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Ch15 - Severing Ties

Gong Zhuoliang did not have any slight interest in dealing with these girls, and so all the time, he only conversed with those distant relatives and close neighborhoods perfunctorily, before he suggested them all to go have their dinner and that they could also go watch a show outside.

After that, Gong Zhuoliang took Wen Shu and Ruo Lan with him, and the three of them all walked together to Gong Zhuoyan’s boudoir, in which he used to reside in the past.

But then a few minutes later, Madam Gong suddenly came rushing in towards them like a storm with a few maidservants following behind her.

“May we request of Madam Gong to not bother the rest of our family’s Young Madam for the time being.

Please see them out, servants” 

Wen Shu and Ruo Lan were ordered to stay outside and keep watch for any visitors, and so when they saw Madam Gong and the others approaching them, they both immediately stood in front of the door and blocked the incoming visitors.

Ruo Lan’s head drooped low for a while, and her posture was very modest.

And as for Wen Shu, she slowly walked in front of Ruo Lan to greet Madam Gong.

Although she had respectfully greeted Madam Gong, her tone of speaking was not too panicked nor unhurried, but somewhat aloof.

Wen Shu doesn’t actually know why the Young Madam wanted to treat his mother like this, however, she only chose to heed with his instructions and put an air of arrogance; not daring to probe into her Master’s personal matters anymore.



“You…… what an annoying girl”

After being blocked by the maidservants at the doorway, Madam Gong’s chilly face instantly distorted.

Still, seeing Wen Shu’s delicate figure, and Ruo Lan’s timid appearance, Madam Gong did not dare to flare up at them in the end.

This one maidservant is from the Qiao Family after all, and so she had no choice but to hold in her anger, and squeezed out a slight smile. 

“Then we request of you to wait for a while”


As Wen Shu stood upright, she only lightly replied to Madam Gong, then Ruo Lan ― with her head hanging down ― opened the door for her to step in, before softly shutting it as soon as Wen Shu entered; as though respecting her Master’s privacy.

“Ruo Lan, what was that all about”

Madam Gong’s eyebrows wrinkled as she measured Ruo Lan up and down.

She couldn’t believe that the reliable maidservant who used to stand beside her all the time, instantly became so vigilant after staying at the Qiao Household for only three days.

Could it be that the Qiao Family actually had strict rules


Remembering the information that her Husband had just relayed to her a while ago, Madam Gong’s heart began to feel agitated.

Her impression of that Eldest Young Master Qiao is that, other than looking very malnourished, she doesn’t think he could be a big trouble for her.

But if he learned about the truth….

No way, no way.

If the entire Qiao Family really learned about it, her family’s life won’t surely last any longer!


When Ruo Lan glanced at Madam Gong, she looked like she wanted to say something but was unsure how to say it, and so she only lowered her head once again and didn’t talk anymore.

But the case is that, actually, she really couldn’t bear to hold in her smirk any longer.


Ruo Lan really admired her Young Master-in-law.

Madam Gong totally looked as though humiliation did not really cease to severely attack her. 

Gong Zhuoliang had told Ruo Lan that this plan was all Qiao Yingze’s idea.

“Madam Gong, our Young Lady has allowed you* to come inside”

(*TL/N: This is the polite “You”)

After a short while, Wen Shu immediately came out of the room, and told Madam Gong that she had been allowed to come inside as she opened the door for her.

Afterwards, Wen Shu stood at the opposite side of Ruo Lan once again, ignoring those maidservants that were left outside. 

Although Madam Gong was inwardly cursing those Qiao servants who had swindled off her money with fake news, there was still fear in her heart that she couldn’t get rid at all.

As she anxiously walked further inside the inner room, she immediately saw Gong Zhuoliang, who’s sitting upright in front of the table- staring at her with a cold and arrogant look.

“Just what on earth is up with that Qiao Yingze”

The anger that had been buried inside Madam Gong’s heart bursted out at last, but then suddenly thinking of Wen Shu who was just standing outside their room, Madam Gong did not dare to talk too loudly, and this made the apprehensiveness in her face more obvious.

“Madam Gong, are you utterly aware that when someone would maliciously deceive the wedding and premeditate a murder, they would receive a painful penalty afterwards” 

Ignoring Madam Gong’s question, Gong Zhuoliang coldly stared at the other party as he also intentionally made an expression of unbearable hatred.

