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Demons of the fog Training

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Inguss POV

I followed Vardus through the bookshelves halls and we reached a place wide open with a table at the center.

Vardus asked me to sit while he goes and take the books he wanted me to read. I took a sit and waited for him, still wondering what was Hordward doing.

Hordwards POV

Hordward: (*heavy pant*) " can you go easy on me? (*pant*)I just woke up, Sara!" (*While running towards her at full speed in order to punch her*)

Sara: (*dodging every single blow*)

" no young prince, you have to train hard for you will have to be the king some day"

Hordward: (*casting an illusion spell which made a clone of himself*)

" its not that sure, shouldn Vardus be the king? As he is so-told to be a genius?" (*While running towards Sara along with his clone*)

The clone jumped at Sara who dodged easily by moving to its side. Then she kicked it in the belly while it was still in mid-air.

He then got projected to the sky before disappearing. Hordward took that opportunity to get himself behind Sara and grabbed her by the waist before trying to put the she-bear down.

Sara instantly blocked the projection and locked Hordwards head between her right arm and her right sides torso. Eventhough Sara was a 6 feet tall she-bear, Hordward and his 5 feet 2 managed to deal the heights difference to his advantage.

When Sara locked his head, Hordward left her waist and used her locking arm as a tool to move infront of her.

She losed her grab, then he grabbed her head and jumped before rotating forward which made Sara to get thrown.

All these with the help of magic enhancements spell he used before attacking. Hordward then got himself closer to Sara still on the ground before using again his illusion spell to make a medium-sized dragon which put its big paw on Saras back so that she couldn move.

Hordward: (*pant*) " now (*pant*) you

e trapped, I won...so can ...I (*pant*) go..."

Sara was about to destroy the dragon when it suddenly faded away. Sara then got up.

Sara: " you..." (*stopped to see Hordward falling from fatigue*)

Sara caught Hordward before he fell.

Sara: " I already told you, not to overdo yourself by creating such complex and advanced illusions "

Hordward: (*slowly opening his eyes*)" I-I won..."

Sara: " yes you did,...take some rest now ("he...summoned a level 4 illusion...he really is strong, he will be really strong when he will be older...I am proud of you Hord...")"

With that said, Hordward fell unconscious between Saras arms. Sara brought him to the nearest bench and laid him there. She then left the room, leaving Hordward sleeping.

Inguss POV

After a bit, Vardus came back with some books. Those books were different from those on the bookshelves. They were dark-red with dark edges, the writings were golden. He then dropped them infront of me.

Ingus: " huh, Vardus, how long did it took you to..."

Vardus: " 3 hours"

Ingus: " okay, 11 books in 3 hours...sounds impossible "(*sighing*)

Vardus: " Actually there is a twelfth one, but we need to be adults to read it"

Ingus: " whys that?"

Vardus: (*embarrassed*)" never mind, you can start reading. Ill be next to you, reading some book too."

Ingus: " okay..."

Ingus took the first book and began to read. Each book was as big as his own head.

Eventhough books cover pages writings weren understandable by humans, as it was in Walcss language, Ingus was able to read (" Terramas"). ("I wonder what does that mean?")

Meanwhile Uriel just took a book from her bag and began to read it.

Masters POV

("Oh , the youth, so fascinating. So young but still so passionate about reading. Ingus, a human child, I wonder whats going on with Ardaemon ")

I was heading to my place when I saw a door opening. Ardaemon got out, looking annoyed.

Master: " what makes you feel so grumpy on this beautiful day"(*saying this with a worried tone*)

King: " huh...hey master, longtime no see. I was expecting you to come in a month or so."( *while hugging the master and wagging his tail*)

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