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Ch7 - It’s the Young Lady’s Fault

“Qiao Yingze! Qiao Yingze, please wake up! Do you need medicine Please say something!”

When Gong Zhuoliang saw Qiao Yingze’s face scrunching in pain and his body writhing in discomfort, he immediately encircled him into his embrace and gently caressed his chest in order to ease his discomfort. 


Qiao Yingze had only been feeling agitated and ashamed for a short moment before it was gone.

On top of that, whenever his emotions became intense, it would usually cause him to be dizzy.



When he finally gained consciousness, he could still feel his whole body weak and numb, that even exerting a little bit of strength is already such a hard work for him; So he could only lean weakly to Gong Zhuoliang’s bosom, while he gasps for some air.

However, their situation had already became awkward, and right now, Qiao Yingze find it hard for him to face the other.

Qiao Yingze’s mind became chaotic, to the point that he is now struggling to think of a way to deal with the situation in front of him.

But despite the annoyance in his heart, his kind nature still prevented him from getting angry.

It’s just that he’s afraid to confront the unknown thoughts inside Gong Zhuoliang’s mind. 

“Are you really fine Please say something so I will know, ah!”


Gong Zhuoliang was relieved when he noticed that the other’s breathing had finally slowed down and became steady again.

Suddenly, he felt a pain in his leg, that caused him to frown with displease; But he didn’t bother to care about it and only casually rubbed on it, while he inquired the other’s well-being once again as if he was never hurt as well.


Qiao Yingze tilted his head to the side and took a glance at Gong Zhuoliang’s leg.

But then he only pursed his lips, and looked away from it immediately, not uttering any word or response and Gong Zhuoliang doesn’t know what he was thinking at all.


“If you are angry, please do not vent it to me.

I am not at fault here, because I am a victim as well.

As a son of a concubine, I’ve been treated like a slave since I was a child, and when they decided to marry me off, I had to do so by being a girl….wu….

When Gong Zhuoliang saw that Qiao Yingze wasn’t sulking and losing his temper at all, he thought in his mind that this kid really had a kind temperament, and took advantage of it by starting to cry.

Also, in order to make it more realistic, he secretly pinched the side of his thigh, which naturally caused pain to him, and so his eyes were now subconsciously forming tears.

“Aaah..! D-Don’t cry!”


Qiao Yingze was frightened by Gong Zhuoliang’s sudden cry and almost jumped off the bed, not knowing what to do. 

He knew in his heart that the Gong Family must be the one who deceived their marriage, and the little boy in front of him was only the victim of their scheme, so he didn’t mean to hate on him.

Before, he only felt like he lost his face, which gave him the instinct to immediately run away from this place in order to avoid him.

But now that Gong Zhuoliang is weeping in front of him, looking so miserable; Qiao Yingze’s heart softened for him.

Besides, the kid had already given him a good impression to begin with, so right now, he only feels a little pity for him.

“They only wanted to cause harm to you.

I couldn’t tell you the truth before because I didn’t want to hurt you.

Right now, I have no control with your decisions, so you can do what you want.

If you hate me, it won’t matter anymore, my life is already ruined to begin with so I could just accept my fate.

But I’ll still compensate you so don’t worry… wuwu…”

Qiao Yingze’s manner softened even more, so Gong Zhuoliang grabbed the chance to pretend to be dramatic, and started snuggling into the other’s arms, wailing with grievances; But in the dark, there was a smug smirk on his feminine face, making his overall bearing even more devilish. 

Of course, even if Gong Zhuoliang will never admit it himself, he still thinks that he’s so wise! Very wise!

“No, you’re wrong! I will never blame you for this situation.

Please don’t cry, I’m not going to hurt you!”

Qiao Yingze lightly embraced Gong Zhuoliang’s petite body, while he thought in his mindー He and this child had already worshiped together, drank the wine together, and they’re now married.

His own hair had already been conjoined with this child, who is now his official Legal Wife, the moment he stepped out of the bridal palanquin; So how could he have the heart to abandon him

“Really.. So what are we going to do then” 

Gong Zhuoliang felt reassured by Qiao Yingze’s assurance.

He then rubbed his eyes harder to make it redder a bit, looked up to the other party, faking an anxious expression; While in his mind, he thoughtーPlease don’t be careless when it comes the day you retaliate on the Gong Family.

As for me, the passer-by A, should be easier to deal with.

Just press on the classification “Dying Young”, and then make it private!***

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.


Did you get nervous when my illness flared”


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“Yo mbegrf, jt” 

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Po tf tjvc’a wbnfv delmxis, Hljb Tlcuhf kbeiv ojii rb tjgv jcv tf kbeiv’nf jigfjvs tjv lcpeglfr ys cbk.

