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Chapter 4760: To Ashes

The rays from the immortal gemstone overwhelmed the radiance of a dao lord.

The latter was shocking enough yet it paled in comparison.

All of Eight Desolaces quaked violently as the great palm descended.

This time around, people saw a gauntlet that has never been seen before.

It had five embedded immortal gemstones, each possessing a unique profundity and effect.

However, both the gauntlet and four gemstones were illusory, only one gemstone was real.

This gemstones radiance didnt allow anyone to look straight at it, not even the monsters who have just awakened.

The resulting power exceeded “invincibility” and all imagination.

The might of a dao lord seemed feeble, akin to a firefly competing with the bright moon.

In fact, all living beings were mere specks of dust.

A dao lord was only a bigger speck, nothing more.

Some ancient ancestors and monarchs were billions of miles and dimensions away.

They could withstand the aura of a dao lord.

At best, they just refrained from looking straight at it.

Now, the power of the palm made them get down on the ground.

This was naturally the case for weaker cultivators, not having the courage to even look upward.

The beings in Desolate Wild included supreme existences from older periods, feared by the dao lords.

They were also awakened by the palm.

“It is this strong” One of them turned pale.

They had lived for not just eras but epochs now.

Alas, some trembled in astonishment since they couldnt compete with the gauntlet.

Moreover, Li Qiye was the user right now which made it more terrifying.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Inside a dimension forbidden to outsiders, a great tree resonated and issued metallic sounds.

Monstrous cultivators who once dominated woke up and became afraid as well.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged man inside True Immortal gasped and said: “A power that does not belong to this world!”

“No one can touch this...” The old man in the river of time inside Three Thousand Dao felt the same astonishment.

The gauntlet and four gemstones were illusory.

The single real one alone couldnt exert its true power.

However, Li Qiye managed to eke out its true devastating nature.

Peerless ancient ancestors and monarchs werent qualified to see it.

Li Qiye made an exception for this dao lord.

“MY DAO, is unbeatable!” Shen Juntian roared.

His sinflame, supreme grand dao, and his willpower combined into one radiant expanse.

This was indeed brilliant enough to be noted in history, far superior to anything else available to current cultivators.

Alas, this didnt mean much compared to Li Qiyes will.

“No-” The monarchs from Three Thousand Dao couldnt do anything to help.

“Boom!” Shen Juntian attacked the palm without any hesitation.

Alas, just a slight wave from the palm would be enough to blow everything away.

“Show mercy, Fellow Daoist!” In this split second, someone shouted and sent a temporal stream into the battlefield.

This was impressive since it bypassed the suppressive fields of the gauntlet.

However, its target wasnt Li Qiye but rather, wanting to pull Shen Juntian away.

“Dao Sanqian!” The big shots immediately knew who it was right away.

Unfortunately, this temporal stream had the same result as Shen Juntians ultimate attack - failure.

“Not enough.” Li Qiye commented.

“Come!” Dao Sanqian, still in a distant location, shouted at Juntian.

Though the temporal stream coiled around him like a rope, Juntian had no intention of escaping.

His battle spirit surged as he continued channeling his attack.

This was his time - the last yet most brilliant moment.

“Boom!” The luminous dao couldnt stop the palm and was crushed, the same for the temporal stream.

“Not like this!” Those who wanted to run from the alliance couldnt move either.

They screamed one last time before silence took over.

The palm reached the ground and flattened everything.

These top cultivators were reduced to ashes as if they were never here.

Fear paralyzed the cultivators and this would last for years into the future.

Spectators of this battle would be traumatized and feared looking up into the sky.

As for burial grounds such as Worldbreaker, ancient existences inside were left speechless.

The immortal gemstone came from Worldbreaker but they themselves couldnt unleash that palm strike.

They had no idea how Li Qiye did it.


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