gradually forming the shape of a gray light ball.

"Here is my mind, is it that gray fog is my soul? What is the golden charm?"

Li Fuchens heart is ridiculous, and such a strange scene is completely beyond his cognitive range.

Sight shift, Li Fu dust is attracted by the golden charm in the gray mist.

The golden little character is not a trace of shabby, but it reveals the endless eternal vicissitudes of life, as if the heavens and the earth had existed at the beginning, and will always exist forever.

I don know how long it has been in the past, and my heart is exhausted, and Lis consciousness is excluded from my mind.

"Its dark, go home first."

With doubts, Li Fuchen returned to Li.

After practicing the battlefield, Li Fuchen saw Li Yunhe, who was discussing with a Li family.

Feel free to hit his opponent, Li Yunhe grinned at Li Fuchen. "Li Fuchen, have no interest in the two strokes, just broke through the five-point training, lacking an opponent, you are more resistant."

Practicing the atmosphere, one weight is more difficult than cultivation, the other party can break through to the five-point training atmosphere so fast, and the fourth layer of Hongyugong is not unrelated.

"I still have something to do today, and I will say it in a few days."

After that, Li Fuchen left directly.

"This guy."

Li Yunhes face was gloomy, and this was the first time that the other party did not give him face.

"Hey, waste is waste after all. It seems that it can be cultivated in a year. It has already disintegrated his will. Even the courage to fight with me is gone."

Li Yunhe sneered.

After dinner, Li Fuchen hurried back to his house.

The consciousness entered the mind, and Li Fuchen was surprised to find that it was originally a gray mist. At this moment, it has become a gray light ball. Only a trace of mist is lingering outside and looks awkward.

"I don know if the gray fog turns into a gray ball, is it good for me?"

Li floats in the heart and thinks.

These things were put aside first, and consciousness quits the mind space. Li Fuchen began to try to cultivate.

A quarter of an hour passed.

Half an hour passed.

Li Fuqing opened his eyes and his face was full of mistakes and surprises.

In the past, he was only able to concentrate on his work for a while, but tonight, he continued to practice for half an hour, and his head did not hurt.

"Is it because of the soul, my soul is gray fog, it looks very sloppy, now the gray fog condenses into a gray ball of light, you can concentrate on the cultivation of the gods?"

Li Fu was not stupid, and soon he thought of the key to the problem.

This night is destined to be an uneasy night.

Originally, Li Fuchen thought that the golden charm only maintained the effect of the soul, but in the next few days, Li Fuchen knew that he was wrong.

The golden character not only maintains the soul, but also transforms the soul.

Now his soul not only completely condenses into a ball of light, but slowly turns into a light green. With the discoloration of the soul, Li Fuchen only feels that the mind is clear and abnormal. It seems that there are countless loops being opened. Thinking about the problem is not only extremely rapid, but also can be inferred. ,comprehend by analogy.


The third layer of Hongyugong is running, and Li Fuchen has five hearts to the sky, slowly absorbing the free spirit between heaven and earth.

After the operation of Hongyugong to the 36th time, Li Fuchens body suddenly became shocked, and the infuriating spirit was separated from the meridians of the third layer of Hongyugong, and entered a new meridian, which was destroyed and destroyed. This meridian was Get through, followed by another.

Half an hour later, there were three new meridians in the body of Li Fuge. These three meridians combined with the meridians of the third layer of Hongyugong formed a more complicated luck route.

"Hongyu Gong, the fourth floor?"

Li Fu was shocked.

The layer of red jade is harder to cultivate than the first layer. If you don know what to do, even if you open up the three meridians, you will not want to run smoothly. He clearly broke through the merits and then opened three meridians.

"I didn practice Hongyugong for a year. I thought it would take at least a few months to upgrade the Hongyugong to the fourth floor. I didn expect it to take only three days."

Li Fuchens mood is uplifting, and the souls discoloration seems to not only make his thinking agile, but also increase his understanding. His previous understanding is good, but definitely not so overbearing now.

In the evening, he cultivated Hongyugong. During the day, Li Fuchen spent his time on cultivation martial arts.


In the yard, Li Fuchen shot on the tough wooden stakes, and the fierce palms invaded them. The piles broke up in the first half.

If this palm is hit on a person, it will definitely kill people.

"Dacheng crushed stone palm, it seems that Li Yunhai can do this!"

The stone palm is a low-level palm of the yellow level. It is just overbearing. Li Fuchen is now still low. If it is repaired to reach the seven or eight heavy conditions, one palm is enough to break the boulders.

In the yard, practicing the sword method, Li Fuchen likes to be in the back of the Li family.

On the top of the mountain, the wind is blowing, and the trees are screaming.

Hand-held steel sword, Li floating dust shape walks away, clothes fluttering, at this moment, his look is cold, eyes like electricity, does not contain a trace of feelings, and some are just hot on the sword.


A sword pierced the backbone of the thick-skinned trees. Li Fus wrists were twisted and twisted. The trees were half-baked up and the first ones arrived. Li Fuchen also jumped into the air and a sword swayed out.


In the void, the cross-shaped sword flashed away, and the trees were half-divided.

The yellow-level low-order sword method, the tigers tooth cross 斬 斬.

In five days, the broken stone palms became great, the tiger teeth crossed the Dacheng, and Li Fus understanding reached an unprecedented peak. It seems that any martial arts has no secret in his eyes. It takes only a little time to cultivate them into Dacheng. realm.

"The sword method is based on the fundamentals, and it is also the key to entering the ancestral hall. It seems that my swordsmanship is more than the savvy."

In the same level of circumstances, the sword method is more difficult to comprehend than the palm of the hand. After all, the sword is the object outside the body. When it is displayed, there is a pair of flesh palms to do whatever you want, but once the sword method is successful, the power is not comparable to the palm of the hand. Under the sword, it is very dangerous to be killed or injured.

"The four major families of Yunwu City, my Li family is weak. Now I have encountered Guanjia crossing the river and dismantling the bridge. Yang Jiahu is a singer. The city owner is also closer to Guanjia and Yangjia. If I become a disciple, I will help Li to return to the peak."

Taking a deep breath, Li Fus eyes flashed through the horrible light. "Zhu Zong, I will definitely enter, I want everyone to see, my Li family is not so bully."

Originally for Mou Zong, Li Fuchen had only awkwardness. Now, he is not only embarrassed, but also has wild vision.

The master of this world is the high-ranking sect.

The Cloud City where Lis family is located is one of the countless cities in the area, and the area is dominated by the ancestral temple.

Mou Zong is a kendo sect. More than 70% of the people practice swords. Whether they are family children or civilian children, they are proud to be disciples of the ancestors. You must know that once you become a disciple In an instant, you will be able to calm down.

In recent years, Lis family has been deterred because it has not been a disciple of Lis family for ten consecutive years, and the other three families have become one or two more or less every two years. Under the demise of the Emperor Zongzong, the Li family naturally declined and the right to speak gradually became the last.

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