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Chapter 36 - Eyelids (9)

I feel sad.

It felt like I was faced with something I had been ignoring for far too long and was forced to look at it.

It was sad and disgusting, but it was all me.

I will live like this.

When I am sad, I laugh more, and when I am sick, I scream more.

Then die until the day when the sins committed can be confessed in front of those two.

And to do that, I need to work hard today.

Professor, who had regained full control of his body, looked at the status window.




Name: Professor

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Growth 20 years old

Appearance: [Giant/ Muscular/ Ugly/ Tough/ Infected

Start: [World 3 / North Rodrik]

Origin: [Son of Fallen Knight Family]

Occupation: Mage’s test subject

#Warning: Mutation Blood infection rate 97% (Delayed due to unknown power)

Skill: Lowest level of medicine (12%), water based mana affinity (95%)


[Curiosity]- You are greatly interested in this new world.

Skill-developing speed is increased.

[Magic Aptitude]- You can feel an unknown aura.

Positive effect to magic-related development.

[Twinkling Gaze]- The world looks a little more beautiful in your eyes.

Bonus effect on art-related activities.

[Extreme Regeneration] (Glass Body Mutation Blood Regeneration Enhancement Mutation Blood Epidermis Reinforcement): Durability fixed by 120/ Natural recovery increased by 5200%/ Regeneration using blood during a crisis x4/ Blood consumed by excessive regeneration.

Death if not replenished.

[Honorary Soul]- You have inherited your father's nature.

Your choices are automatically set to ‘Honor’ in certain scenarios.

You faced your trauma and succeeded in accepting it.

Seeing the world through fearful eyes and a mind that isolates itself strongly resists outside intrusion./ Provides the effects of ‘Sensitive Observation’ and ‘Steel Will.’

[]- Out of data / Out of data.

Something is with you.

Realistic mode ON.



A lot had changed.

The infection rate went up to the point where it couldn’t get any higher, and the natural resilience of extreme regeneration also increased.

‘An unknown power… is in him’

After I regained consciousness, that one disappeared somewhere.

Maybe somewhere in the back of my head, he is watching me.

It is said that infectious cells got suppressed as much as possible, so that worked.

And it had to be because the trait [Mother’s Call] has disappeared.

He was freed from his own mother.

‘This medicine… It seems to have happened while I was doing a lot of first aid on myself before.

All good.

This is good for now…’

[Overcame Weak Mentality.]

This was something I didn’t expect.

Is this really a simple game A perfect clone of a person in the game, an existence in the game touching a trauma and overcoming it, gets recorded in the game system

‘What the hell was Gedroitz thinking when he made this’

I don’t know.

But it was clear that this wasn’t a game made to have fun and laugh.

’… We can think about it later.

The crisis isn’t over yet.’

He did manage to remove the Weak Mentality, but the situation didn’t change much.

Simple infectious cells were steadily climbing up.

The mute was circling outside.

‘The sound is far, but it doesn’t appear to be near Mandalius’s mansion.

Ah, but did I turn on the broadcast Maybe someone saw something while I was chatting with that jerk’

Without another thought, Professor opened the Area 47 chatroom.

-Landradroad: So rather than using a purifier, is it more beneficial to run the pump in terms of power

-truestoryinreal: Where does the water come from if the ground is dug up Do you know how much the groundwater is polluted Why Like the psycho idiots, you want that water because it might be similar to soda, RIGHT

-PomPomCodo: Ah, must taste delicious.

-Oswaldo: hehe **ing naughty idiots!

-Soygaybar: w-what is this

-Speedwagon: This isn’t such a chat room.

-Noru_is_druig: oh my, so precious.

I will use this well~

-DOOMgay: Uh, professor is up.

-Unemployed: true.

He is moving now He was yelling a while back.

Is he fine now

“W-what is this…”

It was almost impossible to follow the speed of the texts that were going on in the chat window.

Obviously, a lot of gory scenes happened, so the screen was reduced to a small corner, and a warning was put in for those wanting to enter.

The number of viewers watching the broadcast had turned high!

-Soygaybar: Yaah! Professor! Manage your broadcast!! Aahh!! Stop playing games and get to work!

-takealook: Oh, the status window turned on, still this is a lot bigger than the first time right

-Noru_is_druig: At that time, the nation’s welfare was at a level of need.

He was infected to the top of his head.

How is he controlling it The Mutation characteristics should have appeared, so he should be a full Mute.

-Speedwagon: The trains have changed a bit The stars….

-Numb3rtree: First time seeing this.

-Jokasss: Same here.

“N-No, how did this happen Why have so many people entered”

-Speedwagon: Why You are famous for your unique style of play.

-Jokasss: As soon as the game starts, you get hit by a white sonic and fly like a bowling pin, and then you come to your senses with mages putting you in bubbling liquid and putting training tools on you.

This is a hardcore play that no one in GG had ever seen.

-Soygaybar: didn’t you think that everyone would find it fun There are a few words, and the crowd is like this!

Well, this was my mistake.

Come to think of it, they are all Wastelanders, so there is no way they would be uncomfortable with this.

