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Demons of the fog The reason

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Hordwards POV

I was still confused...Ingus was walking?! I knew he might have been able before but still I saw his wounds yesterday...I know father is not that good of a healer...he couldn do such a thing. My face became blank as I asked Ingus " what are you?" Emotionless like a machine. He just stood there, watching me worried. He didn know what to say. I got closer and grabbed him by the shoulders not caring if I was hurting him. The thought of what Father was discussing with counselors came to my mind, the thought of Ingus being some kind of Dark sentinel. I looked down on him, my aura becoming a threat and asked him one more time "what the hell are you?" As I said, I saw tears beginning to fall down his cheeks. But I didn let him, eventhough he looked afraid, I needed to know. I began to smell his blood as my claws digged inside his shoulders, ripping his flesh. Vardus ran towards me then tackled me violently making me lose my grip. I got back to my senses as I realized what I just did to Ingus.

Varduss POV

I was shocked to see Hordward acting violently towards Ingus. I knew something was wrong but I didn know what exactly it was. I made him fell and started healing Ingus, fortunately I had my emergency OTUHD(One Time Usage Healing Device) on me. It is a machine I made to heal superficial wounds by the help of some magic. As I finished, I looked angrily but confused at Hordward. His face was astonished, he was surely realizing what hed done. I came to him and said "what the hell is wrong with you Hord, you just..." I got interrupted by someone touching my shoulder. I turned back to see Ingus nodding in dismissal. He then got to Hordward and said " Hord... I don know what to tell you...Im Ingus...I..." as he was going to say something, Hordward got up and hugged him tightly almost in tears, his ears folded back and his tail curled. Ingus stood there for seconds before hugging back, Hordward then pull back and said "Im very sorry Ingus...I got scared of you... I acted dumb and I hurt you..." As he was looking away in shame Ingus said with his forever joy " its okay, I don mind but as an apology I want you to show me everything in town." He sighed before continuing "why were you scared of me all of a sudden?" Hordward looked down then back to Inguss eyes " its nothing...Don worry...lets go to town then" I was trying to figure out what passed through Hordwards mind but Ingus apparently wanted to know now. He grabbed Hordwards arm and got behind him then pinned him on the ground with his arm lock on his back.

Ingus: "I am not gonna let this pass this easily, Hordward, you just acted weirdly and you say its nothing, tell me why you were scared or else"

("What is going on?!") I thought as I tried getting closer, meanwhile Uriel was laughing her ass off. As I got closer to Ingus he asked me gently not to worry that he won do any harm to Hordward. I stood there amazed that Ingus could be so bossy and scary yet still having such an innocent face. I giggled as Hordward sighed "fine...I will tell you but first..." he freed himself with such ease that Uriel fell to the ground laughing, then he lifted Ingus by his loincloth before saying " I am your big brother Ingus, behave or I will beat the ** out of you, okay?" While smiling. I got to say those two are pretty similar, being adorable with a devil side, creepy... I shivered at the thought. He gently put Ingus down.

Ingus: " Fine...I am sorry "

Hordward: " I freaked out because I know humans can heal that fast, I mean you

e already able to walk, it shouldn be possible...I heard Father and counselors discussing about...(*sighed and looking worried at Ingus*) you being a Dark sentinel. "

Ingus looked at Hordward while containing his laughter.

Ingus: " look at me, do you think I am a shadow. I mean yes it is a surprise I can walk but Father saw it yesterday, he was shocked but he was happy for me"

Hordward got surprised by the question.

Hordward: "How do you..."

He got interrupted by Ingus " while you were training, I read one of the twelve books Vardus said I should read"

Hordward looked at Vardus " Vardus seriously?! He is nine ...you need to be 10 at least to read those books and you know it"

Ingus: "its okay and I learned things I didn know such as the Darkness thing and I also learned a technique from a guy in the story, the one I used earlier on you"

Hordward: " I see...so thats how you did it...you are a mimic thats cool, I wonder if you could train with me tomorrow, if you are okay with it?" (*While looking at Ingus with sparks in his eyes, burning with the desire to train with him*)

Vardus: " this is Ridiculous, ingus is not some kind of freaking shadow, if he was he wouldn have been able to enter the kingdom nor wear this necklace, and one more thing, Ingus is not ready to fight or train with a brute like you. He is still convalescent. "

Uriel rushed at Ingus " A Demian-stone, nice choice"

Ingus: " what is that..."

Uriel: " A Demian-stone is fragment of a Particular Rock we only find near the sea at the far East, it is what we call a Catalyst, an object able to absorb and conceal magical power. It is also the only one able to handle the kings magic. He surely gave it to you to prevent any incident, as long as you wear this, the darkness can reach you, you and the others as well. For he used the Terramass spell variant he created on them."

Vardus: " so thats what it is" (*looking at his own necklace*)

Ingus: "don worry Hordward, I am not as those things...Now lets head to town..."(*saying joyfully*)

Hordward: "you

e right, okay then...see ya Uriel"

Ingus: " see ya Uriel and Vardus"

Vardus: " I am going with you..."

Hordward: " whys that, you don like the town"

Ingus: " really...why?"

Vardus: " its noisy and the children are really inappropriate "

Ingus: " what do you mean by inappropriate?" (*Tilting his head on the side*)

Hordward: " thats because there is that certain child, a girl who was totally obsessed with him during our childhood "

Vardus: (*looking away embarrassed *) "its not that at all, she is just a friend, an annoying friend. "

Ingus: " I want to meet your friends, but I hope they won freak out of seeing a human, and what about others "

Hordward: " don worry we will disguise you"

Vardus: " I don think that will be necessary..."

Hordward: " whys that?"

Vardus: " I think...no I need to be sure first, but I will need your assistance Uriel."

Uriel: " whats your idea?"

Vardus: " if I am not mistaken, Ingus is a human, right?"

Ingus: " hm yes I am."(*confused*)

Vardus:" but only within the palace "

Hordward: " stop the theorems and stuff and get to your point"

Vardus: " Hordward, silence! Well as I was saying my theory is that as long as Ingus is within the palace, people who aren Father or us see Ingus as a human but when he is outside, only Father and us can see him as a human. Other are hypothetically seeing him as a Walc just like us."

Hordward: " huh...I don get you"

Uriel: " wait do you mean..."

Vardus: " I think father took even more precautions than we thought, but I ain sure, it is a theory "

Uriel: " but why that theory, what makes you think all that ? "

Hordward: " yeah, why ? "

Vardus: (*coming closer to Ingus and Hordward*)" you do remember last night, right?"

Ingus: " sure I do, it was scary "

Hordward: " whats your point?"

Vardus: " I remembered something that the shadow said, something about Ingus being a 3rd pup of the King"

Ingus: " yes I do remember it, I didn get what it meant"

Vardus: " thats why I want to know"

Uriel: (*clearing her throat *) " guys, I am still here, are you done ?"

Vardus: " sorry, lets go outside then. "

Our heroes then all got out of the library, taking the hallway to the entrance of the palace.

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