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Demons of the fog Awakening

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When I woke up, I noticed that Ive been healed, I didn know how long I was sleeping.

I could barely move, and my left foot, I still couldn sense it.

Looking around, I didn recognize humans made. Everything, even the bed, the pillow and the couch were made weirdly.

I was in a big room with white walls and golden frames.

I tried to move but I barely managed to move my right hand. ("Where am I ?") The door got opened, was it my saviour ? The one I have to thank.

Just what is it ? It was bigger than a human, covered with black fur, looking like a wolf or a dog , red glowing eyes, and dressed in white clothes with some gold here and there edging some part of it, and some kind of drawings on the front just below the chest. All that was giving him a great presence.

Was that one of those called Demons of the fog ? Eventhough I couldn remember the incident, it seemed that I was able at least to know where I was.

But why would a fog demon would save me, I thought they were bloody monsters that we should avoid.

My head was spinning as it approached. I couldn move or scream, I was literally paralyzed either by my wounds or by fear of what will happen to me.

It sat next to me and opened its mouth, said something but I wasn able to understand, but it sure was the same voice I heard in the forest before collapsing.

It looked at me wondering maybe for me to say something. I managed to open my mouth but I barely made a sound. It was bringing his hand I guess, upon my face. I thought it wanted to kill me, but then it said again something that I couldn understand.

I was really wondering what will happen to me. It looked at me then said " Are you able to understand now? ".

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