-Jokasss: But why did you do it so suddenly, with the trait popping up and you overcoming it It was my first time seeing such a feature.

“I will explain later, when I have time.

Has anyone seen where the mutes were heading to”

-Highwaynachoman: I saw it.

they were moving around quite a bit, but after how many times, didn’t they leave It didn’t seem like a good situation.

It fell quiet after a while.

As I thought, they were looking for ways to come inside.

-Speedwagon: But what about the infection You know that mutated blood is fresh, right And if the cells die inside, the inhibitory effect will be lost.

“Right, we need to deal with that first.”

Let’s organize the complicated stuff later and deal with the urgent ones now.

Professor recalled his memory from his observations of the past few days.

The delay through wounds.

The infection didn’t progress due to its concentration on the wound.

And the delay rate is higher for cuts or tears than for wounds from an amputated limb.

‘Even if it takes longer, the leg will regenerate, and it only regenerates as much as the cut part is.’

At that, a way to solve the infection that has no cure came to his mind.

‘Completely remodel the body.’

Professor smiled as he picked up the rock fragment from the wall shattered by the mute.

Hopefully, there will be no more suffering.


-takealook: Um… professor

“Twenty… three.


-takealook: Sorry for asking when you are busy, but now… What is it that you are doing

Professor looked around the research building and confirmed that the mutes had disappeared and then returned to his room.

In his hands were a grate that had been broken when Mute was pushed in and a rope he found nearby.

“What! Exercise!”


He was doing heavy squats with a barbell made of bricks tied to an iron rod.

“The infection! I need to force them to restore a wound, and the more force I use, the more they need to work.”

While contemplating how to increase the wound on his body, Professor realized that an outside injury wasn’t needed.

“The principle of muscle creation is simple.

When the muscle fiber gets subjected to a load of experience that it cannot withstand, the muscle fiber gets destroyed.

As the destroyed fiber has to regenerate, stronger muscles have to be created.”


With wobbly legs, Professor raised it one more time and explained.

The point is that exercise can destroy muscle fibers on the cellular level.

‘And it doesn’t stop there.

If the exercise is done more than needed, the muscles will die.’

Therefore, there is a limit to the amount of muscle that a person can train through exercise for a certain period of time.

“But my body, you know, has regenerative capacity! Th… end…!”


“Huk! Huk! The end…”

The impact is large, and the wound is small.

If he stops exercising, it regenerates back to normal.

-Speedwagon: Wait.

Isn’t there a limit to that kind of muscle growth As the muscles grow, a greater exercise load is needed…

“Hehehe, did you think of that too”

Due to the effect of this attribute created by combining other attributes of the glass body, my body has a durability of 120 no matter what I do.

“Of course, as muscle mass increases, so does the volume to be loaded, as does exercise.

But it makes sense that I can achieve the muscle fiber destruction that others might need 10 days in just a day.”

I can feel it when using my body, but it wasn’t just about durability.

This body just resembled real glass.

‘Extremely vulnerable to impact but seems to withstand pushing and pulling much better than a normal body.’

It was only because of this thing that my body shattered at times and remained intact at others.

If the skin is a thin layer of glass around the body, would the muscles and bones be called thick glass Thanks to that, my arm didn’t fall off despite lifting a heavy object.

‘If I look at this part, it feels like a game that never ends.’

“And if you keep increasing the strength in this way, there will come a moment when the vitality of the body will exceed the strength of the infectious agent.”

It was said that the infection didn’t easily invade the body of a man or an extremely hardened body.

If I pump up the muscles’ strength with that, wouldn’t it be long before I have the perfect body that the infection cannot use That was my plan.

A plan is all it is, but a very possible one.

‘Of course, there are a couple of things to consider in it…’

First of all, a mute’s blood is required for regeneration.

The 5200% natural recovery is 52 times faster than the average person’s.

Scratches, deep cuts, or muscle pain will go away in a day, but wounds may take longer to heal depending on the extent of limb immobility.

If the time had to be shortened, I would need mute’s blood.

‘It cannot be calculated like other things, but when the growth of limbs is seen… but still, the difference in regenerative power being in a bathtub and outside a bathtub is clear to me.’

I didn’t forget that there was a limit.

I had to grow up fast and earn money.

That is important, and I need to have a clear solution for it.

-Soygaybar: … You will do that

-Speedwagon: No, it isn’t that uncommon to increase the strength level with strength training in the game…

-Noru_is_druig: Muscle strength copied!

“This isn’t cheating.

After all, it remains a slightly hard glass body.”

If it were another character, I would have already been strong enough to cut down warlocks, but I am just getting ready to jump off the starting line now.



‘The biggest drawback is that I need to feel the pain of regeneration every time it starts to work!’

A pain that seemed to make the muscle pain 500 times more intense was running down my cramping thigh.

After a few seconds of enduring and groaning on the ground, my body was back to normal.



And, start back again.

“Let’s see… Reed Flow Academy… Isaac Mandalius… Drug trials are known to be expensive.

They would have studied hundreds of people with such bodies, so if I leave here, all of them will be around… hehehe…”

Professor was truly going to become a monster.


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