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Ch14 - Paying a Visit to the Gong Family

(TL/N: Heads up guys! I made a mistake from the previous chapter! щ(゜ロ゜щ)

Remember that last pop-up translation from the previous chapter I was wrong aii

They’re visiting the Gong Family, not QYZ’s parents lmaaao… 

The MTL translated the chapter’s title as ‘Back Door’, but I wanted to be more specific so I translated it into *what you’re seeing right now* even if the Chinese character ‘Gong Family’ did not exist from the raws at all (^~^;)ゞ)




“No problem, ba.

Now let us get into bed so that you wouldn’t feel worn-out tomorrow”

As soon as he saw Gong Zhuoliang turning around to face him, Qiao Yingze immediately tilted his body to the side to avoid his line of sight falling onto his thighs, then he got out of the bed and put out the light from the lamp; before laying back on the farthest side of the bed, huddling his body together like a cat, and his back were facing towards Gong Zhuoliang. 



Gong Zhuoliang only gave a soft reply, before he slowly laid down on the bed as well; his own arms were only three fingers of distance away from the other’s back, and right now, he’s feigning ignorance to the other’s tensed and abnormal attitude.

Even though Gong Zhuoliang was not an actual actor, since he’s a popular author, his status could also be par to that of those from the celebrity circle.

Not to mention, he could also admit that he’s quite a looker himself as well which is why he always takes advantage of it to play around, and in fact, he’s very experienced in doing so; and due to it, even men courts him, but unfortunately, none of them had ever caught his attention before.

Right now, although he had already agreed to temporarily act as that ‘Wife’ for Qiao Yingze, and that, he even had to accumulate himself enough mentality before he’s truly sure he’s ready to do so; after all, for Going Zhuoliang, being in an established relationship with a person who’s at the same sex is still a first for him, and he’s still seriously probing their situation.

Even if he did take the initiative to assist Qiao Yingze consummate their wedding night, still, his capabilities to cross the line is still really beyond his reach. ***



As he listened to Qiao Yingze’s strange heavy breathing, Gong Zhuoliang was quiet for a while and waited, yet he never sensed any movements from the other.

This gave him more of an urge to turn his head around and look for the person beside him, only for him to catch sight of such a tense body.

He thought to himself― Why is he so embarrassed to relieve himself

“Ah, right.

Can I hug you to sleep”


Qiao Yingze’s breathing hitched for a while, before silently turning to towards Gong Zhuoliang, considering how it might seem inconvenient for the him to embrace himself while he had his back facing the other.

He gently hugged him as soon as he faced him, while his lower part of the body was positioned a little further.

It is because he hasn’t suppled yet, but he absolutely couldn’t let Gong Zhuoliang perceive his strangeness. 

Ever since Qiao Yingze was a child, it was due to his bad health condition hence why their physician had advised him not to have an early intercourse with someone, until he fully grew up into an adult.

This has been one of the reasons why they never allowed him to step outside of their courtyard.

In addition, it was also due to his serious illness; however, that did not mean that he never had a reaction before.

Only, he’s an ascetic person, and he never actually touched himself before.

In short, with regards to this sort of thing, he’s totally inexperienced.

This was the first time Qiao Yingze had felt such a strong need for something.

However, because of Gong Zhuoliang’s presence, he couldn’t do anything at all, and so he can only bear it in.

“Good night to you…”

Thinking about it for a while, Gong Zhuoliang sort of already guessed Qiao Yingze’s thoughts right now.

He’s surely assuming that Gong Zhuoliang must be ‘inexperienced’ in this area as well, and so Gong Zhuoliang could only feign nonchalance to his situation.

But when he imagined how Qiao Yingze must be feeling inwardly tormented right now, Gong Zhuoliang couldn’t help but quirk his mouth into a shallow arc. 

“Good night…”

Qiao Yingze tried to slow down his heavy breathing, until that strong impulse and tingling heat in which he had never ever felt before- finally dispersed, he breathed out a weary sigh and took the opportunity to move in a comfortable position.

But when he sensed the already asleep Gong Zhuoliang, groaning in discontentment and tightening his hold onto him; Qiao Yingze couldn’t help curving his lips into a wry smile, and shaking his head in helplessness.