“W-What are you trying to say”


As soon as she heard what Gong Zhuoliang had said, Madam Gong was so frightened that her expression changed in an instant, before giving him a look of bewilderment, not believing that the person right in front of her was still that same timid and lowly bastard son.

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“Q-Qtja jgf sbe agslcu ab vb!”

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Vtf’r jkjgf atja gluta cbk, Xbcu Itebiljcu lr rbwfbcf ktb rtf werac’a ijs j olcufg bc.

“Be at ease.

I do not talk nonsense all the time, and the Qiao Family is still ignorant about it” 

Taking in the spectacular view of Madam Gong’s expressions, Gong Zhuoliang obviously knew that she currently had some doubts about him, however, this is the exact reaction he clearly wanted.

Madam Gong didn’t dare to look down on him anymore, and he is now in a similar position as her, as they discuss conditions with each other.

“I really don’t think you would still dare talk nonsense at this time, otherwise, you’ll surely be the first person to suffer a bad luck”

As a shrewd woman who had already habituated herself to survive in the business world, after having been frightened for a while, Madam Gong’s state of mind calmed down once again.

She then recalled Gong Zhuoliang’s attitude the whole time, and it seemed like he was somewhat demanding something from her.

As a successful business woman, Madam Gong had already known about the trick of keeping a more calm and steady manner than the other party, since in that way, she could seize more chances of taking advantage.

“What Madam Gong says is indeed correct.

Certainly, once this matter was exposed, the first person the Qiao Family will target to kill will be me.

But does that still matter In any case, I, Gong Zhuoliang, never lived a good life ever since I was a child.

If I lose my life during a special day, I’d still surely pity myself for that.

But If I would be buried together with the rest of the Gong Family, my death would certainly be more worth it!” 

All of sudden, Gong Zhuoliang showed a very sweet smile on his face, but those ghastly words he said were such a huge contrast to that smile ― causing one to feel chills down their spine.

This is what they call: “Being afraid of the distracted; Being afraid of death“.

What Gong Zhuoliang meant to say to her is that, the Gong Family will surely never dare to gamble, and that they had to agree to his conditions.

“Just what on earth do you want!”

Madam Gong really hated herself for being ignorantly stupid.

Just why did she have to treat this ingrate as a well-behaved kid before If she had known earlier that this person actually had such dark schemes on him, she would’ve already thought of a way to kill this kid, lest he’ll be a huge trouble for her in the future! 

“I only wish to thoroughly cut off my connections with the Gong Family…”

Gong Zhuoliang looked up at Madam Gong, then uttered his demands to her in a clear and distinct pronunciation.

At this point, he only desired freedom.

A freedom to be a man, and to be his own Gong Zhuoliang.

“You wanted to divide up the family’s property then separate from us” 

Madam Gong ― who would very much become sensitive when it comes to money ― immediately became tense.

She believed that Gong Zhuoliang would actually take this opportunity to coerce them into dividing the Gong Family’s property.

“From the past ’till now, I have never ever considered this place as my home.

So why do I have to stay here I want you to officially evict me out of this household, as well as my name that was registered to the government post.

Then make another separate census registration for me, after that, I will thoroughly cut off my relationship with the Gong Family! I do not desire for the Gong Family’s filthy money, I only wanted to leave this place without taking anything with me!”


Gong Zhuoliang intentionally put up a face of bitter resentment as he looked at Madam Gong, showing an action as though he was venting out through impulse.

Even if he started living apart from his family nor sever all ties with them, Gong Zhuoliang could still actually extort the Gong Family into giving him his large share of the family’s property, but if he will do this, then at this point, it’d look like as if he never left the Gong Family and he’d still be considered as their family member.

And in that case, he will be restricted by the government’s rules and he could still get controlled by the Gong Family. 

For Gong Zhuoliang, living this sort of life will be completely pointless, so why not just thoroughly sever all ties with them

“Are you telling me the truth”

Madam Gong was bewildered with what Gong Zhuoliang had just said, but then soon after that, her eyes instantly glimmered as she let out a laugh.

She actually did not expect that Gong Zhuoliang would demand for something like this.

She thought that he was only doing this so that he could threaten them for the family’s property, but unexpectedly, he’s actually this stupid to the point that he even wanted to cut off all ties without even demanding for any shares! And to think she’s actually overestimated him He is just an idiot who made such a decision only due to his outburst!


For now, I will be staying at the Qiao Household and temporarily live on as Gong Zhuoyan just for me to execute the plans you’ve made before.

