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The crazy night passed and the sun was rising once more on the land of Walcs.

Inguss POV

I was sleeping tightly when I heard a sweet voice waking me up. I stood on my feet and rubbed my eyes a bit then I saw a tall figure but smaller than the king. It was a female Walc with white fur and Golden eyes. She was really beautiful.

Ingus: " hm...good morning " (*timidly said*)

?: " indeed a sweetheart, hello little one"

Ingus: " It was you...in the hallway, right?"(*asked carefully *)

?: " my my, yes, it was me." (*smiling brightly*)

Ingus: " you are Hordwards mother, aren you?"

?: " yes I am, and you are the little Ingus, I see you are enjoying my little present "(*looking at his once unavailable leg*)

Ingus: " so you were the tickling sensation, Thank your highness"

?: " (*chuckling*) no need to my dear, if I ain mistaken you do call my husband Father, don you? Why not calling me mom? (*smiling warmly*)

Ingus: " okay...mom...I have a question though, you weren at Saras first Assignation...and I didn see you until now, I am not counting the fact that you appeared and disappeared in a hallway which also disappeared. How come?"

Queen: " my my, lets say..."(*interrupted by the door opening *)

I was turning my head towards the door to see who was coming in, it was Vardus.

Vardus: " hi Ingus, who were you talking with?"

Ingus: (*turning to see the Queen has disappeared again*)" with...your...mother...?"(*mumbling*)

Vardus: (*worried expression*)" you are okay? I mean there was no one except from you here, maids and knights aren allowed to enter Royal rooms without their permission. So you were either talking alone or sleep talking"

Ingus: " maybe I was sleep talking, weird It felt so real..."

Vardus: " okay, yeah I am picking you up earlier, to eat before your training "

Ingus: " before what?"

Vardus: " the training you asked Sara to give you"

Ingus: " ah yeah I remember, Thanks for coming "

Vardus: " okay, shall we go now?"

Ingus: " yes, lets go "

Ingus and Vardus then took their way towards the kitchen meanwhile the king was on his throne looking really tired.

Kings POV

I was really sad, my mentor was long dead now and I had to fight him in a Dark sentinel form. And I still haven tell Uriel about it. She was supposed to pass by, in early morning.

Now I was giving my daily tasks directives as long as royal affairs. Fortunately I had 3 brilliant counselors to help me with it.

I was working then I felt a familiar aura but it was brief, I instantly turned my head to the other throne, the Queen throne, it was empty of course but sometimes it felt like she was here with me.

I missed her so much. I returned to my affairs when Uriel got in. She bowed respectfully and I asked her to rise.

King: " thanks for coming, hope you enjoyed your sleep Uriel"

Uriel: " I surely did my king, your majesty wanted to see me"

King: " yes, hm...leave us" (*commanding to everyone except Uriel to retrieve*)

Uriel: " hm, is everything okay?(*getting anxious*)(" what does he want from me, I am still a teen, and its my king I can do this with him...he surely is still as handsome as in his prime but still, oh my queen...")"(*her imagination going wild*)

King: (*getting to her level and putting his hand on her shoulder*)" I have something important to tell you..."

Uriel: (*flustered*)" y-yes my king" (*looking away blushing*)

King: " it might be difficult to hear, but I wanted to tell you it was myself "

Uriel: ("oh my...")" hmhm"(*nodding*)

King: " Uriel...your Father...your father is dead"

Uriel: ("oh my ...will he kiss me..." )"...wait...what?!"(*realizing what the king just said*)

King: " I am sorry Uriel, he was killed by the Darkness and changed into a Dark sentinel. I felt the strange sensation around him when he was still alive here at the palace yesterday but I shrugged it off. It is my fault, I should have done something,..."

Uriel: (*falling to her knees but caught by the King*) " no...no...NOOOOOOOOO....(*Bursting in tears*)"

King: (*hugging her*)" I am sorry Uriel"(*sad expression on his face*)

Uriel: (*sobbing*)" (*crying*)"

The king was trying to comfort Uriel, outside the room, the maids and knights heard the news and cried as Master Irkaan was considered as part of the family by all the palace. It was a sad news to heard his death.

During this debacle of emotions, somewhere in another realm, Ray was in a meeting with the other Paladins.

Ray: " so do we all agree?"

The others except one: " yes"

Elonidas: " hmm, are you really sure it is a good idea, I mean dealing with some serial killer is already **ed up but now you wanna deal with the Darkness thats literally a dead way. I won participate in such things"

Ray: " don worry, we got something the Darkness will want" (*showing a small tube with some blood in it*)

Elonidas: " blood? What will you do with that, a transfusion?! Please I am out of this!"

Ray: " this is no simple blood, it is his highness ones "

Elonidas: " what?! Impossible, none can make the king bleed not even Voram, I mean Our leader Voram..."

Ray: " yes, you are right none on this land can do, but only himself. "

Elonidas: " I really don see our king self harming"

Ray: " no..."(*interrupted by the leader*)

Voram: (*female voice*)" this is his gift for the queen. When they were young, they made the promise to one another to always be there for the other, and they cut themselves and filled 2 tubes with their blood, then they hidden it under the oldest tree of the forest behind the palace, the biggest one at the center of the Queens garden. "

Elonidas: " wait wait wait, so you are telling me they put some of their blood in tubes to show love and hid that under a tree? Thats nonsense, how do you know that?"

Voram: " I was the queens bestfriend so she told me about what they did but didn tell where they hid it, but years after that, after their wedding, we were at the garden, she was really obsessed with the oldest tree, she told it was the witness of her love for the king...later after her death it took me as an evidence, the witness of her love, she probably meant the king and her exchanged their love sentiments there. After some time I got the right to enter in the garden saying I wanted to see it in her honor. They let me do so, I dug and found a metal box really old, I opened it easily, normally there used to be a padlock but it was forced, I didn pay any mind and saw there was only the kings tube, the queens one was missing."

Elonidas: " thats...thats abominable...she was your friend and you did that...its sickening "

Ray: " you dumbass, behave before our leader or I will...(*interrupted*)

Voram: " its okay...but the king needs to pay for what he did...Ray you will take that tube to the Darkness, and tell it about our plan"

Ray: " yes I will, it will take a year or two then, before I reached the Darkness "

Voram: " go then..."

Ray: (*Bowing *) " in the lights of those who sins..."

The others even Elonidas: " I bring mercy upon their souls"

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