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Demons of the fog Relaxation

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Hordward then put Ingus infront of him facing now his back. He grabbed some soap and gave it to Ingus.

Inguss POV

("This is kinda funny, eventhough I don remember anything, I still can feel happiness because of them. I have so many things to tell father about, but I guess I will do it tomorrow.")

As I was rubbing my skin with the soap I felt Hordwards big paw patting my head, well I guess he was just shampooing me, then he rubbed my back, it was actually quite relaxing as his pads were soft yet firm.

After I ended rubbing the entire front part of my body and Hordward all the rear, I heard him say " hey Ingus, could you help me wash my back too please? " with a smile across his face. I replied "of course, turn back "

He then turned back giving me a view of his brown furry back. I began to rub his fur when I sensed him shivering, so I stopped to ask " are you alright? Did I h-hurt you?!"

Then Vardus exploded in laughter while saying " don worry little one, you can hurt that big guy with your small hands"

I turned back to face the laughing Vardus and I pulled out my tongue then turned back when I heard Hordward "don mind him Ingus, please continue."

I then restarted to rub his back ignoring this time his shivering and his wagging tail.

Hordwards POV

("Oh my, for once I have a good and kind brother, not to mean that Vardus is awefull ... well he can be at times but he is good in his own way...") "(*sigh*)"

("Whatever, Inguss hands are so small, I think they are about less than half of mines, but still his massages are better than anything right now. I c-can even think straight, I am panting a lot now and I am fully aware of it, but I can stop it. Even my tail is happy its been a while since I felt such happiness in my whole body.")

But then I felt Inguss hands going too much down in the direction of my butt.

I interrupted him by grabbing his arms and told him " wai-wait a minute Ingus, its fine from there I will handle the rest..."

he tilted his head slightly to the side wondering what I am talking about.

I couldn help but notice how cute and innocent he looked, it reminded me of Vardus when he was a pup. So I smiled back to him.

Varduss POV

("Hm it seems Hordward and ingus are closer now, great what should I be expecting,... yeah I know in about 2 years or so I will have to save their asses from Father because of their bad tricks,...oh poor me)"(*sigh*)"

("Though I think Inguss presence is really something that changed the sorrow of this place. Hordward and I are too different to find any discussion topic or game, so we live pretty much in our differents worlds, yeah cold isn it? ... brothers who aren playing or messing around together. Its not all, I swear its been a while since I saw father happy, yeah since...Mother passed away." )

As I was thinking about Mother I didn realized that I was in tears. Ingus noticed it and patted my head, I looked up to him and he smiled back, then said " don worry Vardus, I will wash your back too..."

I wiped my tears as his innocent voice crawled through my ears. I didn want to worry him and turned back for him to rub my back.

As he was rubbing I noticed the difference between him and Hord.

Hords paws were rough and big but Inguss hands were so small and smooth that my tail began to wag.

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