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Demons of the fog Annoying intruder

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Hordward and Ingus were focused on the door, waiting for an opening to sneak out. They weren even noticing there was someone behind them.

Hordward: " huh! Ingus I know you might not have a tail but could you stop touching mine? It is weirdly pleasant though! "

Ingus: " what do you mean? I can do that, my arms are already grabbing your shoulders..."

Hordward: " well, if its not you then who is ..."

Hordward and Ingus turned back and froze against the shadow lurking behind them. Suddenly the shadow appeared to be ... Vardus?!

Vardus: " what are you two doing here this late ?" (*while giving a judging stare*)

Hordward: " Are you crazy?! I almost passed away, jeez !"

Ingus: (*completley afraid and hiding behind Hordward*)

Hordward: " Vardus, see now, Ingus is scared because of you sneaking on others like some creep"

Vardus: " wasn my intention to scare you two, but take it as a punishment to be here this late, and I didn sneak on you, I have far more important things to do than follow your craziness. I was just curious about where you decided to take ingus"(*crossing his arms*)

Hordward: " punishment?! Im your big brother..."

Vardus: " only by 2 minutes, you dumbass "

Hordward: " thats quite enough!"

Ingus: " please Vardus don be mad at Hordward, he just wanted to show me something..."

Vardus: " don worry, I won exhaust myself for him, father will do so..." (*while smiling creepily*)

Hordward: " Father is not gonna know about this..."

Vardus: " if you want that to be true, I want you tell me where you

e going to"

Hordward: " can tell, it is a secret ! "

Vardus: " intriguing, well then I am coming with you. I can entrust Inguss safety to you"

Hordward: " huh! Fine but not a word to father "

Vardus: " fine!" (*smiling and stepping forth*)

Ingus: " so are we going or not ?"

Hordward: " yeah, in 3, 2 , 1 ,..."

The big wood door got opened by one of the guards, both of them got out.

Hordward: " okay we have 15 minutes before the next guards shift, so we have to hurry "

Vardus: " hm Hordward. Thats quite meticulous of you, it seems to me this isn really your first night escapade, is it?"

Hordward: " shut up and run"

The three boys got to the door, opened it and found themselves outside.

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