Today, he was very exhausted, and so he quickly drifted off to sleep.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.


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Ktlr ygbeuta regqglrf ab Hljb Tlcuhf obg j ktlif.

“How come you woke up so early today Have you actually been missing your parents”


His line of sight landed on Gong Zhuoliang’s plump earlobe, and Qiao Yingze couldn’t stop himself from pinching it.

After that, he slowly sat up from the bed.

Qiao Yingze recalled the extreme dislike that Gong Zhuoliang had expressed towards the Gong family before.

By listening to his words, anyone could clearly tell that he never received any love from the Gong Family at all.

But then today, they’re about to visit his parents’ place soon, and yet the reaction he’s seeing from Gong Zhuoliang was the opposite from what he expected. 

“Me Missing them Actually, I’m….-Whatever, I’ll just explain it to you once we’re back here.

I’m afraid you might accidentally spill the beans later on.

For now, you’ll only have to do what I say”

Gong Zhuoliang snorted in disdain, before showing a genial smile to Qiao Yingze, then he gave the other’s shoulders a pat to show his earnest encouragement.

“Got it, Madam”

Qiao Yingze had a serious expression on his face as he replied, and Gong Zhuoliang couldn’t help but smile in amusement, which then earned a smile as well from Qiao Yingze. 

“And if my dear Husband had executed his job very well today, there will be an award waiting for you tonight.

So please forward to it~”

As he talked, Gong Zhuoliang slowly leaned in closer to Qiao Yingze’s ear, before puffing hot air into his ear hole on purpose.

Honestly, seeing Qiao Yingze’s fair and delicate skin turning pinkish due to his teasing right now, Gong Zhuoliang felt somehow really proud of himself!


Getting blown on the ear by Gong Zhuoliang caused Qiao Yingze’s breathing to be chaotic for a while.

He then immediately turned away and reached out for the rope above their bed and pulled it to ring the bell; in which he’s doing this in order to hurriedly hide the blush creeping up on his face.

Honestly, how could he not look forward to it

Gong Zhuoliang had specially worn those absolutely stunning and luxurious gold ornaments gifted to him by Madam Qiao; pairing it up with the newly-released robes that were made out of top-quality fabrics, in which commoners wouldn’t easily acquire, and these were all worn to him with the help of Wen Shu.

Gong Zhuoliang had a height that emits no imposing aura at all, and so he planned to not cause any trouble to that vixen as soon as he passed through the Gong household’s gate. 

“…Zhuo zhuo looked….really nice”

With logical restraint, Qiao Yingze managed to stop the words of praise from bursting out.

He then pulled the dolled-up Gong Zhuoliang near to his side, and gazed at him with strong affection and infatuation.

Right now, he still couldn’t truly believe that this beauty who’s smiling dazzlingly at him was actually his own Wife…..

Just how lucky is he, ah

“But don’t you know how beautiful you are than me…”

He did not care about Ruo Lan, and everyone else in this room who’s currently watching them right now.

Gong Zhuoliang only lifted Qiao Yingze’s lower chin with his index finger, very much inwardly drooling over this supple and delicate skin which is absolutely rarer among any beauty he met. 

“Let us go and say our farewell to Mother and Grandmother, ba”

Qiao Yingze caught Gong Zhuoliang’s misbehaving hands, and couldn’t really hold in the smile that was about to creep up on his face.

At some time later, Qiao Yingze was already leading Gong Zhuoliang to the Old Madam’s courtyard.


As soon as they finished paying their respects to the other elders from the Qiao family, they walked to the palanquin and rode it together, while a group of servants from the Gong family followed them.

When they finally arrived in front of the entrance of the Gong Household, the family members were already at the gates- anticipating for them, and as soon as they arrived, they immediately gave them fervent greetings.

Gong Zhuoliang was immediately led to the inner chambers, while Qiao Yingze stayed inside the front hall to pay his respects to his wife’s Father, and as well as to other relatives.

In accordance with the custom rules, the son-in-law should be the one to kneel as soon as he meets his father-in-law.

However, if the son-in-law achieved scholarly honor from the imperial exam, or perhaps a member of the government post― he is exempted from executing the prostrating etiquette, but when he still knelt down despite his high status, this would undoubtedly give more face to the parents-in-law.

