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Demons of the fog Moon's blessing I: The stressed out

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As they were passing across the many people walking towards the center of the town, Hordward heard someone sobbing in a back alley.

Curious and worried, he decided to let the others continue their way but said "Vardus, take care of Ingus for me please, I need to do something, I will meet u at Gamok workshop."

Not even letting Vardus the time to respond or turn around, he was already making his way towards the alley.

The further he walked the dimmer the lights became, until there was almost no light. A tin solar ray piercing through the dark helped him see a silhouette of someone whos apparently sited on the ground with hands on the face.

Hordward then cautiously approached and said " Hello, hm... are you okay? Are you hurt?" The person stopped sobbing for a moment before diving again in the sorrow.

At the moment Hordward wanted to say something, the person talked.

??: " leave me alone, please...its okay "(*sobbing*)

Hordward: " S-Sara, is that you? Oh my...what are you doing here? What happened?"

Sara: " Hordward, I am okay, its just...nothing"

Hordward: " I pretty much do understand why you are tensed, but sad?!" (*raising an eyebrow*)

Sara: " you wouldn understand, no one can"

Hordward: " listen, you were like the only one I could count on when I was younger, and you still are now. You helped me pass through my moms death. So today I am here for you, just tell me...whats wrong?" (*approaching and putting his hand on Saras shoulder while getting at her level*)

Through the dark alley, the small ray of light showed a face of the she-bear none has ever seen, a sad expression, tears dropping. Hordward grabbed her head and pulled it towards his chest giving her a hug. The teen bursted into tears, hugging back.

Hordward: " shhhh... its okay, now tell me what made you feel so sad" (*petting her head*)

Sara: (*slowly raising her chin*) " Today is special to me, but...my parents...they are..."

Hordward: " its okay, I can understand how terrible it is to lose both parents but I lost my mom, so in a certain way, I feel you. Listen to me, I, Vardus, Ingus and Father will always be there for you, you might not know it but you are part of this family"

Sara: " Thank you Hordy, I needed that. Now, no more cries, its my first ceremony after all"

Hordward: " yeah, get up you lazy head"

Sara: " funny to say from the one who can sleep from dawn to dawn" (*smirking*)

Hordward: (*laughing*) " hey I like sleeping okay, plus I work hard, I almost defeated you today"

Sara: " not even a chance, maybe in a million years "(*getting up and flicking Hordwards forehead*)

Hordward: (*yelping a bit*) " you will see, once I will also get my tattoo thing"

Sara: "the blessing of the moon"

Hordward: " yeah that, I hope it will be a cool one"

Sara: " bet it won be cooler than mine" (*smiling while walking with Hordward towards the entrance of the alley*)

As they got out of that alley, Hordward said he had to join the others because they have to give a tour to Ingus. Sara paused for a moment then said " Hordy, you said the name Ingus twice today, whos that?"

Hordward hesitated to say a thing before continuing " well, what about you meet him after the ceremony?" His stomach began to growl. Sara just chuckled " okay, well I still have an hour before going back to get my stuff ready, so what about I treat you a meal, you didn have one because of me after all"

Hordwards eyes watered in joy at that statement and he said while wagging his tail " you are the best Lunica ever". With that, they took their way.

Far from our heroes, the king is a bit annoyed by the conversation with the elders, who apparently are not happy with his decision of allowing an outsider to get the moons blessing.

Kings POV

I am already done with this nonsense, ("why does everyone is so disturbed by outsiders being here?"). Its been a while since the discussions started, so I bowed a bit to announce that I am taking a break. Once out of sight, I sighed in relief. I did some flexing before noticing something odd. I was looking at the town but something caught me offguard, I saw people jumping from rooftops to rooftops. ("I can intervene now, my absence would be noticed") so I decided to sent some guards to check it out. Once I sent them, I got back to my place at the table and waited patiently for my little Sara to get her blessing. ("Something is weird, I can sense some evil aura but I can know from who it is coming"). Noticing I am frowning, Aldea one of the elder and the second by power level, put her hand on mine.

Aldea: " are you okay?"

I just smiled to her trying to hide my anxiety. To which she said "if you are worried about that presence, I can make my investigation"

Apparently she noticed, I sighed "something is not right, I just have a bad feeling, I hope its just in my head"

As I was shaking those thoughts out of my head, Aldea used her magic to send thousands of small bees which can be noticed by most of the people around, except from the user, only the oldest elder and I can see them.

Once she did, Crao ak the eldest saw them and give us a nod in approval.

Aldea: " Now I will be able to see everyone around, so stop worrying my little one"(*smiling warmly*)

I might admit she is my favorite elder almost like my late mom, as she was her bestfriend.

With the time passing by, the atmosphere began to be more joyful as people from across the town reunited around the palace.

Hordward came with the others. After his meal with Sara, he got to Gamok workshop to see the others who were looking at different inventions almost all invented by Vardus.

After some heavy exposition of the place, they got to the town center where everyone gathered. They took sit at the table to the right of the King and Elder ones.

People were talking, laughing. The place was decorated, candles and lanterns were burning around sublimating the event.

The king then stood up and everyone stopped talking to look at him, he raised his chin a bit and inhale before letting out his greetings howl which made everyone bowed respectfully to his dominance. The howl was deep and powerful yet sweet to the ears.

He stopped and stated "Walcs and beings from everywhere. We are all gathered here for a special ceremony, not only the first moons blessing in 5 years but also the first Walc ceremony of life, I want you to stand up and greet the champion of the day, Sara Belfim"

With that said everyone stood up. Sara was walking from a dark alley, slowly walking out to center following her track. She was dressed in traditional outfit made of loincloth with silver jewelries encrusted, a chest cover, a silver moonshaped necklace and a warrior mask along with a two-handed sword. She was tensed, nervous, but she was ready. The king then said " Let the ceremony begin "

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