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Demons of the fog Need to fight I: THE BRAVE ONE

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Kings POV

As I regained my sight, I turned my head to the right to see Sara shining brightly while closing the distance with the Dark sentinel in the blink of an eye, she grabbed it by the hand holding Uriel.

As she grabbed it, the Dark sentinel let go Uriel who was about to fall but got intercepted in the air by Hordward.

I then saw Sara used the same technique she used against the Volkarmor, she grabbed the Dark sentinel arm with her legs and did a rotation to send the Dark sentinel flying towards me.

In a short instant, I caught it by its back with one hand crushing its bones using my strength and throwing it violently on the ground as it screamed in pain.

As we were all done with the Dark sentinel, it was slowly regenerating, Sara jumped really high and landed a heavy punch using her Earth magic, an orange magical circle appeared around the Dark sentinel then Sara moved back as the circle made a vertical blast annihilating the Dark sentinel.

Everyone was shocked...

I quickly then turned to see Irkaan who was distracted by the event not seeing what Ingus was about to do.

I froze at the sight, Ingus used his feet to break Irkaan left knee, as Irkaan lost his balance, Ingus reached with his right feet the hand holding the dagger making it flew up. Ingus facial expression remained cold during that action.

As Ingus made the dagger no more a danger, he used his left free arm to grab Irkaan by the neck then used his right leg to grab by its rear edge Irkaan abdomen right side and used his weight to make Irkaan fall easily due to his broken left knee. As Irkaan fell on his stomach, his head smashing the ground in a thud sound, Ingus catched the dagger falling in midair and pointed it at Irkaan necks.

Everything was so fast Vardus didn have the time to blink.

Then Ingus said " do I have to end him Father?"

Kings POV

I thought the scene to be out of normal. Ingus looked at me while crushing Irkaan left arm on his back while pointing a dagger at a fair distance from his neck.

Ingus voice wasn different from usual, still so soft and calm, he harbored a sad expression on his face.

King: " no Ingus, thats enough !"

Ingus moved away from Irkaan as he was told to.

Varduss POV

I was still shocked(" how did he did that?!") I approached Ingus as I put back my own dagger.

Vardus: " I-Ingus, h-how did..."(*interrupted by Ingus*)

Ingus: " oh you mean how I neutralize Master Irkaan, well quite simple, I used what I learned here" (*reaching inside his clothe to get a book, the same that was on the shelf in his bedroom*)

Vardus: " thats...thats..."(*interrupted by the king*)

King: " my notes on fighting techniques...you learned them and used them as well as I do if not better...Ingus, you are..."

Ingus: " have I done something wrong?" (*looking down sad*)

Aldea: " not at all, young one...you are indeed his majestys son. You might become a great warrior some day"

Hordward then ran towards Ingus after leaving Uriel to Sara, he reached Ingus and hugged him tightly.

Hordward: " Ingus, I am so sorry, I should have remained by your side, I am so sorry "

Ingus: " its okay, I am fine"

Hordward: " you are quite amazing...you learned Fathers fighting skills in what some hours and you didn practice !"

Ingus: " I told you i was going to defeat you. Truth be told I don know how I learned those things"

Hordward then let Ingus go, as Ingus was laughing, the king approached him and got at his level. "Ingus, I am proud of you, get over here" he then hugged tightly Ingus who hugged back.

Saras POV

As I was besides Uriel slowly catching her breath again, I saw that young wolf i never saw before, I heard him to be the kings son. I didn know that the king had one more son.

Sara: " Uriel, are you okay? I am sorry, give me a moment "

I was getting up and activated my magic, I shouted " hey, young pup...you sure are a good fighter, who are you ?"

King: " Sara, behave its not the moment for ..."

Ingus: " I accept you challenge but at one condition "

Vardus: " oh boy..."(*facepalming*)

Hordward: " what are you doing Ingus?!"(*worried*)

As ingus was walking towards me, I saw the determination in his eyes.

Sara: " brave one, what is your condition?"

Ingus: " if I win, you will train me too as you do with Hordward. I learned from what happened with your fights that you can be a great source of fighting knowledge."

Sara: " fine by me, is your majesty looking forward to the fight?"

King: " are you sure of what you are about to do Ingus ?"

Ingus: " I learned there were so many people who died from the Darkness, I witnessed it before my eyes, I recalled that frightening sensation, I want to become stronger...to end this suffering "(*looking fiercely at the King then at Sara*)

King: " huh...you are Hordwarding...well I won hold you..."

Hordward: "heyyy!" (*shouting embarrassed*)

Ingus: " Thanks father..."

Aldea: " this is going to be interesting..."(*sitting comfortably with a cup of good wine in her hand*)

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