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Chapter 4759: Just One Flash of Brilliance

Shen Juntian became a dao lord at this moment and exuded the aura of one.

This belonged to his own source, not any other dao lords.

The divine flame of a dao lord emanated from him, showing the world his unbeatable status.

“The lord of the world.” An ancient ancestor murmured while staring at him.

The majority of spectators was on their knees at this point, unable to withstand the original aura of a dao lord.

This state represented invincibility.

Even those from the forbidden zones took dao lords seriously in battle.

“The historical texts didnt lie to us, dao lords are incredible.” A newly-promoted ancestor couldnt stand up.

Ancestors have met legendary characters before and felt what was considered apex powers.

Alas, they were all missing a certain something compared to this.

Seeing a dao lord in person left first-timers speechless.

“My luminous dao!” Shen Juntian roared and took one step forward.

“Boom!” His body became the source and his thoughts became the engine of the grand dao.

His flames intensified and burned the azures.

He raised one hand and lifted up the sky, gathering the myriad dao and other affinities.

He clenched it into a fist and performed a punch straight at Li Qiyes fist.

The resulting blast destroyed all affinities nearby.

Spectators from a safe distance still vomited blood, feeling their grand dao imploding within.

“Shit!” Some screamed in horror.

They thought that they have been far enough from the battlefield but this turned out to be incorrect.

Shen Juntians fist contained the power of the entire high heaven, managing to push Li Qiye back, inch by inch.

“Its actually pushing the immortal gemstone back!” Everyone became emotional while staring at the radiant Shen Juntian.

Ancient ancestors and monarchs took deep breaths as well since they couldnt have done the same thing.

The punch of a dao lord was something else.

“Dao lords are still invincible.” Someone said.

“Shen Juntian is absolutely a prime candidate.

He would have become one if it wasnt for Li Qiye.” Another said with admiration.

“Yes, hes the best among the conquerors.” No one refuted this statement.

“Luminous indeed, enough to illuminate the eras.

Unfortunately, you were born in the wrong generation or the dao lord position would have been yours.” Li Qiye smiled: “It is time to end this.

Since youre all about to die, Ill let you witness true power.”

“Run!” The young emperor and Five-sun King suddenly felt that something was wrong and wanted to run.

“Boom!” Li Qiyes fist released boundless immortal lights and power that pierce through the union.

All of Eight Desolaces became affected as well.

“Hes activating the gemstones full power!” Golden Fist Emperor yelled.

A great palm manifested into the present plane of reality above the two combatants.

Its power was great enough to frighten Enveloping, Six-dao, and Xiao Xuan who were fighting above.

The two mysterious figures and the hidden masters became alarmed as well.

Despite their magnificent cultivation, they still couldnt compete with the palm.

Dao lord lineages and hidden powers entered a heightened state of alert instantly.

They activated their formations and resources.

Spirits of dao lords and great ancestors returned in order to grant them protection.

The behemoths thought that an existential crisis was coming.

They had to do everything to survive.

In fact, even those staying inside the mysterious expanse of Inner Wild felt this threat.

Ancient burial grounds knew that this could be the end of their history.

Coffins that have been closed for eras suddenly opened.

Inscrutably profound eyes opened up, releasing their terrifying aura to the world once more.

Alas, they became astounded to see what was happening.

Inside the deepest area of True Immortal, the eternal peace here was disturbed.

A middle-aged man stood up and opened his eyes, revealing the pulsing celestial light.

A river of time coursed through the earth of Three Thousand Dao.

A man meditated there, seemingly for an eternity.

He also opened his eyes, releasing a phenomenon not inferior to anyone.

“What is going on!” The living beings of Eight Desolaces became confused and horrified.


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