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Demons of the fog A dreadful omen

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Hordward jumped in the lake. The splashes coming from the explosion made by Hordwards jump reached Ingus and Vardus.

Vardus got back to reason, realizing what was happening.

Vardus: " oh...no...(*cough*), I think I swallowed it, Hordward you damn dumbass, huh...father is gonna be mad "

Hordward: (*swimming on his back*)

" haha, oh common, come swim with me..."

Vardus: " you must be kidding me?! I won swim in that stinky water full of bacteria of yours"

Hordward: "can you see how clear and beautiful it is. I swam here every now and then , as you can see Im fine"

Vardus: " hm! We sure don have the same definition of the word fine " (*thinking about how dumb Hordward can be how dirty his own clothes are now*)

While Vardus and Hordward were...discussing, Ingus who couldn swim, was looking around when he suddenly heard some noises.

Getting afraid it might be a beast, he decided to call the others.

Ingus: " huh...Guys?"

Vardus: " Hordward, I swear you

e gonna pay for it! "

Hordward: " like I care, just how many times have you said that, Im going to get used to it, so please smartass, look for some other slogan or you can kiss my ass"

Vardus: " your language is a shame to all Royal kind!"(*snarling*)

Ingus: (*screaming to call because they weren carrying*) " GUYS!"

Both Vardus and Hordward stopped and looked at Ingus, wondering the meaning of his call.

Hordward: " yes Ingus, what is it? You wanna swim?" (*while looking at Vardus to tease him to death*)

Vardus: " I don want Ingus to get sick because of your dumb actions, this water is more than a biochemical danger " (*while ignoring Hordwards stare*)

Ingus: " no, its not that, I-I heard noises over there" (*scared while pointing his finger to a bush*)

Vardus: " maybe a beast? If thats the case, we should leave! Fighting bare handed isn a good idea and we can use magic either or Father is gonna know we are out..."

Hordward: (*getting out of the water*)

" no it is impossible, Ive put traps all around the area and I marked it as well, so no beast should be roaming here..." (*a bit confused, while approaching to the bush*)

Vardus: " you what?! Traps asides, was peeing everywhere a necessity? Thats just primal and disgusting! " (*thinking and scared at a possibility, Hordward might have also peed in the lake just for fun*)

Ingus: " Hordward, I don think you should get any closer, it could be dangerous..."

Hordward: " don worry, Im stronger than any beast here..."(*said with cockiness*)

Vardus: " Hord, it might be dangerous, so get back here"

Hordward: (*reached the bush and looked in it to see what was scaring the others so bad*) huh! There is nothing here, maybe it was just the wind?!" (*Turned back to face his brothers relieved but still a bit uncomfortable*)

Ingus: " hm...maybe you

e right, I might be tired...("but I am sure it wasn just a noise made by the wind")"

While our heroes relieved of their scares were trying to smile, the wind began to go berserk.

Leaves were flying, water was agitating and the cold they felt, made them feel some kind of terrified, like someone very evil was looking at them with murderous intent.

Ingus: " the wind stopped, I felt something weird like some one was staring at me in an evil way"

Vardus: " felt the same..."

Hordward: " okay, maybe we should leave then..."

As they were all agreeing to leave, the place began to get darker, it was now completely silent.The wind was completely down.

A strange silhouette was growing behind Hordward, alerting Vardus and Ingus.

Ingus: " H-Hord... behind you!" (*Scared*)

Vardus: " oh my lord..." (*completley terrorized*)

Hordward: " ?! " (*turned back and saw the strange shadow*)

The shadow wasn looking animal nor beast, it was constantly changing its shape. Hordward ran to reach vardus and Ingus to protect them.

Then the shadow took a female humanoid shape, it wasn possible to know what it was, all of its body was made with shadow flames.

Too weird to be described, too scary to be friendly.

Then the shadow approached slowly and said?!

The shadow: (*this voice was heard like two different voices one very deep and the other high pitched, and there was also echo*)

" young princes,...why are you out...this late?"

(*Then vanished before appearing in front of Hordward who was scared but still up to defend his brothers*)

" young prince Hordward,...brave as his father,...defending eventhough he knows...he is powerless...hahaha what a good warrior "

(*it disappeared again to appear in front of Vardus*)

" second son of the King of the fog Ardaemon, Vardus,...scared?!....hahaha... you surely know ... you don stand a chance...but you keep staring at me,...those eyes of yours, you are as ... tenacious as your... mother was...but...you know...tenacity was the one to bring her down...hahahaha..."

(*disappeared then appeared once more but this time at Inguss level*)

"...hm?...a third puppy prince,...intriguing...didn know,...haha whatever...are you that afraid?! ...that you can even stand up?!...how pitiful ! ...let me help you..."

(*the shadow tried to put its hand on Ingus but a silver glowing powerful barrier appeared around Ingus, making the shadow to get back*)

" huh...oh...the king is really...annoying...protecting your miserable lives...every second...the king won be here forever...hahaha, well meet again young princes...hahahaha..."

(*this time the shadow disappeared completley and with it all the pressure and the darkness around, leaving our heroes in fear*)

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