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Hordward took Ingus on his back. He managed to bear Inguss weight while walking in the corridor as quietly as possible.

Meanwhile Ingus was looking around, admiring the place and noticing how big it was.

Eventhough it was night, torches were still burning, sublimating the walls with a great orange color. Ingus also noticed that the floor was white polished stone looking with golden drawings on it.

All of that made the place to look joyful and magnificent. Captured by the beauty of the surrounding, Inguss eyes got captivated by something.

A portrait on which figured Hordward, Vardus, their father and a female wolf who probably was their mother.

As Ingus was looking at the female portrait, he noticed that Vardus has the same white fur and Hordward has the same golden eyes.

Hordward broke the silence and quietly said " we have to wait until guards shift".

Ingus: " guards?"

Hordward: " yes, precisely those over there..."

Ingus and Hordward were looking at a big door made of lustrous wood, in front of which, were two wolf-men in shiny silver armor with great motifs on the chest, the very same as those on the clothes the father was wearing.

Ingus: " Hordward, why are there some guards? "

Hordward: " you

e kidding right? Those are here to protect the king "

Ingus: " the king?! I have not seen a king before, how is he like? "

Hordward: " (*almost bursting into laughter*)Haha Ingus, revelation, youve already seen the king"

Ingus: " No I didn ! I would have remembered. Only if I saw him before being here then Ive forgot it as all other things though"

Hordward: " well maybe Ive overestimated you, you are a bit dumb"(*while containing his laughs*)

Ingus: " hey, thats not funny! Wait a minute, isn this place fathers house?"(*while thinking about how weird it was*)

Hordward: ("should I tell him? Na he will guess, it is just a matter of time")

Ingus: " oh my...if those are here to protect the king and here its fathers house, then father is the king, isn he?"

Hordward: " ("finally") wow it took you quite a while to guess it, I thought that you would have understood it sooner. I mean you saw his clothes, the corridor and the painting, didn you?"

Ingus: " well, I never saw a king before so how should I have guessed by his clothes? So that make you a prince, right?"

Hordward: " yes, but not only me you know, Vardus and you too ! "

Ingus: " is that right? I mean Im just a stranger who has been saved by a king who was kind-hearted "

Hordward: " you should not think that way, you are my brother now and I love you like one. And I am sure Vardus and father think the same ,so never say bull** like that again."

Ingus: " thank you Hordward, you are right! Im sorry!"

Hordward: " okay...it is almost time! "(*his ears perked up*)

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