But once I left the household and start living the life of a widower, only then will I regain my status.

Yet my actions won’t still have anything to do with the Gong Family as I have already cut all ties from them” 

Gong Zhuoliang pretended that he did not catch sight of Madam Gong’s concealed happiness, and continued to manifest a pitiful image of an oppressed child, to the point that it somewhat became weird.

He previously thought of acting the domineering and elegant type since he’s specially quite good at it, but then he suddenly recalled that he’s still only a little boy at the age of 12 years old at this moment, so he only had to act like an adorable Loli.

But at this point, if Madam Gong had suddenly become smart and had seen through his actions… then she’s a monster.


I’ll acquiesce to your demands.”

Madam Gong made a prompt analysis about the pros and cons in her head, before she joyfully agreed to Gong Zhuoliang.

But Madam Gong still had a vague feeling that it’d surely be a bad idea to easily allow Gong Zhuoliang to have his own freedom, because she also knew that there’s no way he could keep a mouth shut about the fact from the Qiao Family for a long time. 

If that happens, it’ll not be safe for them to stay in Bo City anymore.

But it’s fine though, at least she has already left enough family property for them.

And she’s also not the least afraid of what a mere child can do when he’s estranged from his own home! Really!….

After all, bribing someone to save one’s life isn’t something that the Gong Family hasn’t done before!

“Also, about my Mother….

I will be sending someone to check on her once every month for me to know whether she has been unwell or not….

As Gong Zhuoliang casted Madam Gong an admonishing glance, he began to think about his mother.

Right at the moment, Gong Zhuoliang does not have the capability nor the energy to take care of his mother; Also, at this point Concubine Wu will surely not be willing to leave the Gong Family.

After all, she still needed her Husband here, because once she left the household, she’d *become a widower.

Gong Zhuoliang only needed to remind Madam Gong how important she was to him so that she could live a lot more comfortably in the Gong Family.

“Heh! Well you can rest assured.

Throughout all these years, I have never laid a finger on her, ma” 

As soon as she heard his words, Madam Gong snorted coldly.

If not because that woman could still do its duty and seduce that fickle and loose Husband of hers, which still kept him from frequently leaving to fool around, she would’ve already been kicked out from this household a long time ago.

But when she was reminded of her by Gong Zhuoliang, she felt even more relieved.

She thought that with this kid’s Mother in her hands, there’s no way he could still rebel against her orders.

Madam Gong always had the ability to make discerning judgment and is very resolute when it comes to doing business.

In less than half a day, the procedures for the household registration were already complete, of course, if not due to money….

She also didn’t even need to let the Old Master Gong take a look at the document, and he already signed it and stamped on it without looking at them.

And so at that short moment, he lost one of his sons……….

“It’s already this late, so Daughter shall bid farewell to Mother”

He had already asked Qiao Yingze for his own household registration and ID Card, and so he was certain that the papers Madam Gong had sent were the real ones.

After that, he had spent a few hours wearing a hypocritical smile on his face and accompanied Madam Gong to interact with their other distant female relatives, before he respectfully bid farewell to his ‘Family’ as soon as the sun set. 

When he finally sat inside the palanquin that was parked outside the courtyard gate, Gong Zhuoliang held the wooden plate in his hand which now represents his new identity, and a shimmering smile finally appeared on his face.

Once he had this thing, he now had the capability to coexist in this era.

As for the Gong family……


Gong Zhuoliang curled his lips in contempt.

He’ll do them a favor and let them live for a short two years, and then afterwards, he’ll have the Qiao Family clean them up.

Once he became the Gong Family’s ‘Abandoned Son’, at least he won’t have to be afraid of getting implicated.

As soon as the palanquin reached the entrance of the hall, Gong Zhuoliang met with Qiao Yingze, and went down the palanquin in order for them to bid his parents a farewell.

Seeing the pale and lifeless appearance of his cheap father, Gong Zhuoliang had the corners of his mouth raised up, and he’s in a very good mood.

Afterwards, he then joined Qiao Yingze to enter the palanquin, and as soon as they both sat in, Gong Zhuoliang immediately leaned against Qiao Yingze with a smile and handed his plate of identity, and the documents of his household registration to the other’s arms. 

“This is what you all need to do right You intended on severing all ties with the Gong Family without taking any of their family properties so that you will never have to get implicated with them in the future”

Qiao Yingze’s thoughts were surprisingly sharp.

