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That was the story before the three of them were trapped in a restaurant for shelter.

Present Day - Second Wave


The thumping sound came again as the red light landed firmly next to the Black Crystal.

Tyler was astonished when he saw the red light that fell that immediately swept away the people who had gathered in the area around the Lake.

"Alexis, quickly take cover!" Tyler shouted while hiding under the table.

The same second after the red light landed heavily on the area around the Lake. It just sounded really loud.

Alexis quickly shifted the table next to him to protect himself and Xavier from the impact that would soon be felt.

The sound of glass breaking loudly. Tyler, who was too close to the window, could still be saved from the broken glass blown away by the crash.

Because Tyler immediately took quick steps to take cover, so he and Alexis were not affected.

After Tyler sensed that the vibrations and gusts of wind had subsided, he came out from under the table and stood carefully, looking out the window again.

He grabbed his head and grabbed his hair tightly. Suddenly he sat down and leaned against the wall near the window. His eyes stared blankly ahead.

Alexis, who knew this, immediately approached Tyler.

"Hey Ty, what are you doing?" Alexis asked while holding Tylers shoulders.


Tyler gasped and immediately hugged Alexis tightly.

"Alexis, Im really scared; whats happening in our city right now?" Tyler said trembling

"Hey, Ty, calm down first. Whats wrong?" Alexis asked, trying to calm Tyler.

But Tyler didn answer; he just pointed out the window.

Alexis stood up and looked out the window, to be precise, at the Lake area.

Alexis immediately fell silent; his eyes bulged wide, his hands trembled, and his legs spontaneously went limp as if they couldn bear the weight of his body. Tyler, who was about to fall, immediately grabbed the window with no glass in front of him to help support his weight.

"Aargh, no way!" Alexis muttered, his lips quivering, his eyes sparkling at a very unusual sight.

He saw that the area of ​​the Lake was clean; the crowd of people who had been there now only left the remains of bones and a pile of crushed meat that was evenly distributed to form a wide, blood-red rounded mark.

Alexiss gaze stopped when he saw someone standing in the middle of the mark, only that he was standing now that there was no trace of the crushed flesh of the citizens scattered around the person standing,

The person wears a bright red robe and uses a long staff in his right hand. Alexiss eyes couldn see clearly what that person looked like.

"Is he the one we saw earlier..."

"The Red light!" said Tyler.

The two of them fell silent without a word when they realized that something sinister was out there. Who is currently visiting their favorite city?

Alexis let go of his grip on the window and simply sat down beside Tyler with the same look. Empty towards the front.

"What should we do now?" Said Tyler in the silence that night.

"I also do not know!" Alexis replied in a flat, expressionless tone.

The two couldn help but stand still as they realized something wasn right in their town.

All of Rainbow Citys electricity went out after the second bang. And almost 30% of the population of this Rainbow City died horribly because of the arrival of a person in a red robe holding a stick in his right hand.

And now its just the three who are quite close to the area around the Lake, where the first foreign object landed. Black Crystal, they call it that. But the crystal must have had a name for those who had just arrived with it.

That night was short; Tyler and Alexis couldn close their eyes. They just stayed silent in the same position they sat in last night. The two of them were in deep shock at this moment.

But they also couldn do anything about what had happened last night. They don feel like leaving the place where they are now. But if they get closer to that area, afraid the three of them could be the ones who then feel the boom destroy their bodies.

"We have to get out of here immediately!" Said Tyler trying to get up from his seat. He peered out the window, trying to see what was happening there.

The glare of the light that had dawned this morning greeted the two of them who were peeking out of the window.

"Huh," Alexis was surprised when he saw clearly that the foreign object that fell last night in the middle of Rainbow Lake had an extraordinary beauty when hit by the morning light.

The crystal sparkle was beautiful, but Alexiss eyes stopped when he saw someone wearing a red robe standing in the same place he had seen last night.

"Tyler!" Riko said.

"Yeah, I know! The Villain in the Red robe," Tyler replied, confirming what was coded by Alexis.

It did seem odd that the person in the red robe had not moved at all; he had been standing in the same place from last night until this morning.

It makes Alexis and Tyler wonder again about this strange incident.


They both immediately looked back when they heard that Xavier had woken up from his stupor.

"Xavier," Alexis shouted as he drew closer to Xavier.

Tyler immediately rushed to get a glass of water to give to Xavier.

"Drink this first" Tyler gave the glass of water to Xavier, who had just woken up from his stupor and tried to be seated by Alexis.

"How?" Alexis asked while confirming Xaviers seat.

Xavier just nodded his head after feeling comfortable when he sat down.

"What is this?" Xavier asked, looking around. "Where are we?"

"Before you confuse things, Alexis and I will explain everything, but on one condition!"

"What?" The answer was limp.

"Don interrupt the story before weve finished. And don be surprised when we tell it!" Tyler replied.

"Okay," Xavier replied, agreeing to the conditions given by Tyler.

"So youve been unconscious for almost a day..."

They both told Xavier everything they told Him, from when he helped Alexis until he was unconscious. Until this morning.

After Tyler and Alexis talked, Xavier kept quiet and didn say a word.

His eyes stared blankly ahead. And his body went limp when he heard Tyler and Alexis story.

Xavier drank the glass of water in one gulp until it was finished.

"We have to get out of here immediately," Xavier said. After a few minutes, he was silent without a word.

"Yeah, where are we going?" Alexis asked, confused.

"To a place far from them!" Xavier said, standing up and then walking towards the window.

He saw the same scene that Tyler and Alexis saw this morning.

"We must find a way to kill the Villain in the red-robed!" Xavier said as he clenched his fists in anger when he saw the person in the red robe.

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