Aera ibbx ja tbk xlcv tf lr, jt!

“This is simply Heaven’s will…..

Such being the case, I shall utter this sentence once again, my dear Wife.

If you have me in your heart, I will never let you down in this life”

Qiao Yingze was silent for a while, then suddenly let out a sigh, as if he had finally resigned himself to this situation.

Then he faced Gong Zhuoliang again, and smiled at him; his expression so soft and gentle, before he uttered those pledge of words while fondling Gong Zhuoliang’s face.

He only wanted someone to accompany him for the rest of his life.

Since his Father had already arranged such a person for him, then he should just let it be. 


Gong Zhuoliang was dumbfounded when he heard what the other said, that when his mouth moved, a high-pitched hesitant vibrato came out.

He couldn’t just keep up with the train of thoughts of the man in front of him.

Why is he still calling him Wife, ah

“Since you and I had already worshiped the Heaven and Earth, then it could only mean that we’re fated together in this life.

Now that we’ve already arrived to this point of no turning back, let’s just be a good Husband and Wife” 

Qiao Yingze had already made a resolute decision in his heart.

As he faced Gong Zhuoliang, he no longer felt ashamed as before, but rather, he became relaxed.

“For what reason, ah Ah no, what I’m thinking is….

You’re an elegant, and a handsome Young Master.

You could request for a high position whenever you want to.

So how could you just casually humble yourself to a guy like me How will you have an Heir for your family in the future”

Gong Zhuoliang finds it hard for him to fathom Qiao Yingze’s brain circuit.

Even if the other clearly knows that he would be rebuffed by everyone, why did he have to follow along with this marriage

The wood had already been made into a boat, but so what You can just completely dismantle it, and then rebuild it again.

Why are you so inflexible 

“To be honest, everything is already fine with me.

I do not know how long I can still live.

If it weren’t for my Grandmother who urged me to get married, perhaps I would have already left this world without any worries.

Right now, I’m only holding on, for fear of affecting the Young Lady.

I’m thinking that I should at least leave a child for her…… But since you’re the one who came, I don’t have to worry anymore”

Qiao Yingze softly spoke in a daze as he was holding Gong Zhuoliang’s hands to his own.

It did not matter for him whether the other party could catch what he was saying or not.

He had been suppressing his heart for a long time, and he only wanted to let out his feelings to someone.


He certainly couldn’t say these words to his family.

As a person who’s always carrying with him incurable illness, he had been regarded as a walking calamity.

So such ‘self-pity’ will only cause him to be looked down upon.

“Even if I’m gone, you can still live a proper life as a man, and could freely leave this house.

I understand that it has been causing you grievances these days to pretend to be a woman, but I don’t have many days left to live.

I may be going to trouble you for a few years, but it’ll be much better than to cause misfortune to a woman.

At least if I garnered enough good blessings, I will certainly make it up to you, and will not treat you unfairly” 

“Don’t say such things like that, ah! Why do you have to take such nonsense seriously So what if the Gong Family is trying to harm you Would you literally just allow them to take advantage of you”

Gong Zhuoliang’s nose was sore from what Qiao Yingze had said to him.

He thought in his mindー Can you not be like the Virgin Mary That’s way too out-dated already, ah! You’re always fretting about some nonsensical stuff, can’t you just relax I’m begging you to be sinister and conspire on others even once, ba! Just what is the use of your talent for planning They’re all for nought! You should’ve already started thinking about retaliating to the Gong Family and appear on the scene, ah!

“Otherwise, what should’ve been done then If one day, the truth was exposed, the first person who will suffer from this is you.

I am incapable of protecting you.

If I were to venge in secret, and the Gong Family declined….as a daughter-in-law who doesn’t have her own family’s protection anymore, I’m afraid that you will only have a harder life in this household.

How about we should just keep things as it is for now, and then we’ll figure out the other things for some other time….” 

Qiao Yingze caressed Gong Zhuoliang’s hair in order to placate him, as he explained the pros and cons of the situation to him.

To be honest, he was not really angry with the Gong Family, but for now, the most important thing for him to do is to protect his little wife.

Do not even mention about his parents’ reaction once they learned about the truth, it would’ve already been extremely disastrous if it were his Paternal Grandmother.

Qiao Yingze knew how powerful his Grandmother is and he was deeply loved by her.

So when she finds out about the truth, Gong Zhuoliang will certainly be punished by her to death, and will say that he died to save the Qiao Family’s face.

And then after that, she will go after the Gong Family next to vent her anger.

This matter should absolutely not be exposed. 

