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Demons of the fog Hallucination and steamy water

Author:Hordward Category:Unreal Update time:2022-09-08 18:23:38

Facing now a black door made out of some kind of silvery metal after walking through the palace for about 5 minutes, our heroes were now ready to take their bath, but something caught Inguss attention.

Ingus: (*looking to his left on what seems to be an infinite corridor where stands a figure too far to be described*)

" ?!"

Ingus got a weird sensation as if the figure was calling him.

Ingus: (*keep on looking at the figure*) "who are you?"

Hordward looked up at Ingus and called him, Ingus turned to face Hordward

Hordward: " Ingus, are you okay? Youve been gazing for a while now, is that the portrait that triggers you?" (*Saying with a confused look*)

Ingus: " what ?! No I was wondering who was the one...(*while turning to face the figure*) in that corridor...?!"

The corridor has disappeared, leaving Ingus more confused.

Hordward: " a corridor?! What are you talking about?"

Vardus: " see Hordward, now he got sick from the stinky water,great (*said with sarcasm*)...Ingus there is no corridor here, you mightve just hallucinated "

Hordward: (*turned at Vardus with a bored look*)" could you shut your ** trap for once?"

Ingus: " ne-nevermind ("I might just be tired")"

Hordward just ignored this time Inguss observations and opened the door leading to a big room made out of golden walls with some fancy pieces of silver.

In the center ,what seems to be a huge rectangular shape bathtub made also in gold but with smooth corners surely to avoid accidents.

In the middle of it, was a girder. Silver pattern were covering the place giving a great design.

From the girder four waterfalls were flowing out by circular jars. It was steamy and hot all over the place.

On the right of the bathtub was a desk on which could be found numerous of soaps and incenses with an incredible good scent, there were also some white towels.

Looking on all the walls, light was made out by some crystals encrusted in them.

The trio was approaching the bath as more details were revealed, such as the fact that in the inner side of the bathtub, it was possible to see that there was some kind of unique staircase used as a bench shaped the same way as the bathtub.

There were no other exits, no windows either. Normal for a bathroom though.

Ingus: " woah! Awwwwsoooome!!!"(*looking around with shiny stars in his eyes*)

Hordward: " isn it?" (*While putting ingus on one of the borders of the bathtub*)

Vardus: " hey, ingus do you think you are here for tourism?! Stop daydreaming and take off your dirty clothes." (*while taking off his clothes before entering the bath*)

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