As soon as he saw the things he was holding, he instantly knew what Gong Zhuoliang had been planning all this time.

At the same time, he was also praising his little wife in his heart, not only because he never coveted for the Gong Family’s property, but the way he planned out things was not sloppy and indecisive。

“My husband thought so cleverly, however, do you have any problem with it I truly couldn’t discern any mistakes from what you have guessed, but I only dread for in case the vixen still had something planned to escape her crimes”

When Qiao Yingze had hit the nail on the head, Gong Zhuoliang realized that he had truly underestimated him.

He had not discussed this to Qiao Yingze before because he thought that he would not understand him, and on the contrary, he would instead say that it was way too foolish for him to leave his own family without even taking one of their properties at least.

Gong Zhuoliang tend to not have the patience to explain so many things to others, but it seems like he’ll have to discuss some of these things to him in the future. 

“There’s honestly no problem at all when you judge it in this way.

Once we’re back, allow the servants to take it to the Government Office in order for them to verify it again”

Qiao Yingze examined everything carefully for a while, before finally determining that there was nothing amiss at all.

He then turned to Gong Zhuoliang and saw him clinging to him and giggling in contentment.

Seeing him like this caused warmth to Qiao Yingze’s heart.

He then stretched out his arm, and embraced the other’s waist to himself as well.

Today, Qiao Yingze felt very happy as well right after he had obtained the respect of the Gong Family which is quite unprecedented to him.

Though he’s fully aware that all of them had various thoughts running through their mind at that time, but for some reason, there still grew a flickering self-confidence from the bottom of his heart.

He had successfully passed the Imperial Examination, and due to this, he now had a status which he could rely on for obtaining his own official salary from the government.

He does not lack merit at all. 

“Mn..! My dear Husband performed very well today! I have also witnessed them unusually showing respect to you, ne!”

Seeing Qiao Yingze’s hands embracing his own waist caused the corners of Gong Zhuoliang’s mouth to twitch.

He’s truly dissatisfied with this position that made him look like he’s the vulnerable one here, but then when he saw Qiao Yingze seemingly very comfortable, Gong Zhuoliang suddenly had the urge to indulge him for now, and so, after internally thinking about it, Gong Zhuoliang finally decided to make him happy for a while.

In any case, he will be teaching him a bit of a lesson tonight to let him recognize his own position.

(TL/N: Our Young Madam has unconsciously awakened his ‘Gong’ urges! Ahaha!)

“But this is all thanks to Zhuo Zhuo’s instructions..~”

As soon as Qiao Yingze heard Gong Zhuoliang praising him, he suddenly felt like his performance today was still not good enough, and yet he became way too complacent with himself recently even if he had not done that much today, which is not really good.

Qiao Yingze began to smile bashfully with a flushed face, and then he expressed his thanks to Gong Zhuoliang 


Gong Zhuoliang really couldn’t stand him! How could this guy be so adorable Seeing that gentle and warm smile of his, Gong Zhuoliang is really itching to jump on him to fiercely bite, and kiss the corners of his lips, ah! This is literally the first time Gong Zhuoliang had such fantasies to another man’s lips.

“What’s wrong”

When Qiao Yingze saw Gong Zhuoliang’s fervent eyes gazing at him, his face blushed even harder.

Somehow, Qiao Yingze suddenly had an indescribable feeling when he saw his little wife’s eyes like this which was no different from the look he made when he stared eagerly at their dinner yesterday….

But maybe he was merely imagining it! 

“What I’m about to tell you is that, once we finished dealing with our other matters, I will be giving my Husband a reward..~”

Gong Zhuoliang took Qiao Yingze’s hands that were holding his waist and held it to himself, then after that, he himself wrapped his own arms to Qiao Yingze’s waist, then brought his face up close to Qiao Yingze’s face.


Gong Zhuoliang had already decided in his heart on how he will ‘reward’ his little husband tonight.


oh! Alright then!” 

Qiao Yingze’s was thoroughly bewitched by Gong Zhuoliang’s smile that he stuttered his reply.

He lowered his head in embarrassment, avoiding his eyes to meet with Gong Zhuoliang, however, he really couldn’t help the small smile on his face and he felt very delighted.

After all, his little wife is about to give him a reward, ah! He’s really looking forward to it!

However, the bashful Qiao Yingze did not perceive that their previous position had already altered from him single-handedly hugging Gong Zhuoliang, to Gong Zhuoliang embracing him wholly to his chest……


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