Because usually, when the son-in-law’s status is noble― for instance, a kinsman of the Emperor―the circumstances during this situation will be the other way around.

The parents-in-law will be the one to pay respect to the son-in-law instead…… 

Qiao Yingze honestly didn’t mind kneeling down and paying his respect to them, in order to give face to Gong Zhuoliang, but Gong Zhuoliang himself was extremely against of him doing so; instead, he told him that he must display a cold and overbearing manner in front of them…..

Of course, Qiao Yingze retorted that acting in that manner would certainly cause the Gong family to cut all ties with Gong Zhuoliang, and so Gong Zhuoliang had no other choice but to reduce the criterion.

As a result, he was only told to just simply act with indifference, and also demanded him to never ever smile at them.

“This Son-in-law hopes Father-in-law have been well”

With the absence of Gong Zhuoliang, Qiao Yingze’s attitude swiftly regained its usual indifference.

Cuping his fists, he slightly bowed to Master Gong.

The atmosphere was quite awkward, and all family members of the Gong household had various expressions shown to their faces as they watched Qiao Yingze sitting down on one of the highest seat* in a composed manner, which had been readily prepared for the son-in-law who would be visiting them. 

(*TL/N: I think QYZ was urged to sit on the chair that was originally for Madam XD)

“Alright, my great son-in-law…..


Casting a quick look at the kneeling cushion that his wife had just prepared, Master Gong’s gentle and delicate face showed a slight blush of embarrassment, but then after a while, he quickly plastered it up with a smiling expression and sat down beside Qiao Yingze.

Master Gong then started introducing to him all of their relatives, and the other elders that were all currently inside the reception hall.

Qiao Yingze, who’s sitting upright on his chair, naturally responded indifferently to the elders’ greetings. 

No people inside this room had a high official rank, nor their names were written in the government’s official lists, and so the whole time, no one dared to talk.

But they were even more respectful towards Qiao Yingze.

Previously, the elders all had a frank and well-behaved manner, but as soon as they faced Qiao Yingze― in a glimpse of an eye, they immediately switched behavior and instantly came to curry favor with him one by one.

Now this time, Qiao Yingze was feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

Since childhood, he rarely got to step out of their courtyard, and although he did go out sometimes, it was only for him to gain insight.

Mostly, no one will look at him, and that he― as their Young Master, was even disrespected by their servants- may it be those who work from his family’s shop or from their own farm.

In short, he wasn’t acknowledged by everyone, and so when he faced all of these people who were so respectful of him, he truly didn’t know how to respond to them.

Right now, the only thing he could do is to follow what Gong Zhuoliang had advised him to do, either he would just hang his eyes down as he drank the tea, or… stare into the distance and just treat these human-shaped beings like air.

He won’t respond to them.

He won’t exchange any eye contact with them. 

Gradually, Qiao Yingze managed to not pay any attention to those people.

His mind only started to wander around in different places as he held his teacup.

To be honest, this character he was playing right now was just so similar to himself; only, there were only a few of his usual mannerisms that he prompted to alter, which was also instructed by his little wife.

From what he said, this is what they usually call 'Packaging'.

Qiao Yingze was even more impressed to his little wife.

“My great Son-in-law, our luncheon is ready.

Shall we move places now…” 

Watching Qiao Yingze’s ‘impatient’ look as he listened to his relatives’ blabbering, Master Gong still wore a smile as he accompanied Qiao Yingze outside, but inwardly, just thinking about the other’s power gave him an unpleasant feeling.

The Prefectural Magistrate and his eldest son, who’s an acknowledged scholar by the Emperor; both of them who had noble status are truly making him feel envy.

On the other hand, he had to hold back his annoyance to his good-for-nothing parents-in-law who does nothing at all.

Honestly, he only allowed the marriage with the Qiao Family in order to raise the reputation of his own family, but right now, the attitude of his Son-in-law is been already causing him to lose face in front of his relatives….



Recovering from his thoughts, Qiao Yingze secretly observed Master Gong’s appearance in front of him, before thinking in his mind― my little wife’s visage truly matched his father.

Qiao Yingze wondered whether he will really look after his father’s contour when he grows up, but although this person looked really handsome, his countenance is too feeble and meek.

