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Dealing with Him Is Easy

“He doesnt have a background.” Shen Yi snorted disdainfully. “Hes just a rich second-generation bastard.”

“Thats easy.”

“Yes, I plan to…”

“Whats there to plan” Chu Yuzhou was impatient and couldnt wait any longer. “Lets deal with him tonight!”

Shen Yi was silent for a moment. “Yeah, why not.”

“Then its settled! Ill get someone to deal with him. Brother Pei will clean up the mess.”

Pei Zhi glanced at Chu Yuzhou, who was extremely excited.

He rained on his parade without mercy. “Qu Shao can handle everything alone.”

Chu Yuzhous mouth was wide in daze.

Not wanting to miss this opportunity, he opened his contact list. “Its Saturday today. Let him rest.”

Pei Zhi smiled but did not say anything.

He filled his stomach before the food turned cold. His chill attitude was a stark contrast to Chu Yuzhou who was all excited.

Shen Yi said with a shake of his head, “Young Master Chu, arent you hungry”

“Im not hungry.”

“Do you know how high the mortality rate is in gastric cancer”

Chu Yuzhou looked up and rolled his eyes. “Doctor Shen, stop scaring me with your words.”

“I havent started it yet.”

“No, no, no, dont get started. Ill eat it immediately.”

Once Shen Yi started talking about medicine, he would not stop until he was done.

Chu Yuzhou did not want to have a lecture now.

“By the way.” Chu Yuzhou forwarded a photo to him. “Take a look at which one it is. I dont wanna punish the wrong person.”

Shen Yi clicked on the message.

He stared at the group photo and was interested in something else. “Which one is Gu Quan”

“The one in black.”

“Youve seen him in person”

Pei Zhi smirked. “Do you think hes qualified to meet me in person”

“Not really.” In terms of status, a person like Gu Quan was really not worthy of meeting Pei Zhi.

Shen Yi lost interest after a few glances.

He took out a paintbrush and circled the man beside Gu Quan before sending it back to Chu Yuzhou.

“Shall we play two rounds” Pei Zhi walked to the side and picked up the golf club.

Shen Yi stood up. “Alright.”

Seeing them walk out, Chu Yuzhou ate a few mouthfuls of rice. When he felt full, he hurriedly followed suit.

The sun shone on the endless lawn, making the three people standing in front of the seats squint.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew past, and the three white balls flew out at the same time, drawing an arc in the air.

The next second, the balls rolled into different holes.

Seeing that the third was the closest, Shen Yi couldnt help but tease, “Young Master Chu, you are short.”

Chu Yuzhou didnt get the meaning of the wordshort.

He asked the caddie for a pair of sunglasses and returned to the battlefield. “I was dazzled by the sun just now. Again!”

“You guys play first.” Pei Zhi heard a loud vibration and immediately walked back to the table.

He lit up the screen and saw a message from Lin Jiao. “Uncle, Im up. Cute Kitten Sticker.”

“Whats for lunch”

[Dumplings, Im cooking. /Picture]

Pei Zhi looked away from the pot and at the fair arm. “Eat more. Rubbing head Sticker.”

“Okay.” Lin Jiao stirred the dumplings in the pot and asked, “What are you doing”

“Playing golf with Chu Yuzhou and the others.”

“Its so hot outside. Dont get a heatstroke.”

Pei Zhi chuckled. “I wont.”

He took a photo of the lawn in front of him. The sound of the shutter instantly attracted the attention of Chu Yuzhou.

“Brother Pei, why didnt you tell me you wanna take a photo At least give us a chance to pose.”

“I didnt take a photo of you.”

“Then of whom” Chu Yuzhou unscrewed the cap of the water bottle and drank two mouthfuls.

“The lawn.”

“Why are you taking pictures of the lawn”

“Show her.” Pei Zhi raised his hand and deliberately showed them the message of concern from Lin Jiao.

What a bowl of dog food…

Chu Yuzhou and Shen Yi looked at each other. “Sigh, I can already imagine the things they will post on their social media when they fall in love.”

“You can feed him a bowl of dog food too.” Shen Yi sat down on the sofa. “Arent you chased by a woman”

“Im not interested in her.”

Chu Yuzhou told him his standard for a girlfriend, “A woman like Angelina Jolie is my cup of tea.”

“Has your standard changed again”

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“What do you mean again”

“Didnt you like that good girl kind of girl like your ex”

“That was before. People change, dont they”

“Only you change.”

For example, once a man like Pei Zhi made up his mind, he would stick it to the end. Even if he met someone better than Lin Jiao, he would not be tempted.

Chu Yuzhou understood what he meant.

He touched the tip of his nose and thought seriously for a moment. “When I meet the right person, I definitely wont change.”


Shen Yi did not take his words to heart.

After all, it would probably take a few years for someone like Chu Yuzhou, who had commitment issues, to decide to settle down.

Seeing that he didnt believe him, Chu Yuzhou continued, “Im still very responsible in my relationship, okay Im not as bad as Brother Yan.”

“Why do you compare yourself with him”

“Who else should I compete with You two havent had a relationship yet.

Shen Yi was speechless.

He elbowed Pei Zhis arm. “Are you done chatting Lets continue playing.”

“In a minute.”

“Do you have to report everything”

“Yes.” He was afraid Lin Jiao would be worried if she didnt receive a reply in time.

After Pei Zhi finished telling her his schedule, he picked up the club again.

He had single-handedly crushed them for an hour. Shen Yi wanted him to rest, let alone Chu Yuzhou, who had been defeated over and over.

Chu Yuzhou was exhausted, but when he heard his phone ring, he ran excitedly to the other side to answer it.

The game, therefore, ended with his quitting.

“I found it.” Chu Yuzhou hung up and wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Hes a VIP in Bo Yu Club. He goes there every week.”

“Isnt it a coincidence When hes in your territory, itll be easy to deal with him.”

“Of course.”

“But are you sure hes going tonight” Shen Yi didnt want to waste time waiting.

“Im sure.” Chu Yuzhou leaned against the sofa and handed them cigarettes. “Gu Quan seems to be going too.”

“Shall we go to watch the show, then”

“Id like that.”

Shen Yi didnt hear Pei Zhis response, so he asked again with a smile, “President Pei, are you free tonight”

“I am.”

Pei Zhi casually pressed the lighter.

He lowered his head and lit the cigarette. Looking at the cigarette that was gradually emitting flames, his lips curled into an ambiguous smile.


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