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Chapter 2582 Grab Her By The...


Just as Seylin Blizzara felt like despairing from the feeling of death seeping into her heart, her red eyes glowed, and her suppressed will emerge from the depths of her soul and released a magnificent icy-blue light filled with an immense chill.

An ice phoenix manifested above her as it spread its wings and superimposed over hers, crying out towards the skies as they spread across frost.

Ignited into the air, those Icy blue flames arose from her body with a flap of her wings and crashed onto the deathly energy that surrounded her.

Sizzling sounds began to echo as both the ice flames and death energy entered into a scuffle, trying to erase each other from existence.

Seylin Blizzara had her hands spread out while clenching her teeth.

Even though she tried to defend herself, her heart couldn\'t help but keep pounding loudly, disturbing her thoughts and bringing her a feeling of impending doom.

It further impeded her from concentrating on bringing out her ice energy.


She couldn\'t help but scream, not in pain but in an attempt to encourage herself to get out of this situation.


Abruptly, her ice energy broke through the tomb of death energy covering her.

Using this opportunity, she sensed the opening and rushed out to the side.

As soon as she came out, she turned around towards where Davis was and joined her hands, summoning her ice phoenix energy to the palm of her hands.

Icy flames burst and started to become concentrated, causing the atmosphere to chill further.


However, her eyes went wide as she didn\'t see him there.

Instantly, she stomped her feet and launched herself forwards but suddenly shook heavily.

Turning to look back in disbelief, he saw a purple-robed figure manifest from the shadows while holding her leg.

What the- let go!

Seylin Blizzara was never shaken in her life before as she was now that she instantly released all ice energy from her body.

It turned the entire atmosphere into frost, covering Davis along with it.

His hand that was holding her ankle froze, and the iciness spread to his arm, continuing to spread forth to his body.

*Crack~* *Bang!~*

However, Seylin Blizzara flailed like a madwoman in an attempt to be released from his hold.

Consequently, she broke free, but his arm abruptly exploded into many bloody fragments, plunging toward the icy terrain as they both retreated.


Seylin Blizzara\'s instantly gained a three thousand meter distance as she glared at Davis with wide eyes, mixed with fear and anger, before she turned to look down, noticing that there was a black hand print on her ankle.

It was utterly humiliating for her to receive something like this, but that wasn\'t the problem now, as the death energy imbued inside her ankle was constantly extinguishing any ice energy that tried to freeze it from wreaking havoc.

But more than that, it was constantly spreading like a plague, causing her to feel a stinging pain.

What\'s wrong Can\'t cut your leg off

Davis\'s brows twitched as he smirked at her.

He felt that it was a while before he saw his body break, but he also imagined that just spoke volumes of the prowess his opponent possessed.

She was two levels higher than him in cultivation base, hovering at Level Nine Immortal Stage.

However, she possessed an immense prowess that reached the early Level Three Immortal King Stage.

His chaotic-tempered body, which was only at Level Four Immortal Stage, obviously couldn\'t withstand such a might.

Its prowess was around ten levels higher, so it fell short of reaching Level Three Immortal King Stage.


As for his Soul Forging Cultivation, that was at Level Seven Immortal Stage.

His death energy climbed up to eight levels higher with ease, and if he wanted, he could make it rise up to nine levels higher using techniques.

Any further, he would have to reveal Reincarnation Laws, which would indirectly give clues to his ability to use Life Laws to the most erudite people present here.

Davis didn\'t want to use his reincarnation energy unless there was a requirement to do so.

Besides, when it came to scaring people outright, what energy was better than Death Laws

Even Reincarnation Laws failed to achieve such a result.

However, its appearance and feeling were deceiving as he knew that it was even more sinister than Death Laws in extinguishing a soul from existence.

Nonetheless, with him having practically implanted his death energy on Seylin Blizzara using his arm as a sacrifice, he was pleased with himself.


just why...

Natalya uttered in worry as she appeared before him.

Obviously, she knew that he had tried this foolish maneuver to get revenge for her.

It was both angering and moving at the same time, causing her to be speechless as she tried to place some healing ice on his wounded arm.

It didn\'t do anything to help other than ease his pain, but he didn\'t even flinch once when two opposite ice energies wreaked havoc on his shoulder.

Davis waved his other hand as though it was nothing and used his senses to get underneath her robe.

He visualized an icy burn that covered her leg up to her thigh, which infuriated him but since this wasn\'t done in an aggressive manner but to capture her in a way so that she doesn\'t get hurt, Davis didn\'t hate on Seylin Blizzara.

Besides, if Seylin Blizzara really wanted to harm Natalya, would Nadia, who had stayed on her shoulder the entire time, hiding in plain sight, not have made a move

He was about to let Seylin Blizzara go for her careful usage of power, but since she picked a fight with him, how could he let her go

His petty mind instantly cast a curse-like black death palm mark on Seylin Blizzara\'s ankle, enacting his revenge for Natalya.

Meanwhile, Seylin Blizzara was trying her extreme best to erase the death energy from her ankle that spread to her knees.

However, she inwardly started to sweat as she found that it was no use.

Unexpectedly, this ominous, pitch-black energy was not extinguishing her vitality but absorbing it and growing, causing her to tremble in growing terror.

How it was possible that his cultivation was lower than hers, yet he could topple her with ease was beyond her.

Even if he was stronger, there were two cultivation-level gaps between them.

They were both monsters who had surpassed heavenly geniuses, so how come she was on the losing end when she made a move against him, a person with lower cultivation

Davis Loret! Heal me right now, dammit!!!~

Her terror grew so much that she no longer gave a damn and screamed at Davis for help in an aggressive manner, causing Davis, who was enjoying her dilemma, to turn speechless.

He really hadn\'t expected her to ask for his help instead of cutting off her leg.

However, he didn\'t feel like he rated her wrongly, knowing that she likely realized what he did to her ankle.

So you realized that it couldn\'t be removed even if you cut off your leg...


Be like that.


Seylin Blizzara\'s red eyes flared with icy killing intent, Don\'t go too far! Even if I held the upper hand against your people, I didn\'t go as far as to gravely harm them.

Act reasonable as you claim to be!


Davis shrugged with one hand, Then heal my arm.

Come, you\'ll clasp my shoulder with your sweet hands, and I\'ll hold your frail leg.

Together, we\'ll form a yin and yan-




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