Qiao Yingze believes that his little wife will never possess this type of temperament in the future, because he’ll surely grow up to be more handsome than his father. 

Little by little, within Qiao Yingze’s imagination, an image of a grown-up Going Zhuoliang was slowly forming together in his mind.

To his surprise― although he’s absolutely fond of his little wife’s adorable look, he’s still looking forward to seeing what Gong Zhuoliang would look like when he grows up.


Watching Qiao Yingze just leisurely eating the meals he prepared for this banquet without paying any attention to his people at all, Master Gong felt depressed once again.

He failed to acquiesce with his wife’s orders of asking for a social connection and business collaboration with their own Son-in-law.

In fact, he really couldn’t find the opportunity to mention it to him.

Looks like he’ll have to deal with his wife’s hysterical outbreak tonight….

While Qiao Yingze― who’s currently inside the central room, was getting fed up with the old Master’s fawning; Gong Zhuoliang had just been carried by the palanquin, towards the main hall of the inner chambers.

He was then assisted by Ruo Lan and Wen Shu to step down from the palanquin, and as soon as he came out, he instantly dazzled the entire room; causing flowers to bloom in the eyes of the concubines, the other Madames and the family’s relatives. 

Gong Zhuoliang wore beautiful ornaments and robes that were made out of high-grade fabric, in which those Madames from the merchant families could only dream of touching one, but in reality, they could only look at it from afar…

After a short while, Gong Zhuoliang was instantly surrounded with young Orioles and Swallow birds, while the most reserved and older people only stayed behind, fiercely staring at Gong Zhuoliang.

It can be seen that, with all of these overexaggarated praises he’s constantly receiving today, he might just ascend to Heaven at the same time!

As Gong Zhuoliang stood upright and dignified inside the hall, his his line of sight then transcended over the people around him, ’till it landed straight on the person who’s currently sitting at the highest seat― Madam Gong.

He stared at her, unafraid of the fierce tiger appearing behind him who just descended from the mountain.

As though Gong Zhuoliang had turned into a giant wolf― wearing a cold and evil smile, as he confronted the tigress who had her claws and fangs, slowly brandishing in a threatening manner….. 

“This Daughter hopes that Mother have been well”

As Wen Shu and Ruo Lan surrounded him in order to ward off the fawning women, Gong Zhuoliang had his body slightly bent with both of his hands placed on his left side, However, his legs did not bend down at all, and his haughty gaze kept staring fixedly at Madam Gong’s pair of eyes, as he slowly walked towards the person sitting on the highest seat.


good girl”

Madam Gong had also worn a very magnificent attire today, embedding herself with jewelries, as though she could just turn into a living mountain of gemstones at any second.

And in contrast to Gong Zhuoliang’s exquisite and noble appearance, Madam Gong instantly appeared way too gaudy and lowly. 

After listening to the mockings of those other Madams and Young Ladies who whispered about her, even though she was naturally a shameless person, today, she couldn’t help but feel restless.

Right now, Gong Zhuoliang had a serious and arrogant gaze that kept staring towards her.

As soon as he was only a mere five steps away from her, immediately, Madam Gong subconsciously got up from her seat, and retreated one step away from him.

But then when she finally realized what she had done just now, her face turned ashen.

“Mother, can you please take a seat”

When Gong Zhuoliang saw Madam Gong getting up from her seat, his mouth curved into a strange smile.

As he sat elegantly on the host’s seat, he turned his head to the assistant on his right side and slightly raised his hands at him. 

Gong Zhuoliang was actually expecting for Madam Gong to be the first one to back out.

As long as she’ll retreat first right under his presence, then she, who’s currently psychologically at disadvantage, will have no choice but to give in to him.

Thinking about his next plan, this time, Gong Zhuoliang felt more confident.




I honestly expected Madam Gong to ask for a business collaboration with QYZ’s family, because this was what usually happens in other arranged marriage danmeis haha XD 

I’m kind of looking forward to see what would happen here next.

I feel like it’s been a long time since I translated chapters when GZL still resided in the Gong Family.

It is kinda nostalgic to me, especially Madam Gong 

Which is why, I especially enjoyed translating this chapter~ ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ

Hopefully everyone also enjoyed this chapter too~ (๑♡⌓♡๑)


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