“But… is that all I can really do”

Gong Zhuoliang was totally frightened about this fierce old lady who Qiao Yingze was talking about, and his expression turned gloomy.

In that case, there really wouldn’t be any chance for them to bully me, ba! Instead, they would jump right on into killing me….

I don’t want to die so early, ah.

“Faking your death isn’t also a feasible option, because you couldn’t easily deceive people with it.

If you’re really unwilling, then I’ll think of a way to set you free.

And if you want to come along, then I’ll….


Discerning Gong Zhuoliang’s hesitancy, Qiao Yingze was just trying to say that he had not many days to live anymore.

But when he recalled what he had just said, surely, the other will never take it seriously.

Why bother venting your feelings to him, when you’ll only annoy him instead

“I-I’m not….! What I mean is….Ah, Whatever! If you could still bear with our situation, then okay! Fine!”

Gong Zhuoliang admits that he was indeed frightened by what Qiao Yingze says.

Right after considering the pros and cons, he still felt that he would surely be safe when he stayed within the Qiao Household for a while.

In any case, he may have already lived for quite a long time, he never really experienced liking someone before.

At least he never discriminated against same-sex relationship; Moreover, he really is eager to live with this little beauty for a while.

As soon as he had properly thought about the circumstances, Gong Zhuoliang finally crossed through the Mountain restrictions, and decided to try living together with a man. 

“What am I going to bear”

When Qiao Yingze heard Gong Zhuoliang’s reply, his mood became better.

However, he still couldn’t understand some of the other things he said, so he questioned in puzzlement.


“Well, j-just do that!”

Honestly, Gong Zhuoliang was still considering whether to settle with this decision or not.

Looking at Qiao Yingze’s pure smile, he couldn’t help but feel a little suffocated by it. 

He then thought in his mindー Since you’re willing to accept this Young Master as a guy, then might as well just thoroughly accept me!

Right as soon as he finished saying this in his mind, Gong Zhuoliang instantly pushed Qiao Yingze down the bed, then pulled down his trousers, skillfully stroking his intimate place at once.

He had totally forgotten that there should be a lubricant beside them, and just thoroughly pushed his two fingers without a thought.

But what he did not also realize, was his fingernails, causing his fingers to get stuck inside.

He then felt a sudden wetness down his fingers, but Gong Zhuoliang only slowly discovered that it was actually blood.

He instantly panicked and randomly grabbed a white handkerchief that was laying on their side; Hastily crumpling the handkerchief into a ball, then he carefully took out his fingers so he could immediately press the handkerchief on it to stop the bleeding 

“Ngh… It hurts… You…”

Before Qiao Yingze could manage a reaction, he was forced to roll over and lie down with his stomach, immediately feeling a stinging pain down his thighs.

Gong Zhuoliang could just take a deep breath on the side and tightly gripped on the bed sheets.

While Qiao Yingze was in a daze, he just slowly realized what had just occurred.

He was totally speechless about this situation and could only glance at Gong Zhuoliang in disbelief.

“I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! It was not me- Ah! No! What I mean is….

I didn’t do it on purpose! W-What should I do Do you have any Yunnan Baiyao Ah no! The external injury medicine! Do you have it in this house”

Gong Zhuoliang panicked and apologized, while inwardly he was very annoyed with himself.

How could he cause such an accident today, ah

He did not want to hurt nor scare off Qiao Yingze!

Just how could he forget the nature of a man How stupid, ah! 

“Inside the second compartment of the cabinet over there…”

Qiao Yingze maintained a straight face as he pointed to the cabinet where the medicine is located.

Internally, he felt really unhappy, thinkingーJust why did this person acted with such shameless indecency to him However, Qiao Yingze couldn’t get angry any longer so when he saw the white handkerchief in Gong Zhuoliang’s hands that was completely stained with blood.

Qiao Yingze’s face instantly flushed a bright red and pointed a finger at Gong Zhuoliang, yet unable to say a word.

“What’s wrong”

Gong Zhuoliang just finished using the top-quality medicine powder and is now using a new handkerchief, when he saw Qiao Yingze’s blushing face, looking like he was about to cry.

And then he followed the other’s line of sight to the handkerchief, but he just couldn’t understand what’s wrong. 


Qiao Yingze really felt like crying without a tear.

That was the handkerchief used for the bride!





I guess this already kinda proves that GZL is the Gong 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

Qiao Yingze is such a gallant man~

My heart was literally racing whenever I’m editing his part.

He’s very devoted to his wife (。・////・。)

If it weren’t for the last part, at first I would’ve thought that he’s the Gong! (Or maybe because I’ve only read devoted and doting Gong from other danmei novels XD) 

And oh! GZL is now a Madam! Kyaah~ ♡(> ਊ

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