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Demons of the fog Reaction

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Inguss POV

"Thats terrible...and...scary!" I said all trembling in fear from the book I just finished reading. As I was trying to brace myself, Varduss voice echoed through my mind saving me from the atrocity of my thoughts.

Vardus: " In...Ingus...INGUS!!!"(*screaming while shaking Ingus by his shoulders*)

Ingus: " y-yeah..."(*snapping out from his trance*)

Vardus: " Are you alright? Jeez you were frozen! (*taking all the remaining books away back to their place*) I-I think thats enough for now. I should have known this would have been a bad idea. Silly me. You

e too young...I-I am sorry Ingus "

Uriel: " Vardus, I think you are overreacting...Don you remember you reacted the same way (*chuckling before continuing*) you just reacted like your father did when you got frozen like that (*laughing a little*) Ingus will be fine, right Ingus?"

Ingus: "hm...I guess, but I do have a question Vardus"(*looking worried at Vardus*)

Vardus: " yeah...Im all ears"

Ingus: "Maybe...with some privacy"

Uriel: " Aren those cute?discussing far away from old Uriel not to listen..."(*faking tears*)

Vardus: "oh give us a break!" (*While following Ingus a bit further*)

Ingus: " so about last night...that thing we saw...was it..."(*interrupted by Vardus*)

Vardus: "yes...and no"

Ingus: (*looking confused*) "hows that?!"

Vardus: " The thing we saw, was related to the Darkness described in the book you just read but it was only a ridiculously small extension of it"

Ingus: " What do you..."(*interrupted by the doors opening*)

Vardus and Ingus went to see who entered, it appeared to be...

Vardus: " Hord?!" (*looking at Hordward who was a bit bent over looking down while catching his breath from what was supposed to be a hard walk or run*)

Hordward: (*raising a finger, to show he was still catching his breath*)(*heavy panting*)

Vardus: " I thought you were training, weren you?"(*confused*)

Uriel: " sure he did, from his smell I guessed it, and all the dirt HE BROUGHT TO THE LIBRARY, HOLY CRAP! HORDWARD DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET RID OF DUST HERE?" (*Screaming in annoyance*)

After some seconds Hordward regained his posture, his sight slowly reaching Vardus.

Hordwards POV

As I was finally catching my breath, I looked up to see Vardus confused, surely for seeing me right now. My gaze then turned to Uriel who was yelling at me from the dirt I brought ("oups"). As my eyes were drawing all the contours of the room, they got stuck by something...unexpected.

Hordward: " hey In..wait a minute...Why does Ingus look taller " (*looking from head to toe realizing Ingus was on his feet*)

Ingus: " yeah...I know, crazy right? Now you won have to carry me on your back anymore"

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