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Demons of the fog Suspicion

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Kings POV

("Oh gosh...this old Walc is gonna shoot on my nerves...there must be a reason for his presence...I don believe in his job already done...")

Master: " you seem quite in thought"

King: (*snapping from his daydreaming*) " Um-Hum sorry...were you saying something?" (*said a bit annoyed*)

Master: " No I wasn , but you sure might wanna talk about something "

King: " For Moons sake, if it is about Ing..." (*interrupted*)

Master: (*Angrily responding*) " DONT EVEN THINK WE WONT HAVE THIS CONVERSATION AKAOS ! FIRST OF ALL YOU LET A HUMAN ENTER OUR LANDS THEN YOU TAUGHT HIM OUR LANGUAGE, YOU DO KNOW ABOUT THE LAWS, IF SOMEDAY THE QUEEN OF HUMANS FINDS OUT ABOUT HIM, IT WILL BE YOUR LAST MISTAKE!" (*said while looking at the King who was numb at what he just said, both of them sitting in the Royal tent away from people waiting for the rest of the elders for the ceremony*)

King: (*bursting*) " Ingus, is MY SON now ! you wanted me to let him die?! I don care about that stupid law, a life is a life no matter its shape I won just let it fade away. If Queen Rose wants to end my days, I want to see her try. (*sighing then continuing calmly*) Master, this Human was probably not what you all wanted now with the fragile peace weve obtained but he is clearly not a mistake. I will defend him against every threats not caring of who might that be, the Darkness, Queen Rose or you..."(*the last word sounding like a threat*)

Master: " Still so naive, how could you think a moment that Walcs will accept that human here after everything his kind has done to ours. And even if they will accept him, do you really think he will be happy leaving in a world thats not his, sooner or later he will get to his kind, I bet you aren ready for him to know who you are, Bloody King. It seems you also forgot about the Paladins. It won be long before they caught him and kill..."(*the violent aura of the king froze him in fear*)

King: " You might be an elder but I am still your king, you owe me respect, you old insolent "

Master: " forgive me, your majesty"

King: "look, I do understand all your worries, I know he will want to explore...I will let him do as he will to. Paladins are dumb if they think they can land a paw on him. I took precautions, except for us, no one can see Ingus as a human outside the palace, I already mentioned his presence to all the attendants, maids and guards"

Master: " Ak...I mean My King, what will happen when your trick will be revealed? Not only to him but to you? What is the reason you got to be so protective over this human? Your Wife did pay the..."(*grabbed by the Neck*)

King: (*furious*) " don talk about her in that way, am I clear?!"

Master: (*gasp*) " y..yes I understood...but the human must return to his kind" (*released, then breathing difficultly *)

King: " huh...you still got the tongue to piss me off. I am sorry for using such violence over you Master. I-I just don know..."

Master: " its...okay. but Akaos you know I am right. " (*patting Kings shoulder *)

King: " I...(*a guard asked for entry *) yes come in" (*the guard came in and bowed respectfully before saying *)

Guard: " my apologies my king, but your presence is required to welcome the elders"

Master: " its okay, we will meet later"

King: " Master, I am sorry for earlier "

Master: " never mind, I was wrong on the wrong side "

King: " okay...then I take my leave "(*leaving the tent with the guard*)

Master:( " Dammit, that Akaos is still so wise...and still monstrously strong, he almost broke my neck...and he wasn that serious...(*sighing *) at least he still got the decency of apologizing ")

As Master was sitting there alone while rubbing his chin still aching, a voice pierced through the silence. It was omnipresent, coming from everywhere at the same time.

??: " you...better find a way...at least I know it is him..."(*the voice creepily echoing around Master *)

Master: " I will bring that human and like we dealt, you will leave her alone"

??: " ...of...course. he... is the key... for my freedom...the key... for my supremacy...this time...he won ...run away..."

And just like that it was silent again and the pressure fell down.

Master: ("how long will I be able to support the darkness...I can betray Akaos, he might be at times a bit annoying but he still like a brother to me...No doubt is allowed, I have to bring the human out of the barrier or it will be the end for my Uriels life") (*sighing in defeat *)

Meanwhile Hord and the rest reached the town.

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